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"Slamming with the force of a runaway train, it's the funky flipper Spawn Again! This machine has one of the biggest flippers around and its 4-wheel drive system means that it really is a bruiser of a robot. Having entered with several other robots over the years, Team Spawn certainly has the experience to go the distance."
— Series 7 Programme

Spawn Again was Team Scutterbots's third and final entry to Robot Wars. It competed in Series 5, 6 and 7 of Robot Wars, plus both series of Robot Wars Extreme. Spawn Again also represented the UK in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was the successor to Spawn of Scutter.

Armed with a powerful flipper, Spawn Again was capable of throwing robots out of the arena, doing so twice to Evolution and Chip. Spawn Again suffered from erratic consistency in Robot Wars, with malfunctioning electronics and weaponry. Despite this, it managed to reach the Semi-Finals of Series 5 and 6 where it lost to Razer and Terrorhurtz respectively. It also reached the heat final of Series 7, where it was defeated by Raging Knightmare in a grudge match from Series 4.

Versions of Spawn Again[]

There were four versions of Spawn Again, but each shared the same basic features. Each iteration was a large wedge (larger and steeper than most of the wedges of that era, which were typically shorter in the style of Chaos 2 or Cassius) and featured a metre-long, CO2 powered rear-hinged flipper. The flipper was powerful enough to scoop up and throw robots out of the arena (both the Series 5 and 7 versions achieved this), and due to the scooping motion was capable of lifting robots up in a shot-put motion, where the robot did not overturn when it hit the ground but rather moved from one place to another whilst landing heavily. This helped Spawn Again achieve smooth and controlled out of the arena flips, as seen in the case of Chip.

With the exception of the Extreme 1 model, all versions were designed with a black and yellow or a black and gold colour scheme with a spider web design.

Spawn Again (Series 5/Extreme 1)[]

"We're faster, more powerful, and we've got a full bar pressure 1000 psi flipper, like Chaos only bigger, and this time anyone who comes near us is going into orbit!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball in the team's introduction, shown before Round 2 of their Series 5 heat and Round 1 of the Semi-Finals

Spawn Again in Extreme 1

The first Spawn Again briefly employed a maroon, lilac and indigo colour scheme (similar to that red, black and white scheme of Scutter's Revenge) during Extreme 1 and Extreme Warriors, but was repainted black and yellow by the time Series 5 was filmed. At 1.25 metres tall, Spawn Again was one of the taller wedges in the competition (by comparison, Gravedigger was almost half a metre shorter at 0.82m). Spawn Again ran on 12V electric motors and was four wheel-driven (rare for a wedge robot), retaining the same power from its predecessors Scutter's Revenge and Spawn of Scutter. The 1000 psi flipper had a metal plate with "Abandon all hope, all ye who sit on this!!!" engraved into it to allow the flipper to breach ground clearances, and also a rear spike that was rarely used in action. A metal half disc could be attached to the rear of the robot in order to act as a rollcage (to counter Spawn Again's tendency to flip itself over). Spawn Again could reach a top speed of twenty-five miles per hour (the fastest in the competition).

Series 5 appearance

"Four wheel driven - should drive all the way to the semi-finals again."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Spawn Again in Series 5

However, Spawn Again suffered from polarising reliability, often stopping and starting throughout battles and its weapon sometimes jamming open. During the fight with Hydra, Spawn Again burned through its own wires even in victory. At 79kg, it was also considerably lighter than many robots of its weight class (it was almost twenty kilograms lighter than Hydra, Evolution and Diotoir, the robots it beat in its heat that series, and was the lightest robot to reach the Series 5 Semi-Finals).

Spawn Again (Series 6)[]

"Right when they needed to, the flipper found its form!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Spawn Again in the arena for Series 6

The Series 6 Spawn Again increased its weight to 92kg. The robot was now run by a more powerful motor (1.4KW). It retained its drive power, but had slow response times listed as its weakness. In Series 6, Spawn Again's speed was reduced to a more manageable top speed of 20mph. This model, while slightly shorter, added permanent rollbars to the back of the robot. These were required to counter the enormous power of Spawn Again's flipper, which was enough to completely overturn the robot even when flipping an opponent. The flipper was now a solid gold colour rather than black and no longer had any writing on it.

