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Stefan Ashton Frank (referred to on screen as Stefan Frank) is an American voice actor and television actor who provided commentary for the two seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, Nickelodeon Robot Wars, and Robot Wars: Grand Champions.

Robot Wars[]

Stefan Frank first became associated with Robot Wars when he was enlisted to commentate all episodes of Robot Wars: Grand Champions, the US broadcast of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, hosted by Joanie Laurer. Stefan Frank was the primary speaker for these episodes, transitioning between most of the battles in each episode, all of which were commentated by Frank.

Around this time, Stefan Frank was also hired to commentate the video game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, replacing the lines recorded by Jonathan Pearce to suit an American audience.

Once TNN commissioned their first dedicated series of Robot Wars for an American audience, Stefan Frank became the commentator for both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. His role was much the same, commentating all matches while also reading out battleboards, robot statistics, and transitioning over to Mick Foley and the various pit reporters of each season. Stefan Frank also reprised his role in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, the only personality from Extreme Warriors to reprise his role for the Nickelodeon series while working with new presenters Dave Aizer and Vivianne Collins.

Stefan Frank's style of commentary was very enthusiastic, and Frank was not afraid to state his opinions of competing robots, often referring to less serious designs as "the comedy entrant", and provided frantic dialogue throughout most battles. This approach was somewhat calmed for Nickelodeon Robot Wars, which was targeted towards a younger audience, although Frank was still noticeably more intense than his co-hosts.


