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Spikes are among one of the simplest and most versatile weapons used in Robot Wars. They were especially prevalent in earlier series, with Series 1 competitors Nemesis, Prince of Darkness, REALI-T, Shogun, SAT'arn and Wharthog among the first to be fitted with such weapons.

The most successful competitors to have spikes as part of their weapons include Series 6 champion Tornado, Third World Champion Storm 2 and US Season 2 Grand Finalists Rocky-Bot-Boa and Tricerabot.


  • A spike is a pointed weapon fixed to a robot which is intended to ram, pierce and puncture other robots' armour and wheels. They can exist in various forms, ranging from short sharp points to spike traps and even shortened spears, and can be fitted to any part of the robots' chassis and/or armour. Additionally, spikes were often used as extra attachments for certain weapons, including Wild Thing's lifting arm in Series 4 and the axes of Dominator 2 and Kat 3, the latter with the intention of enabling their self-righting capabilities. For convenience, those types of spikes are excluded from this list.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


Das gepack delldog

Das Gepäck shoves Delldog into the pit using its spikes

Mr Nasty vs Maximus vs Niterider

Mr Nasty rams its spike into Maximus

  • Spikes are light, affordable and easy to attach to a robot.
  • They can be fixed anywhere on a robot's chassis or armour, considerably improving its defensive potential.
  • Their affordability and light weight can allow for improvements to other aspects of the robot, such as stronger armour and more drive power. Tornado, Das Gepäck, Tricerabot and Storm 2 all benefited from excellent pushing power received from heavier and more powerful drive motors, a strength inherited from their adoption of simpler and lighter spike weapons.
  • They could cause damage to other robots' armour depending on their design and especially when combined with strong pushing power.Tornado's chassis-mounted spikes were equally able to hold opponents in place as well as piercing holes through their armour and wheels, as was Mr Nasty's larger front spike against Maximus' side in the Extreme 2 New Blood Championship.
  • Their shorter length circumvented the manoeuvrability problems faced with spears, as they made robots less liable to getting impaled through opponents, arena hazards or the wall.


Chaos 2 hurls tornado

Tornado's basic weaponry in Series 4 was instrumental in its easy defeat against Chaos 2

Fluffy das gepack

Fluffy tears one of Das Gepäck's spikes off

  • They did not offer much offensive potential compared to retractable spikes or spears, putting most robots equipped with them at a major disadvantage on damage. The majority of Velocirippa's losses, as well as Mighty Mouse's loss to Thermidor 2 in Series 7 and Tornado's loss to Chaos 2 in Series 4, were all attributed to their spike weapons not being as effective or potent as their opponents'.
  • While less liable to being broken off than spears, they could still be easily damaged upon contact with other weapons. Das Gepäck notably had one of its front spikes ripped off by Fluffy's spinning blade during the final of the UK vs Germany special.
  • As they were not considered to be active weapons, static spikes could not be used as a robot's primary weapon from Series 7 onward. This resulted in robots such as Mighty Mouse and Storm 2 adopting moving weapons to cohere with the new rule.

List of Robots with SpikesEdit


Cerberus from Extreme 1


Das Gepäck

Hard Cheese

Hard Cheese, Series 2 Middleweight Champion

Mighty mouse

Mighty Mouse, a spike-wielding robot that saved weight for better armour and more powerful motors

Mr Nasty

Mr Nasty

Rammstein sf00


Rattus Rattus

Rattus Rattus


REALI-T, one of the first competitors to be fitted with spikes




Storm 2 in Series 7, showing the rear spikes


Tornado as it appeared in Series 4, showing both static and retractable spikes


Tornado as of Series 6

Tricerabot 3

Tricerabot 3.0

Velocirippa Fourth Wars

Velocirippa as it appeared in Series 4



Robots are listed alphabetically. Robots that are not heavyweights are listed with a green background.