Darren Hayden-Ball: "We had a few problems last round. We...think we've sorted them out."
Philippa Forrester: "List the repair jobs."
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Oh God. Uhh...The chassis been cut, re-wielded, new bits put in it, there's been reinforcements put in, electrical problems, gearbox has been rebuilt, bearings have been replaced, batteries have been replaced. And that's the only things I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there's more!"
— Team Scutterbots before their fight with Spam

Spawn Again, as it appeared in Series 6

Whilst more armoured than its lighter predecessor, Spawn Again was still not able to absorb large hits as it took considerable work and replacement parts to even get the robot running after hits from Supernova. The reliability was also noticeably poor, as the flipper regularly jammed and suffered interference problems which prevented the robot from moving.

Spawn Again (Extreme 2)[]

Spawn Again in the arena for Extreme 2

For Extreme 2 after its run in Series 6, the same machine was used but the weapon was given a new firing mechanism. The pneumatic cylinder was stronger in construction and the high pressure system was replaced with a 1000psi reservoir high flow firing system for greater flipping power. This version of Spawn Again also had the unique attribute of being able to retract its flipper manually. It could be reset instantly after firing, so it would be less vulnerable to attack from opponents, the only robot to incorporate this system[1]. The drive issues that affected the robot's performance throughout Series 6 had also been amended. The body shape was changed from a traditional wedge-shape as seen in the previous two series to a more bulkier, angled design. Stainless steel strips were also added to the robot's front edge to allow it to get under the opponents more easily. Its overall performance was greater than that of the Series 6 model, despite only competing in two fights during Extreme 2.

Spawn Again (Series 7)[]

"None hopefully."
— Spawn Again's weaknesses

Spawn Again in Series 7

Spawn Again in Series 7 was an all new robot internally, but retained the same design, including the black colour scheme, roll cages and flipper. It was just over a metre tall, and the heaviest Spawn Again model at 99kg. It was now powered by two 750W motors housed within a aluminium composite body around the same chassis. Spawn Again used two different flipper blades, including a wider blade in its first two battles, and a blade no wider than the flipper in the heat final.

Spawn Again with its flipper blade from its first two battles

Spawn Again's Series 7 model suffered less unreliability than its predecessors - Team Scutterbots were portrayed as far more relaxed between fights and less time was spent on its plight for repairs. However, it did still have problems with its flipper jamming open and the ram memorably exploded in the Heat Final with Raging Knightmare. The team had brought a spare pneumatics system to Series 7[2] but did not have the opportunity to use it.

Robot History[]

Extreme 1[]

Spawn Again's first appearance came in the Tag Team Terror competition alongside Comengetorix, the successor to Vercingetorix - a robot which Team Scutterbots had defeated in The Fourth Wars. In the duo's first battle, they faced off against Bigger Brother and Major Tom, with Spawn Again starting the battle in the CPZ.

Spawn Again's flipper locks open in the first round

Spawn Again flips Major Tom

The battle started slowly as Comengetorix only caught Bigger Brother with a glancing blow from its axe, while Bigger Brother emitted CO2 as it spun around and flipped at thin air. After a short period of intermittent movement, Comengetorix then lifted Bigger Brother and drove it across the arena floor. Meanwhile, Spawn Again decided to come out of the CPZ and made its first move by throwing Major Tom onto its back; however, Spawn Again's flipper had jammed in an upright position. Bigger Brother then came across to attempt to right its teammate, with Comengetorix using the opportunity to inflict damage to the baseplate of Major Tom. Bigger Brother finally managed to topple its partner back onto its wheels, but Major Tom remained idle. Spawn Again then engaged in a tussle with Bigger Brother, pushing it into an angle grinder at one point, while Refbot counted out Major Tom. From this point on, Spawn Again largely struggled for movement, but both Spawn Again and Comengetorix survived the whole bout, and the two progressed to the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Final, the pair faced Diotoir and Pussycat.

Spawn Again flips Pussycat

Spawn Again is counted out

Spawn Again started the battle against Pussycat and attempted an early attack on its opponent, but only managed to flick it up onto all four of its wheels with a flip. Spawn Again then danced on the flame pit as it waited for its flipper to retract, before thrusting Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ. Spawn Again switched out for Comengetorix, which struggled to move freely as Pussycat activated the pit release button. Diotoir was then tagged by Pussycat and attacked the inactive Comengetorix, before Spawn Again rushed out and tried to help its teammate by trying in vain to throw Diotoir over. Suddenly, all four competing robots were in the centre of the arena, as Pussycat got back into the action. Diotoir continued to target Comengetorix and edged it towards the pit, but Spawn Again did enough to separate the two.

