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"This is our robot Spin Doctor, and he's wanted in three states for malpractice because of this disc right here, and what we're gonna do is cut 'em open to see what color their insides are!"
— Adam Baxter

Spin Doctor was the second entry of Team LOGICOM into Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars. This robot wasn't as successful as The Revolutionist, but they did pair up to come second in the Nickelodeon Robot Wars Tag Team special.


Spin Doctor's rear wedge

Spin Doctor was an invertible robot, running on four exposed wheels, offering relatively quick top speeds with each wheel being independently powered. Its weapon was a 29lb six-bladed disc, made from urethane, a relatively experimental material at the time, with steel teeth[1]. Spin Doctor also had Urethane armour, two panels, one on the top and another on the bottom[2]. Spin Doctor also had a rear wedge, bearing its name in reverse, referencing the way 'AMBULANCE' is written on real ambulances. Though the disc could spin up at 3000rpm, its drive chain was prone to dislodging, and the robot itself would often break down. The Urethane armour was also flammable, as listed as the robot's weakness on its statistics board.

The Team[]

Main article: Team LOGICOM

The Spin Doctor team (left) with The Revolutionist's team (right)

Spin Doctor was entered into Robot Wars by members of Team LOGICOM, typically captained by Brian Nave. For Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, medical examiner Thomas Beaver captained the team, while Adam Baxter was the driver and lead builder of the robot. For Nickelodeon Robot Wars, 14-year old Ann Beaver became the robot's driver, while an uncredited team member named Tina was also present.

When entering Spin Doctor, Team LOGICOM dressed up as doctors, and brought props such as a hacksaw, to 'see what color the opponent's insides are'.

Robot History[]

Season 2[]

Carol Grow: "You guys call yourselves The Spin Doctors, and this is the Spin Doctor. How did you get its name?"
Adam Baxter: "Well, basically we ended up with this big disc right here, and it spins, and it cuts things open big time!"
Carol Grow: "So it's sheer cutting action right here!"
Adam Baxter: "Sheer cutting action!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

In the first round of Heat A, Spin Doctor fought Probophobia and Cyclone.

Carol Grow: "What's your strategy to take out your competition in the first battle, you've got Cyclone, you've got Probophobia."
Adam Baxter: "Well, I think we're just gonna try to slice them!"
Carol Grow: "Ok."
Thomas Beaver: "[Takes the microphone off of Carol] And we're gonna do surgery without anaesthesia!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Spin Doctor hits Probophobia, causing lots of sparks

At the start of the battle, Spin Doctor held back from its opponents as Probophobia charged straight at Cyclone. On impact, Probophobia's first contact with Cyclone knocked out the safety link, immobilizing it. Spin Doctor got its disc up to speed and hit the side of Probophobia, but despite causing a lot of sparks, it did no damage. Probophobia got its lifter under Cyclone and flipped it over.

"...and that's a real pity, because I wanted to see Cyclone inflict some damage here on the hospitalization crew!"
— Stefan Frank after Cyclone is flipped over

Probophobia lifts Spin Doctor off the ground

As it did so, Probophobia landed a glancing blow with its disc, which caused a few sparks but nothing else. Spin Doctor drove away, then Probophobia left Cyclone and drove after it. Spin Doctor drove up the arena and turned around, and Probophobia charged at it, getting its spikes underneath and lifting it up. Spin Doctor slipped off the spikes and landed on its wheels, turned around and hit the side of Probophobia, causing more sparks. As it turned, it drove onto Probophobia's lifter, and Probophobia started to lift, but Spin Doctor kept driving forwards and drove into Probophobia's side.

"Spin Doctor brings that disc around the side of Probophobia. If he knows what's good for him, he'll stay out of the way of those probes!"
— Stefan Frank

Spin Doctor attacks Probophobia but breaks down

However, this impact knocked its own weapon chain and caused the robot to break down. This did not matter however, as Cyclone had been immobilised first, and it was counted out by Refbot. Probophobia drove away across the arena, then turned around and charged back at Spin Doctor, getting its lifter underneath. Cyclone was thrown by the floor flipper, and pushed into the pit.

Mick Foley: "Now here's a little issue I've got. You guys {The Probophobia team} are pretending to be doctors, but this young man over here actually is the Chief Medical Examiner for Daytona Beach Florida! Tell me about that."
Thomas Beaver: "That's right, I am a doctor! I'm not an engineer, but I want to play one on TV!"
— During the post-battle interview

There it met the reigning champion, Panzer Mk 4, the team who had beaten Team LOGICOM's other robot in the final of the last series.