"Mortis is now on Iron-Awe; could be the battle of the axes, and we're not talking about air guitar..."
— Mortis vs Iron-Awe vs Mazakari, Series 4 (Grand Champions dub), Heat D, Round 1, commenting on Mortis' first attacks on Iron-Awe
"Nutley? Well, Scorpion looks more like a lower intestine to me…"
— Reactor 2 vs Sir Chromalot vs Scorpion, Series 4 (Grand Champions dub), Heat M, Round 1, commenting unfavourably on Scorpion’s design during its introduction
"Green House in the Corner Patrol Zone, Tut Tut with the axe in the top. Uh-oh, UH-OH! Tut Tut puts Green House in its own tomb, and makes his mummy proud!"
— The Green House vs Tut Tut, US Season 1, Robot Rebellion, Round 1, as Tut Tut axes and push The Green House into the pit
"Oh no, it's time for a bit of Southern fried mouse - extra crispy!"
— Tricerabot vs The Green Mouse, US Season 1, Robot Rebellion, Round 1, as Tricerabot rams an overturned Green Mouse onto the Flame Pit
"…and Sir Killalot looks bent on revenge! First victim: Silver Box, gettin’ chucked around like a piece of trash! Sir Killalot’s not having any of it. Tricerabot trying to do somethin’ to the back of Sir Killalot, but forget it! He’s not goin’ anywhere! Tricerabot, they’re all gonna try and move in now, for the sacrif- OH NO! Killalot goes up on his face! Tricerabot takes advantage of the little bit of weight distribution – they’re goin’ nuts up in the booth! Meanwhile, Silver Box takes a slam dunk! And Tricerabot’s trying his best to get Sir Killalot, but it ain’t gonna happen! Sir Killalot trying to back out of this one… and I tell you, is that amazing? Four on one, and they still couldn’t take him down!"
— Silver Box, Tut Tut, Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter vs Matilda & Shunt (& Sir Killalot), US Season 1, Robot Rebellion, Rebellion, as Sir Killalot attacks Silver Box, topples and is almost edged into the pit by the remaining competitors
"Drillzilla… circling around. Uh-oh… well, every party needs some clown to do the barbeque. "I’m melting! Nooooooooo!" Aw, come on, somebody come put the Clown out! It’s a family show!"
— Drillzilla vs Rippa Raptor vs Red Virus vs Conquering Clown, US Season 1, Annihilator, Round 3, as Conquering Clown’s head burns off after Drillzilla pushes it onto the Flame Pit
"Look at that, almost two full rotations off of there! Run Away definitely can be renamed to 'Fly Away' at this point!"
— General Chompsalot & Run Away vs Falcon & Joker, US Season 1, Tag Team Terror, Round 1, as Run Away is thrown by the Floor Flipper
"Well I tell ya, Tricerabot is doing everything. He’s crashin’, he’s bashin’, he’s just set the pit open. This boy’s on fire… literally!"
— Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter vs Falcon & Joker, US Season 1, Tag Team Terror, Playoff, as a smouldering Tricerabot activates the pit and proceeds to push Falcon in
"Well, those lawnmower rotor blades don't seem to be doing too much damage on Drillzilla. Drillzilla's got all the power and all the cookies!"
— Drillzilla & Tut Tut vs General Chompsalot & Run Away, US Season 1, Tag Team Terror, Final, as Run Away is pressured by Drillzilla
"First there was Tom and Jerry, then Itchy and Scratchy. Could this be another epic cat-and-mouse confrontation? We’ll see…"
— Pussycat vs 6 Million Dollar Mouse, US Season 1, War of Independence, Round 1, as the battle begins
"And there's the bridgework of General Chompsalot - maybe Mick can get a dentist number from them?"
— Joker vs General Chompsalot, US Season 1, War of Independence, Round 2, as General Chompsalot takes its starting position
"Aw, Chompsalot’s not looking too good. Looks like he's been demoted from General down to Buck Private! Used to be ‘buck teeth’, but no more teeth in this case."
— General Chompsalot vs Pussycat, US Season 1, War of Independence, Final, commenting on the damage inflicted to General Chompsalot as it tussles with Pussycat
"And there’s Coffin-Bot, looking like a coffee table."
— Tricerabot vs The Revolutionist vs Coffin-Bot vs Bot-Ugly vs Unibite vs Sobek, US Season 1, US Championship, Heat 2, briefly introducing Coffin-Bot
"It's a good thing it's a coffin already, because we're getting ready for a real burial."
— Tricerabot vs The Revolutionist vs Coffin-Bot vs Bot-Ugly vs Unibite vs Sobek, US Season 1, US Championship, Heat 2, as Coffin-Bot is attacked by Sergeant Bash
"Oh, it’s the Mad Cow! The Mad Cow’s a dead cow, and Shunt’s gonna have a little fun with him now!"
— Tiger Cat vs Close Enough vs Rippa Raptor vs Manta vs Rosie the Riveter vs Mad Cow, US Season 1, US Championship, Heat 3, as a recently-eliminated Mad Cow is pushed across the arena by Shunt
"Cyclone with that big wheel, looks like the wheel of misfortune now!"
— General Chompsalot vs Run Away vs Spartacus vs Cyclone vs Panzer Mk 2 vs Drillzilla, US Season 1, US Championship, Heat 4, noticing Cyclone’s immobility
"…and Chaos 2 knows it’s time for a bit of ‘flipaggio’… that’s Italian for ‘flipping’, I think. Chaos 2, the UK reigning champ, is about ready to put Mastiff down in the hole - OH! Who would have ever believed Chaos 2 dropped themsel[ves] in the hole? Mastiff, admittedly with a little Italian side-step, put Chaos 2 down in the pit!"
— Chaos 2 (UK) vs Manta (USA) vs Mastiff (ITA) vs Ansgar (GER), US Season 1, World Championship, Heat 1, as Chaos 2 accidentally pits itself while attacking Mastiff
"...and Firestorm 3 flips over NEAT Machine from Holland, and Drillzilla comes in for the clean-up! Look at that, Tag Team at its best!"
— Whirlpool 70 (SWE) vs Drillzilla (USA) vs NEAT Machine (NED) vs Firestorm 3 (UK), US Season 1, World Championship, Heat 2, as Firestorm 3 and Drillzilla jointly eliminate NEAT Machine
"Probophobia knows how to work it… as they put those skewers right into Snake Bite, for a little snake kebab!"
— Probophobia vs Snake Bite, US Season 2, Heat A, Round 2, as Probophobia simultaneously lifts and spears Snake Bite by the wheel well
"Brute's got the power of pushin', the grinders are goin'. Now Unibite had better come up with something real quick, or else they're gonna be bot butter!"
— Brute vs Unibite 2.0, US Season 2, Heat C, Round 2, as a dominant Brute pushes Unibite 2.0 around the arena
"Look at that, pulled the whole thing out of it, shafts and all, chain drive - it's over! They're not goin' to be mowin' any more lawns this week!"
— Propeller-Head vs The Revolutionist, US Season 2, Heat D, Final, shortly after The Revolutionist rips Propeller-Head’s spinning blade off
"Look at that! That's a solid steel wheel - Destructive Criticism's disk just went in there and mashed it up, like it's a piece of white bread! Unbelievable, and Run Away is not running anywhere today!"
— Destructive Criticism vs Lightning Tracks vs Run Away, US Season 2, Heat G, Round 1, as Destructive Criticism severely damages Run Away's right-rear wheel and axle
"They're both parallel parked right next to each other and nobody's moving! It's incredible! Talk about your 'one-hit wonders'...."
— Destructive Criticism vs General Chompsalot 2, US Season 2, Heat G, Final, as both competitors are left immobilised together
"Its not only a Tag Team, but it's a bad driving ceremony!"
— Trackzilla & Trilobyte vs Mad Cow Bot & Texas Tornado, US Season 2, Tag Team Terror, Round 1 as Trilobyte drives itself into the pit under no pressure
"Well, did the bot get your tongue?"
— General Chompsalot 2 vs Brawler, US Season 2, International Championship, Round 1, after Brawler rips General Chompsalot 2's decorative tongue out
"So Snookums got a little organ donation…and it didn’t do him any good whatsoever!"
— Snake Bite & Snookums vs Dead Metal & Shunt (& Sir Killalot), US Season 2, Robot Rebellion, Rebellion, as an immobile Snookums has an organ dropped on it by the Drop Zone
"Wow, there’s a strike!"
— Diskotek vs Rigby vs The Revolutionist, Nickelodeon, Episode 5, Mayhem, as Rigby axes Diskotek while both competitors have an assortment of balls dropped onto them
"And look at Vert-I-Go, completely dismantled! And Propeller-Head just wants a little bit more, taking off that plexiglass like its butter!"
— Propeller-Head vs Vert-I-Go vs The Revolutionist, Nickelodeon, Episode 5, Ultimate Mayhem, as Propeller-Head deals significant damage to Vert-I-Go