Spawn Again is pitted

Spawn Again and Comengetorix are eliminated from the Tag Team Terror

However, shortly after, Spawn Again broke down, with the now revived Comengetorix having to fight the remainder of the battle alone. Spawn Again was counted out by Refbot and axed by Shunt before being thrown by the floor flipper and pitted, with Comengetorix soon following it and Diotoir and Pussycat went through to the Tag Team Terror final.

According to Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide, Spawn Again was considered to compete in a Mayhem qualifier, but Darren Hayden-Ball refutes this, saying that he doesn't recall ever having to pull out of an event[3].

US Season 1[]

Spawn Again represented the UK in the War of Independence Special in the first season of Extreme Warriors, where it fought the American loanerbot entry Joker in Round 1.

Rebecca Grant: "So Spawn Again, how do you plan on conquering the US?"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Well the Yanks are such a throwaway society, We thought we'd make them feel right at home, use them up and throw them away!"
— Pre-battle interview

Joker striking Spawn Again

Sgt. Bash pushes Spawn Again towards the pit

Spawn Again didn't last long in the battle, as the first attack from Joker was enough to immobilise it. Spawn Again was quickly counted out by Refbot, and was thrown by the floor flipper after being placed on it by the House Robots. The British hopes were then pitted by Refbot to end the battle.

"Well Sgt Bash knows it's time to clean up and clean up, he does. As the pit opens up, the audience is begging for it. And you know it's the House Robots' duty to go in there and just bury him, but not Refbot... wait a minute! Ha! Refbot jumps in there and drops him in! Must have been disgusted with his performance!"
— Stefan Frank as Spawn Again is pushed towards the pit by Sgt Bash and then pitted by Refbot

Series 5[]

"Big fan club! Has a high-powered CO2 flipper at the front and a high-powered spike at the rear, twice series Semi-Finalists, 25mph top speed, the fastest in the heat, 4-wheel-driven, should drive all the way to the Semis again!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Spawn Again

Spawn Again entered the Fifth Wars as the number thirteen seed, and started its campaign with a first round battle against newcomer Hydra.

Spawn Again flips Hydra

Spawn Again started strongly, immediately flipping Hydra over, and it kept the pressure on its opponent by flipping it over three more times after Hydra had righted itself. Hydra then stopped moving after self-righting for a fourth time. Spawn Again used Hydra's immobility to drive it towards the arena wall, where it rammed it multiple times before lifting it up onto its back once more. Spawn Again then attempted to flip Hydra out of the arena, but Hydra tumbled over the back of Spawn Again and into the CPZ. Spawn Again had still done plenty enough to progress though, and Refbot counted out Hydra before the House Robots pitted the beaten machine.

"Well, it's a completely new robot since last year, we've got the same drive system, bit faster, but we've got a full bar pressure flipper on it now, bit like Chaos, but a bit sort of higher than Chaos' one. Yeah, it seems to be working well!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball to Craig Charles after Round 1

The second round saw Spawn Again drawn against Evolution, another newcomer which made it to the second round after beating Sabretooth.

Spawn Again flips Evolution over

Spawn Again throws Evolution out of the arena

Evolution started the battle spinning on the spot, but this did little to deter Spawn Again, which narrowly missed with a flip. Spawn Again then quickly slid underneath Evolution and chucked it over, before driving it towards the arena wall and flipping it out of the arena. This flip saw Spawn Again finish off its opponent in twenty-one seconds, and even threw its own wedge panel off in the process. Either way, Spawn Again went through to the Heat Final.

"Exactly to plan! You see, we was going to go in there, get them straight out, and we did the job, straight away!"
— Luke Jackman after the fight

Spawn Again faced the experienced Diotoir machine in the Heat Final, which had defeated the twelfth seed Tornado in the second round to progress to this stage. This was a rematch from the Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror semi-final.

"They're a good bunch of lads, and they're actually the ones who fixed our robot to get us here to this fight, so there's no bad feelings towards them!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball on his opponents

Spawn Again's knockout flip on Diotoir

In the battle, Spawn Again continued its trend of fast start as it flipped over the Irish robot immediately. Diotoir attempted to self-right, but only managed to lose its eyes in doing so. Spawn Again, with its flipping arm now stuck open, darted towards the pit release button in an attempt to fulfil the gentleman's agreement that was made between the two teams, with both teams agreeing that if one robot became immobile then the other would pit the beaten machine before the House Robots could inflict more damage.