Carol Grow: "How do you feel about going up against the champion?"
Adam Baxter: "I feel great, we've got some new teeth, we've got all our problems fixed, and we're ready to carve it up!"
Carol Grow: "You don't have any intimidating feelings at all?"
Adam Baxter: "Nah, we're gonna give that pansy a robo-lectomy!!"
— Pre-battle interview

Spin Doctor uses its back wedge to prevent Panzer Mk 4 from gaining purchase

At the start, Panzer Mk 4 charged straight at Spin Doctor, which managed to turn away and dodge. Both robots turned around, and and both robots turned back and forth, trying to get in position to attack. Panzer Mk 4 got at the side of Spin Doctor, and starting pushing. Spin Doctor tried to turn away, but Panzer Mk 4 got behind, getting under its rear wedge and pushing Spin Doctor. Spin Doctor managed to turn away, and Panzer Mk 4 chased after it. Spin Doctor reversed into Panzer Mk 4's side as it did so, and Panzer Mk 4 reversed. Panzer Mk 4 rammed into the back of Spin Doctor, causing to jump a little off the ground. However, Panzer Mk 4 could not get an advantage in pushing as its was on top of Spin Doctor's rear wedge, so Panzer Mk 4 reversed.

"Definitely going to be a strategic battle, this one. Spin Doctor knows its weaknesses up against the power of Panzer!"
— Stefan Frank as Panzer Mk 4 rams Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor is overturned by Panzer Mk 4

Spin Doctor drove after it, but charging into the US champion's lifter caused its own wedge to bend in on itself, allowing Panzer Mk 4 to push it up the arena. Spin Doctor managed to get its wheels back on the ground and get away from Panzer Mk 4. Panzer Mk 4 chased after Spin Doctor, but drove into the claw of Sir Killalot, which gave Spin Doctor time to drive away and turn around. The two robots charged at each other, but Spin Doctor bounced upwards on impact with Panzer Mk 4's lifter, and Panzer Mk 4 rammed it, flipping it over. The impact also caused the chain to slip off from Spin Doctor's disc.

"Look at the speed and power of the Panzer Mk 4! Flipping Spin Doctor over, who's fortunately an invertible 'bot, however they've lost, off of that last collision, the chain that drives the only weapon they've got!"
— Stefan Frank as Panzer Mk 4 flips Spin Doctor over

Spin Doctor drives into the pit

With no weapon, Spin Doctor drove down the arena, and Panzer Mk 4 chased after it, ramming it against Shunt, who was out of his CPZ. Spin Doctor reversed into the pit release button, and Panzer Mk 4 rammed into it again. Spin Doctor drove away, nearly driving into a CPZ, then reversed straight into the pit as it opened.

"...and as quickly as they hit the trigger, they hit the pit, with a little unassisted robot-icide! ... The big question is, after that hit from Panzer, was it Spin Doctor's strategy to open that pit and use the arena for a weapon, or was it just bad driving that found them in the hole?"
— Stefan Frank as Spin Doctor reversed into the pit, then watching the replay

This eliminated Spin Doctor from the US Championship.

Mick Foley: "All right now look, I was saying, you guys kind of went into the pit all on your very own, what the heck is the deal?"
Adam Baxter: "Well, we didn't have much after our weapon failed, and then there was just being out-pushed, they got a lot more motors than we do, we got more on our weapon, and it didn't work!"
Mick Foley: "So did you, in medical terms, did you decide to euthanize your own robot there?"
Adam Baxter: "Well I think we're gonna have to go back and cut him open, pull out all his guts and see what went wrong!"
— Post-battle interview

After the battle, Adam Baxter admitted to Carol Grow that he did not intend to drive into the pit.

"Well, I was driving around there, I lost my rongeur there, and then I guess I didn't notice the big hole in the floor, so that's what killed us."
— Adam Baxter to Carol Grow


Spin Doctor competed alongside its teammate The Revolutionist in the International Tag Team, representing the USA. In the first round, they had to fight fellow American pairing Zanzara and Run Away for the right to represent the USA in the final.

"Both of 'em have spinning discs with teeth on them for weapons."
— Stefan Frank describes the Team LOGICOM pairing

Spin Doctor hits Zanzara

Spin Doctor went out first, against Zanzara. Ast the start, both robots charged at each other, with Spin Doctor hitting the front of Zanzara, knocking some pieces loose, and disabling its opponent's weapon.