Robot Series Appearances with Spikes Notes
A-Kill (Middleweight) Series 3
Alien Series 3 Robotic Soccer only.
All Torque Series 2-3 Series 2 Heat Finalist. Replaced with a static scoop for Series 3, though a pair of horizontal crushing spikes were added for The First World Championship.
Ally Gator Series 3 Front and rear spikes, as well as serrated spike strips along its top armour to catch robots that drove on top of it.
Angel of Death Series 2 Eliminated in the Gauntlet stage before the weapons could be used in combat.
Anvil Extreme 1
Atlas Series 3
Beef-Cake Extreme 1 Extreme 1 Featherweight Champion.
Blackdevil Warzone Dutch Series 2
Black Widow (Extreme Warriors) US Season 2 US Season 2 Tag Team Terror champion, along with Rocky-Bot-Boa.
Bulldog Breed Series 3-5 Rear spikes, discarded from Series 6 onwards.
Cerberus Series 3-4, Extreme 1-2 Sets of large spikes at the front, designed to resemble 'claws'.
Challenger Series 2-3
Chip Extreme 2 Replaced its spinning disc after the latter broke before competing in the New Blood Championship.
Close Enough US Season 1
Darke Destroyer Series 3-4
Das Gepäck Series 6, Dutch Series 2 Joint winner of the UK vs Germany special, along with Fluffy.
Demon Series 2
Doodlebug Series 2
Double Trouble Series 6
Eddy Evolution Extreme 2
Flepser Dutch Series 2
General Carnage 2 Series 5
Golem Extreme 1, German Series
Hard Cheese Series 2-3, Extreme 1 Series 2 Middleweight Champion.
Havoc Series 2
Kan-Opener Series 6-7, Extreme 2 A rear-mounted spike intended as a battering ram.
Kater Killer Series 3-4 Pair of front spikes in Series 3, replaced with a spiked lifting arm in Series 4, although a pair of rear spikes still featured.
Lateral Thought Series 2 Reserve robot.
Lightning Tracks US Season 2
Malc 1.5 Extreme 2
Manta US Season 1-2
Mastiff Extreme 1
Mega-Hurts Extreme 1
Micro-Mute Series 7, Extreme 2
Mighty Mouse Series 6-7
Milly-Ann Bug Series 2-4
Mini Maul Series 7
Miss Struts Series 3
Mr Nasty Series 6, Extreme 2
Nemesis Series 1-2 Side and rear static steel spikes as well as a front pneumatic spike.
Oblivion Series 2-4
Onslaught Series 2-5
ORAC Series 2-3 A pair of 'lifting chisels' in Series 2, replaced with two short static spikes for Series 3 when competing as Orac's Revenge.
Overdozer Series 8 Two 20cm fixed spikes.
Panda Monium Series 2
Panzer Series 3 Interchangeable with a cutting saw.
Paul Bunyan US Season 2
Penetrator Series 2
Phantasm Nickelodeon
Plunderbird Series 1-3
Prince of Darkness Series 1
Raging Reality Series 6, Extreme 2
Raizer Blade Series 3-4 Rear spike, interchangeable with a chainsaw in Series 3. Replaced the chainsaw in Series 4.
Rambot Series 4
Rammstein Series 4 A static spike replaced the robot's original pneumatic spike for the War of Independence in order to bring it within the weight limit.
Rattus Rattus Series 3
Rawbot Series 7, Extreme 2
RC Warrior Extreme 1
REALI-T Series 1 The main armour was made out of sharpened wire, making it the first robot to feature armour which doubled as a weapon.
Robocow Series 3
Rocky-Bot-Boa US Season 2 Front and side spikes used for ramming and defensive purposes. US Season 2 Grand Finalist and Tag Team Terror champion, along with Black Widow.
Ron Series 2
Rosebud Series 2
Rosie the Riveter US Season 1-2, Nickelodeon
Rottweiler Series 2
S.M.I.D.S.Y. Series 3-4 Rear spikes replaced with a horizontal disc from Series 5/Extreme 1 onwards.
SAT'arn Series 1 Consisted of a pair of 'horns' made from shelving brackets bolted together.
Shadow of Napalm Series 4
Shockwave (Extreme 1) Extreme 1
Shogun Series 1 Interchangeable pairs of side spikes varying in length and thickness.
Sniper Dutch Series 1
Soc'em Series 2
Spectre Series 3 Robotic Soccer only.
Sting Series 2-3
Storm 2 Series 7-8, Extreme 2 Pair of static spikes at the rear. Extreme 2 New Blood Champion, Series 7 runner-up and Third World Champion, although relied primarily on its speed and pushing power.
Sumpthing Series 3-6, Extreme 1-2
Talos Series 2 Interchangeable with a lance.
Tantrum Series 2
Techno-Lease Series 3
Terror Australis Series 3 The original version was replaced with a repainted and renamed Nemesis for the International League Championship.
The Blob Series 1
The Brute US Season 1-2 Rear ramming spike, paired with a set of front lifting spikes (Season 1) or a spinning drum (Season 2).
The Iron Mask Series 3
The Parthian Shot Series 2
The Termite US Season 2
Thermador Series 3 Designed to resemble a lobster. Spike was incorporated into the robot's 'head'.
Tornado Series 4-7, Extreme 1-2 Series 6 Champion. Sets of small static spikes at the front and rear, used in tandem with a pneumatic spike for Series 4. Enabled Tornado to save weight for more powerful drive motors. A larger ramming spike was also used as an interchangeable weapon in Series 6, used in its Heat Final against Anarchy.
Tricerabot US Seasons 1-2 Five large front ramming spikes.
Triterobot Series 3
UFO Series 6
Velocirippa Series 3-4, Extreme 2 8mm ramming spikes in Series 3-4, front spikes replaced with a cutting disc for Series 5/Extreme 1. Front ramming spikes were refitted for the Extreme 2 model, but replaced with a lifting scoop for Series 7.
Vercingetorix Series 2-3
Victor Series 2-3
Weeliwako Series 3
Wharthog Series 1
Wheelosaurus Series 2, 4 Large spikes mounted to the aluminium dustbin lids protecting its wheels.
Xenomorph Series 7
Zeus (UK) Series 3
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