Spawn Again is unable to save Diotoir from being torched by Sgt. Bash

However, this plan backfired when Spawn Again curiously came to a halt as it attempted to reverse the now-counted-out Diotoir into the pit, which meant that Matilda and Sgt. Bash were free to come in to attack. Spawn Again had still completed its job of winning the battle though, and was through to the Series Semi-Finals.

Craig Charles: "You're in with the big boys now, in the series semi-finals. What robots do you want to avoid?"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Uh, Razer!"
— Ironic foreshadowing after the Heat Final

In the Series Semi-Finals, Spawn Again met the fourth seed, two time reigning world champion and eventual series champion Razer in Round 1. Who Team Scutterbots battled before in the Southern Annihilator.

Spawn Again is grabbed by Razer

Spawn Again was immediately under pressure as Razer slipped under Spawn Again's ground clearance and pierced its flipper arm. Razer continued to inflict further damage to Spawn Again as it held it against the arena wall, before Spawn Again was hassled into a CPZ, where Shunt, Sgt. Bash and Razer all took turns at damaging the thirteenth seeds.

"And I don't think Spawn Again can get away from their peril! Semi-Finalists of Series 3 with the Scutter's Revenge machine, Semi-Finalists with Spawn of Scutter in Series 4, and to me Spawn Again are going to fall at the same hurdle! For Darren Ball driving. For Luke Jackman there with him as well."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer pierces Spawn Again

Razer dumps Spawn Again in the pit

Finally, Spawn Again managed to free itself, and backed into space as it looked to line up an attack, but the damage it had sustained meant that its flipper was no longer working as it didn't work at all in the fight. In a desperate attempt to turn the battle, Spawn Again charged across the arena floor and activated the pit release button. However, Spawn Again then suddenly stopped moving, and Razer was able to submerge Spawn Again down into the pit.

Craig Charles: "I tell you what, you couldn't have gone out to a better robot though!"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "If you're going to go out, go out to the double world champions!"
— Post-match interview

With this defeat, Spawn Again dropped into the Losers' Melee with the unseeded S3 and the ninth seed Wild Thing.

Spawn Again sits motionless with its flipper raised before it closes

Spawn Again is finished off by Sgt. Bash

Spawn Again targeted S3 first of all, but lost the front blade of its flipper. Wild Thing then drove Spawn Again across the arena floor, before S3 came in with a hit which sent Spawn Again up into the air. After this attack, Spawn Again failed to move, and was counted out by Refbot before being pitted by Sgt. Bash. As a result, it was eliminated from the competition, with Wild Thing also failing to progress, as it lost out to S3 on the judges' decision.

"Spawn Again has the long way home via the pit says Sgt. Bash. Down you go. That's the last we'll see this series of Spawn Again."
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again is pitted by Sgt. Bash

At the end of the series, Spawn Again was nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award, but lost out to Derek.

Series 6[]

This time around, Spawn Again was seeded number ten, the lowest ranked Semi-Finalist from the previous series. In its first battle in the Sixth Wars, it faced veterans Supernova and Tiberius 3, as well as newcomer Short Circuit.

"So, Spawn Again with all the capability and experience here! Three times Semi-Finalists."
— Jonathan Pearce on the pedigree of Team Scutterbots

Spawn Again flips Tiberius 3 and itself over

Spawn Again struggled for mobility from the off, and failed to get into the action while the other three competing robots tussled with each other. Finally, after Supernova had immobilised the inexperienced Short Circuit, Spawn Again was approached by both Tiberius 3 and Supernova, and it sustained damage as Supernova caught the front of it with its weapon. Supernova had also thrown aside Tiberius 3 with a hit, which consequently saw it limited in terms of movement. Spawn Again then crept into position and threw Tiberius 3 over, but also managed to flip itself over in the process. Spawn Again managed to self-right safely, but was then attacked multiple times by Supernova. Thankfully for Spawn Again, Tiberius 3 was still lying on its back, and was counted out by Refbot, and as a result, Spawn Again scraped through to the second round by the skin of its teeth.

"I'll tell you what, of the two, Supernova was by far the more impressive. Spawn Again, one launch of the flipper, that was about it!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Tiberius 3 was counted out

In Spawn Again's second round battle it was up against Spam, the successor to Pain. Before the fight, major repairs were needed. Despite this, the team were confident that they could beat Spam.