"Zanzara and Spin Doctor collide immediately! Zanzara and Spin Doctor went head on, and somebody lost some parts! Both of them are running spinning discs, and it's really hard to tell right now who it was lost off that first contact."
— Stefan Frank watches the replay of the first impact

Spin Doctor hits the front of the immobile Run Away

Spin Doctor drove into the arena wall, then reversed back into the centre of the arena, but reversed too far, driving past Zanzara and into Refbot. This gave Zanzara time to turn around and drive down the arena. The Revolutionist came out of its corner without being tagged, and went after Zanzara. Spin Doctor went into the corner, and The Revolutionist took Zanzara out with just one hit from the spinning body. As Run Away came out to fight The Revolutionist, Spin Doctor was out of its corner, and reversed into the immobile Zanzara. The Revolutionist immobilised Run Away with one hit, and Shunt pushed away from the CPZ, with Spin Doctor hitting the front of Run Away with its disc as it did so. Refbot counted both Zanzara and Run Away out, and they were both put on the floor flipper, and after they were thrown, were pushed into the floor flipper, putting Team LOGICOM through to the final.

Dave Aizer: "Now you guys are gonna get a chance to sit back and watch the next match, what are you thinking? Can you beat the British team?"
Ann Beaver: "Well, we'll try our hardest, and hopefully we'll shred through 'em!"
— Post-battle interview

In the final, Spin Doctor and The Revolutionist fought UK team Ming 3 and Rick.

Spin Doctor clashes with Ming 3

Spin Doctor went out first again, against Ming 3. Spin Doctor initially held back as Ming 3 drove at it, but when its disc was up to speed, it drove at Ming 3, driving up the front wedge and hitting the crusher, but it merely bounced off. This impact also knocked its drive belt loose, leaving it without a weapon. As Spin Doctor drove up the arena and turned around, Ming 3 drove after it and tried to get its wedge underneath. Spin Doctor reversed, but Ming 3 kept after it, driving around to its side and trying to get underneath. Spin Doctor turned and tried to get away, but Ming 3 pushed it into the top arena wall.

"Ming 3's got its jaws wide open, as it looks like the Spin Doctor might have to do some evasive movement!"
— Stefan Frank as Ming 3 fights Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor drives into an angle grinder

The Revoluitionist came out without Spin Doctor tagging it, and Spin Doctor held back as its team-mate fought. However, The Revolutionist bounced off the front of Ming 3 into a CPZ, and The Revolutionist was able to pin it in the corner and flip it over. As Rick and Ming 3 attacked the overturned Revolutionist, Sir K picked Ming 3 up and carried it out of the CPZ, dropping it on the floor, after which Ming 3 stopped moving. Rick went after Spin Doctor, which was further down the arena. Spin Doctor charged at Rick, but missed its charge and drove into an angle grinder, getting its disc caught underneath.

"Spin Doctor takes a visit to the grinding wheel, with his own grinder!"
— Stefan Frank

Spin Doctor attacks the immobile Ming 3, whilst The Revolutionist lies upside-down

Rick got underneath Spin Doctor and gave it a little push, which allowed Spin Doctor to reverse away from the angle grinder. Spin Doctor reversed into an empty CPZ at the bottom of the arena, and Rick drove after it. Spin Doctor got out of the CPZ as Sir K came over, but Rick couldn't get out of the CPZ in time and picked it up with his claw, dropping it out of the arena. Spin Doctor went after the immobile Ming 3, ramming into it whist Refbot counted The Revolutionist out. Time ran out, and the battle went to the judges'.

"This one is going to have to go to a judges' decision, but it's not going to be a popular one!"
— Stefan Frank in the last few second

The judges' decided in favour of Rick and Ming 3, having ruled that Sir K's ejection of Rick was an illegal move, and that Spin Doctor and The Revolutionist had received more damage.

Dave Aizer: "To our runner-ups, it could have gone either way! Fantastic match, even though you guys didn't win, how do you fell about what happened out there?"
Ann Beaver: "We played a really hard match and we did our best!"
— Post-battle interview

Spin Doctor also fought in a Vengeance battle with Probophobia. The two robots had previously fought each other in Extreme Warriors Season 2, but this Vengeance battle was more to do with the fact both dressed up as doctors, and both teams claimed "There can only be one doctor in the house".

