"Here's Sparko, to kick some robot butt!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Sparko is a fictional competitor robot in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a middleweight class robot with a round and flat shaped body. Its weapons are a chainsaw and a static spike trap and it is armoured in polycarbonate. It cannot self-right.


Using SparkoEdit

Sparko is one of the easiest middleweights to control and win with. Simply attack most robots by ramming them with the spike trap which often turns them over, before pitting them. Disregard using the chainsaw, as it is almost useless on armour and only use as a last ditch effort if the spikes break off. Avoid flippers however, as Sparko cannot self-right.

Against SparkoEdit

Sparko is relatively simple to defeat, as it is quite easy to flip over from the side, you don't even need a flipper, as a good run-up will put Sparko off balance. Also, its chainsaw can give a ground clearance, making it a good chock for flipping weapons, seeing how it has very little damage and a high ground clearance.

Sparko Stats

Sparko's stats

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