"The chassis' been cut, re-welded, new bits put in it. There's been reinforcements put in, electrical problems, gearbox has been rebuilt. Bearings have been replaced, batteries have been replaced. And that's the only ones I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there's more!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball on the repairs to Spawn Again

Spam runs up Spawn Again's flipper

Spam drives into the pit while Spawn Again launches its flipper

Spawn Again managed to move more freely than it had in its first round battle, and forced itself underneath Spam's ground clearance on multiple occasions. However, Spawn Again's flipper did not activate once, and as the battle drew on, the tenth seed began moving slower and slower. Spam then activated the pit release and began to nudge Spawn Again towards the pit, before Spawn Again's flipper suddenly fired. However, before Spawn Again could use it offensively, an out of control Spam drove straight into the pit of its own accord.

Craig Charles: "You were lucky to get through that!"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Oh yeah, really lucky!"
— Post-battle interview

This put Spawn Again into the Heat Final where it went up against Supernova again. Once again, heavy repairs had to be made for the battle, as the motors were causing frequency interference, meaning the team had to switch from a starter motor to a lawnmower motor.

Spawn Again flips Supernova into the arena wall

Spawn Again started the Heat Final quickly, dodging an attack from Supernova, before flicking it aside with a flip. Supernova then drove into an angle grinder, and started to have issues with its traction. Spawn Again used this impairment to its advantage by flipping Supernova up against the angle grinder. Refbot nudged Supernova back down from the arena hazard but Spawn Again continued to pressure the Sri Lankan robot, and flipped it once more. Supernova's wheels continued to spin, but it was still unable to gain sufficient purchase on the arena floor.

"Spawn Again on top, and just when they needed it to, the flipper has found its form!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again flips Supernova into the arena wall

As a result, Supernova was counted out by Refbot and pitted by Growler, putting Team Scutterbots through to the Series Semi-Finals for the fourth time in a row.

"And though it seemed unlikely five or six minutes ago, Spawn Again will be making another series Semi-Final!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Supernova is counted out and flipped

In its first Semi-Final battle, it faced off against the unseeded Terrorhurtz, which had beaten the likes of Kronic 2 and Panic Attack to reach this stage.

Terrorhurtz jumps around Spawn Again

Spawn Again battered by Terrorhurtz

Spawn Again is picked up by Mr. Psycho

Terrorhurtz started fast as it brought its axe down on Spawn Again multiple times in the opening stages before spiralling out of control briefly. Terrorhurtz continued to dominate proceedings by severely denting Spawn Again's armour with its bladed axe, and after Spawn Again received further damage from Dead Metal, it was counted out by Refbot. Spawn Again was then picked up by Mr. Psycho, who dropped Spawn Again onto the lip of the pit after parading it around the arena, with Dead Metal required to nudge Spawn Again down into the pit, confirming its defeat.

"And I think that repeated axe blow technique of Terrorhurtz, once again, has caused immeasurable damage. Spawn Again simply never got going."
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again lies immobile

After this defeat, Spawn Again took part in the Losers' Melee for a second series in a row, where it faced the number two seed and Series 5 runner-up Bigger Brother (a robot it defeated in the Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror) and the number four seed Hypno-Disc.

Spawn Again, Bigger Brother and Hypno-Disc duel in the CPZ

"It might run, but it might fall to bits! But, it's going against Hypno-Disc, so either way it's; we either trash it ourselves, or it gets trashed!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball before the Losers' Melee

Spawn Again almost throws Bigger Brother out of the arena...

...but ends up in the pit

Hypno-Disc was harried by the other two machines from the off, and although it inflicted damage to both Spawn Again and Bigger Brother, it became immobilised when its flywheel connected with the arena wall. With the number four seeds immobilised, Spawn Again and Bigger Brother engaged with each other, with Spawn Again coming close to flipping Bigger Brother out of the arena. After this flip though, Spawn Again lost forward drive, with its flipper also stuck in an upright position. This allowed Bigger Brother to edge Spawn Again over the pit of oblivion before pushing it down - eliminating Spawn Again from the competition.

Extreme 2[]

"We've just brought it into the 21st century, but we won't find out how good it is until we get in there."
— Darren Hayden-Ball on the upgrades to Spawn Again

Because it reached the Semi-Finals of the Sixth Wars, Spawn Again earned the right to compete in Extreme 2's All-Stars tournament. In the first round, it went up against Hypno-Disc once again as well as Dominator 2.