Ann Beaver: "As he said, there can only be one doctor, and we're gonna show him who it is!"
Vivianne Collins: "Well, you think it's going to be Spin Doctor?"
Ann Beaver: "Yeah, well, take a look at the costumes!"
Vivianne Collins: "Okay, the costumes are nice!"
— Pre-battle interview

Spin Doctor's weapon chain is dislodged by Probophobia

Spin Doctor cautiously crossed the arena, whilst Probophobia sat waiting for it. Spin Doctor went in to attack with its disc, but Probophobia got its lifter just above Spin Doctor's spinning disc, hit the lifter of Probophobia with its disc, knocking the drive chain off the disc.

"...the spikes right off of Probophobia knocked that drive chain loose from Spin Doctor's weapon! Wow, that didn't last very long, did it? Who would have thought Probophobia would have got in there that easy?"
— Stefan Frank watches the replay

The House Robots attack the immobile Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor was left immobile, and Shunt came out of its CPZ to give it a push. Refbot counted Spin Doctor out, and Dead Metal came over to attack, along with Shunt. Shunt axed the top, and Dead Metal pushed it against the top arena wall, and cut into the back of Spin Doctor.

"...Dead Metal and Shunt go in and clean up a little bit in the emergency room, but before that, there gonna have a last minute surgery! ...Dead Metal is making good use of that scalpel saw, right on the front. Look at those slice marks! Well, if anything, maybe Spin Doctor can get a malpractice suite, but they are well and truly out of this one!"
— Stefan Frank as Dead Metal cuts into Spin Doctor

Dead Metal pits Spin Doctor

Shunt drove the arena and opened the pit, then drove back up the arena, pushing Spin Doctor away from Dead Metal. Shunt pushed it to its lost drive chain, then Dead Metal took over, pushing Spin Doctor down the arena to the pit, and pushed it in.

Dave Aizer: "So, it was Probophobia over Spin Doctor, and you guys are a little mad at one of the House 'Bots, aren't you?"
Ann Beaver: "Well, Dead Metal was really mean! He cut right at our power and our receiver!"
— Post-battle interview


Season 2
US Championship
Heats, Round 2
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Cyclone, Probophobia Qualified
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Panzer Mk 4 Lost
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team
Representing the US and competing with The Revolutionist, Runner-up
US Qualifier vs. Run Away & Zanzara Won
Final vs. Ming 3 & Rick Lost
Vengeance vs. Probophobia Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 3

Series Record[]

US Series Spin Doctor Series Record
Season 1 Entered with The Revolutionist
Season 2 Heat, Round 2
Entered with The Revolutionist
Nickelodeon International Tag Team, Runner-up
Entered with The Revolutionist

NOTE: The Revolutionist's appearance in The Second World Championship was also aired as part of Robot Wars Extreme in the UK Series.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Spin Doctor as Bambulance on the live circuit

After Robot Wars, Spin Doctor was converted to have a scoop instead of the disc and renamed Bambulance. It entered a number of events as Bambulance, including the NC Robot StreetFight (July 2003), Robot Assault 2003 (August 2003), Rocket City Robot Assault (May 2004), the BattleBots NPC Charity Open 2004 (withdrew from combat), Robotic Revolution - New Orleans (August 2005), STEM Tech Olympiad 2014 (May 2005) and most recently, Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2018 (November 2018).

Bambulance in 2021, changing hands to its new owner

Brian Nave remained in possession of Bambulance for over twenty years since its debut as Spin Doctor, but in May 2021, the robot finally changed hands to new owner Jason Rogers, who intends to restore the robot to fighting form for a competitive appearance at Orlando Robot Ruckus later that year[3].

For more information on the team's excursions outside of Robot Wars, including Adam Baxter's successful lightweight Code:BLACK, see Team LOGICOM.

Center Punch.

Team members Thomas and Ann Beaver competed in the original run of BattleBots with Center Punch, a boxy heavyweight machine equipped with a ramming spike. This robot also notably featured a urethane rubber frame, which may have been the inspiration for Spin Doctor's construction.


  • The drive chain for Spin Doctor's disc came loose in all five battles it fought in.
  • When entering with The Revolutionist in Season 2, Team LOGICOM stated a desire to take down 'the tank', referring to Panzer Mk 4, as an act of vengeance from the Season 1 Final. They would indeed fight Panzer Mk 4 with Spin Doctor, but did not address the grudge.

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