Spikaton was a fictional competitor robot that featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It was a half-cylinder shaped robot with many weapons including a flipper, srimech and numerous spikes. It also has two sets of Van De Graf Balls as extras.

Spikaton is available to purchase from the very start of Competition Mode at a price of 6330 credits.


  • Chassis: Half Cylinder 1
  • Locomotion: 4 x Large Suns
  • Power: Power X 12V
  • Drive: 4 x Purturba 12V
  • Weapons: Steel Flipper, Steel Srimech, Triple Spike, 4 x Hollow Spike
  • Armour: PolyCarbonate
  • Extras: 2 x Van De Graf Balls


Using Spikaton

Spikaton's main weapon, it's steel flipper, isn't particularly powerful, as it quite often cannot flip over an opponent. The weapon does however, occasionally flip a robot into the air and over, and it is still your best bet against your opponent. The spikes on the side of the robot are mainly for show, and they can be a hindrance, as you often end up riding up onto the side of your opponent. Spikaton has rather poor pushing power, but if you do want to attempt to push an opponent you are best doing so with the rear of the robot. The srimech doesn't work particularly well either, but if you continually keep flipping both the flipper and the srimech at once, the robot can usually self-right eventually. You'll be needing to use the srimech as Spikaton has a high ground clearance and the spikes sticking out make it even easier to flip.

Against Spikaton

The best tactic against Spikaton is to attack the robot at the sides with a powerful weapon as the PolyCarbonate armour is relatively weak. Ensure to dodge the flipper, however the spikes do not pose much of a problem and they can aid in pushing it around the arena. Its high ground clearance and sticking out spikes also mean that it is quite easily flipped, this is another good tactic as it cannot always self-right.

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