Spawn Again launches Hypno-Disc

The battle got off to a fast start as a strong drive from Dominator 2 flicked Hypno-Disc up onto its side momentarily. Spawn Again then made its first move, as it drove at Hypno-Disc and hurled it up into the air with a strong flip. Both Spawn Again and Dominator 2 continued to focus their attacks solely on Hypno-Disc, and after Dominator 2 pushed Hypno-Disc around, Spawn Again came in and flipped Hypno-Disc once more. Hypno-Disc responded as it crashed into Dominator 2's right-hand side wheel guard before catching Spawn Again with another attack, but after some more pressure Hypno-Disc broke down. Spawn Again and Dominator 2 continued to attack the immobile Hypno-Disc, as Dominator 2 axed Hypno-Disc's flywheel multiple times, before Spawn Again threw it onto its back. Finally, Hypno-Disc was counted out by Refbot, and Spawn Again advanced to the next round along with Dominator 2.

In the second round, Spawn Again was up against former UK Champion Razer for the third time - a vengeance battle from the semi-finals of Series 5 and the Series 4 Southern Annihilator.

Philippa Forrester: "Tactics?"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Beat them!"
— Team Scutterbots talk tactics

Spawn Again cannot gain revenge on Razer

Spawn Again drives itself onto the pit

In the opening stages of the battle, Spawn Again largely retreated as it attempted to keep its distance from Razer. Razer then caught up to Spawn Again and slid under the front of it before driving it back in towards Sgt. Bash. After this, Razer moved Spawn Again over the flame pit and attempted to crush into the flipper of its opponent, but Spawn Again held firm and sustained little damage. Spawn Again then managed to move away and decided to press the pit release button. Unfortunately for Spawn Again, it drove over the descending arena hazard as it attempted to go onto the attack, and found itself beached over the pit of oblivion. Razer raised its wings in celebration, before Spawn Again activated its flipper in a desperate last attempt to free itself, but it only succeeded in chucking itself fully into the pit, eliminating it from the competition.

"Spawn Again. And again. And again. Ooh no. I don't think so."
— Jonathan Pearce

Series 7[]

"It's basically the same design, but it's all new internally now, so it's new electronics, new batteries, new weapon, new weapon control, new mixer. But yeah, basically everything's new, and hopefully it'll all work!"
— Darren Hayden-Ball on the improvements to Spawn Again

Spawn Again returned for Series 7, this time seeded sixth as it was one of only seven returning Semi-Finalists from the previous series. In the first round, Spawn Again was up against returning New Blood competitor Chip, Dutch Robot Wars and Second World Championship veteran NEATer Machine and Revenge of Trouble & Strife.

"People are going to need an "Arena Re-entry Device" from now on, because that's the only place people are going, it's outside the arena!"
— Luke Jackman

Spawn Again launches Chip out of the arena

Spawn Again throws Revenge of Trouble & Strife into the pit release button

Spawn Again buzzed around in the opening moments of the battle before manufacturing the first pivotal moment, as it drove underneath Chip and hurled it out of the arena. Meanwhile, NEATer Machine lost its axe tip and was immobilised by Revenge of Trouble & Strife, and although this meant that both machines were through, that didn't stop Spawn Again, as it flipped Revenge of Trouble & Strife over several times, to the point where it could not self-right. NEATer Machine was counted out by Refbot and pitted by Mr. Psycho, and Spawn Again's progression was confirmed, having defeated all three opponents.

"Throw them out of the arena! Ten seconds maximum!"
— Luke Jackman's tactics for fighting R.O.C.S.

In the second round, Spawn Again was drawn up against R.O.C.S., which made its way through by edging past Topbot and The Executioner in the first round.

Spawn Again gets its first flip in on R.O.C.S.

Spawn Again very sportingly flips R.O.C.S. the right way up

Spawn Again nearly throws R.O.C.S. out of the arena

R.O.C.S. drags Spawn Again around the arena

Spawn Again flips R.O.C.S. over for the last time

Spawn Again started with a quick flip on its opponent, before righting it with another attack. Spawn Again continued its dominant start with another flip, before coming close to flipping R.O.C.S. out of the arena. R.O.C.S. managed to self-right, and then came onto the attack itself, as it clamped onto the back of Spawn Again. Sir Killalot dragged the two out of the CPZ, and R.O.C.S. dragged Spawn Again backwards, across the arena floor. Spawn Again managed to free itself from R.O.C.S.' grip just before it pressed the pit release button, and then asserted itself once more, toppling R.O.C.S. onto its back. This time, R.O.C.S. was unable to right itself, and Spawn Again had sealed its place into the Heat Final as Refbot counted R.O.C.S. out. To finish the battle, R.O.C.S. was hit by a washing machine on the Drop Zone and then pitted by Sir Killalot.