Outside Robot Wars[]

Outside Robot Wars, Stefan Frank has lent his voice to many computer games in recent years, such as Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Call of Duty 3 and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Frank also starred in the UK animated series BB3B, as well as short lived BBC Three comedy series The Message in 2006. He also worked on the children's animated show Thomas & Friends in 2010 singing the songs Misty Island Rescue and Sir Topham Hatt for the show. He also voiced Mr. Gaylord Robinson on the animated television series The Amazing World of Gumball.

Outside of voice acting, Stefan Frank is also a singer-songwriter. He has recorded, toured or wrote with artists such as Prince, Boy George and The Prodigy, as well as co-writing his own comedy album called Dogland.[1] More recently, Frank has voiced a variety of US commercials, ranging from promotions for South Park to advertisements for Jeep and Samsung.[2]

Appearances in television[]

  • Eliott from Earth (2021)
  • Manhunt: Kill or Capture (2015)
  • The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-2019)
  • Chuggington (2010-2015 - US dub only)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (2010)
  • No Signal (2009)
  • The Message (2006)
  • BB3B (2005)
  • Planet Cook (2004)
  • This Is Dom Joly (2003)
  • Nickelodeon Robot Wars (2002)
  • Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors (2001-2002)
  • Robot Wars: Grand Champions (2000)

Appearances in video games[]

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (2020)
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017)
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)
  • Star Ocean: Anamnesis (2016)
  • Transformers Universe (2014)
  • Sacred 3 (2014)
  • Company of Heroes 2 (2013)
  • Need for Speed: Rivals (2013)
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
  • The Club (2008)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)
  • Call of Duty 3 (2006)
  • 24: The Game (2006)
  • Battalion Wars (2005)
  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike (2005)
  • Sacred Underworld (2005)
  • The Sniper 2 (2004)
  • Sacred (2004)
  • Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (2003)
  • Prisoner of War (2002)
  • Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction (2002 - US release only)
  • Martian Gothic: Unification (2000)
  • Blade (2000)


  • Much like Jonathan Pearce from the UK series, Stefan Frank was the only personality present across all three American series of Robot Wars, excluding the Judges.
  • Despite being born in Ohio and growing up in California, Frank now resides in London.
  • Stefan Frank advertises himself as "The Voice Dude" on social media, where he showcases some of his work.[3][4]