In its Heat Final, it was drawn against Raging Knightmare, a rematch from Series 4, where Spawn of Scutter beat Knightmare.

"Same as always; flip them, flip them hard, and flip them out of the arena!"
— Confidence before the battle from Darren Hayden-Ball

Raised weapons, after the first flip of the fight

Spawn Again's pneumatic system explodes

Spawn Again spears itself in the arena floor

Spawn Again lays on its back unable to self-right

Both robots started by meeting in the centre of the arena, where Raging Knightmare flipped Spawn Again over. Spawn Again quickly self-righted, before pushing back onto Raging Knightmare, which flipped itself over while attempting to flip Spawn Again. Spawn Again attempted to follow this up with a flip of its own, but it pneumatics system exploded spectacularly as the machine landed back on the arena floor, sending CO2 gas everywhere. With the flipper now inactivate and the ram hanging out the front of the robot, Spawn Again dashed towards the pit release button, but missed its target, and instead, its exposed ram plunged into the arena floor, pinning itself in the process. Raging Knightmare then flipped Spawn Again free, but over onto its back, which meant that it could line up another attack. It came in once more, lifting Spawn Again up, but not out of the arena, which left it balancing on top of the arena wall, before Raging Knightmare flicked Spawn Again for a final time, toppling it out of the arena. This was the first and only time Spawn Again, and Team Scutterbots, had failed to reach the series semi finals.

Spawn Again balances on the arena wall before being flipped out

"Now, you can't sit there all day. That's better. Down you go. Out."
— Jonathan Pearce on Spawn Again being balanced on the arena wall from a flip from Raging Knightmare, then being flipped out completely

The team had brought spare pneumatics to Series 7 and the robot could have been repaired[4] but Spawn Again was not invited to participate in the All-Stars tournament, and so its Heat Final therefore proved to be its final Robot Wars appearance.


UK Series
Extreme Series 1
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Comengetorix, Round 2
Round 1 vs. Bigger Brother & Major Tom Won
Round 2 vs. Diotoir & Pussycat Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
13th Seed, Semi-Final, Round 1
Heat G, Eliminator vs. Hydra Won
Heat G, Semi-Final vs. Evolution Won
Heat G, Final vs. Diotoir Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Razer (4) Lost
Semi-Final 1, Losers Melee vs. S3, Wild Thing (9) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
10th Seed, Semi-Final, Round 1
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Short Circuit, Supernova, Tiberius 3 Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Spam Won
Heat H, Final vs. Supernova Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Terrorhurtz Lost
Semi-Final 2, Losers Melee vs. Bigger Brother (2), Hypno-Disc (4) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Heat, Round 2
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Dominator 2, Hypno-Disc Qualified
Heat B, Round 2 vs. Razer Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
6th Seed, Heat Final
Heat N, Round 1 vs. Chip, NEATer Machine, Revenge of Trouble & Strife Qualified
Heat N, Round 2 vs. R.O.C.S. Won
Heat N, Final vs. Raging Knightmare Lost
US Series
Season 1
War of Independence
Representing UK, Round 1
Eliminator vs. Joker (USA) Lost


  • UK Wins: 10
  • UK Losses: 7
  • US Wins: 0
  • US Losses: 1

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Main Series Spawn Again Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Entered with Scutter's Revenge
The Fourth Wars Entered with Spawn of Scutter
The Fifth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Sixth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Heat Final
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered

US Series[]

US Series Spawn Again Series Record
Season 1 War of Independence, Round 1
Season 2 Did not enter
Nickelodeon Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Spawn Again flips King B Powerworks at the 2002 Robot Roadshow event

The Extreme 2 Spawn Again appearing at Brighton ModelWorld 2003

Spawn Again fights Dantomkia at Debenham Robot Rumble 2003

Spawn Again at the 2003 Worthing Event

The Extreme 2 version of Spawn Again competed at the Robot Roadshow event in 2002. There it fought King B Powerworks and Steel Sandwich.[5] This version of Spawn Again also appeared at Brighton ModelWorld 2003, taking part in a rumble with other Robot Wars competitors such as Dantomkia, Bigger Brother and Bulldog Breed. Following this appearance, Spawn Again underwent its rebuild, which would be the version that fought in Series 7 later in the year.

Spawn Again, repaired after its Series 7 loss, at Brighton ModelWorld 2004. Note the different pneumatic ram after the original one broke

The now updated for Series 7 Spawn Again fought at the annual Debenham Robot Rumble in 2003 a few months before the filming of The Seventh Wars, fighting Dantomkia and Barbaric Response. After its Series 7 loss, Spawn Again was fully repaired and returned to competition, competing at the 2003 Worthing event, fighting in several rumbles. Its final appearance was at Brighton ModelWorld 2004 where it once again fought in rumbles with other former Robot Wars competitors. Spawn Again is known to have shared a pit table with Hassocks Hog 2 at the event.[6] After this, the team retired from robot combat.

Darren Hayden-Ball revealed in 2020 that they were contacted to appear in the rebooted series of Robot Wars with Spawn Again. However, the team were unable to accept the invitation due to the filming location in Glasgow being too far away and clashes with work schedules. Darren added that they would've needed to upgrade Spawn Again with a new transmission due to it being the weakest point of the robot. Aside from this, had the team been able to enter Spawn Again, the robot would've been mostly unchanged from Series 7.[7]

Presently, Spawn Again is still in the possession of Darren Hayden-Ball, but is stored away in a lockup in an undisclosed location.[8]


Spawn Again's pneumatics explode in its final fight

  • Spawn Again was one of eight competitors in The Seventh Wars which competed in at least 5 series of Robot Wars that were excluded from the All-Stars tournament at the end of the series. According to Darren Hayden-Ball, they were never approached about taking part and did in fact have spare pneumatics, so would've been able to repair Spawn Again regardless[9].
  • Despite its somewhat controversial reputation for winning battles despite unreliability, each of Spawn Again's victories were via knockout.
  • Spawn Again never had a judges' decision in eighteen battles, and is notable in that no other robot fought in that many battles without a judges' decision.
  • Spawn Again is one of only ten robots to debut in Extreme 1 and then fight in one of the main competitions, not counting Typhoon. The others were 3 Stegs 2 Heaven, Axe-Awe, Comengetorix, Fighting Torque, Fluffy, NEAT Machine, Sub-Version, The Executioner and Draven. It is also the only robot to debut in Extreme 1 to ever reach a Semi-Final.
  • Spawn Again is the only heat winner from Series 5 and 6 to never fight Firestorm.
  • Spawn Again fought a different vertical crusher wielding robot in every main series in which it competed.
  • "Spawn Again" is the title of a song by Australian band Silverchair that featured on the 1997 film Spawn.
  • Spawn Again's weakness according to its statistics board in Extreme Warriors Season 1 was referred to as having no self-righting mechanism despite the fact that it was armed with a flipper (though this could technically be true since it did not have a roll-cage at that time).
  • Spawn Again is one of only three robots to compete in multiple series and be seeded in each of them, the other two being Gemini and Wheely Big Cheese.
    • Spawn Again was the only one of the three not to be made into a Minibot and also the only one of three not to fight Tornado although they all appeared in Episode 11 of Extreme 1.
  • Spawn Again's defeat to Raging Knightmare as vengeance for the Series 4 Heat Final meant that Scutterbots/Knightmare became the second of three rivalries (after Team 101/King Buxton and followed by Pulsar/Ironside3) where both teams reached a semi-final by defeating the other.
  • Spawn Again and Wild Thing are the only robots to fight in Losers' Melees in both Series 5 and 6 and lose on both occasions. Coincidentally, they both lost the same Losers' Melee in Series 5.
  • Footage of Spawn Again's victory over Diotoir in Series 5 was aired during Robot Wars: World Series, part of Series 10, during a montage of Diotoir's history.
  • The only house robot which never shared the arena with Spawn Again was Cassius Chrome.
  • Spawn Again was one of the few robots to be referred to by its predecessor's name at some point.
  • Spawn Again was the only thirteenth seed to reach the Semi-Finals in the series in which it was seeded as such, doing so in Series 5.
  • Spawn Again is one of three robots to have made the semi-finals on more than one occasion and not advance past the first round. The other two are Thermidor 2 and Wheely Big Cheese.




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