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"Though it has a similar name, Steg 2 is a much more sophisticated robot than Steg-O-Saw-Us, its predecessor. Steg relied on pushing power and a tough shell. Strong Steg 2 has lightweight polycarbonate panels and a brand new rear flipper capable of shifting 100kg. How do they know? They flipped Steg-O-Saw-Us with it!"
Robot Wars Magazine summarising Steg 2[1]

Steg 2 (also spelt as Steg-2[2] or Steg 2-O-Saw-Us) was the Jurassic Park team's second entry in Robot Wars, competing exclusively in Series 4. It won its heat over Mortis and reached the Semi-Final stage, before losing to defending champion Chaos 2 in the first round.

The Jurassic Park team had also previously reached the Grand Final of Series 3 with Steg-O-Saw-Us, but despite this, Steg 2 was only seeded seventh for Series 4, with Julia Reed and Jonathan Pearce often incorrectly stating that Steg-O-Saw-Us had lost in the Semi Finals instead of the Grand Final. Steg 2 was directly succeeded by 3 Stegs 2 Heaven.


"Back again after reaching the semi-finals last time. It has a CO2 powered pneumatic flipper, an electric 750 watt motor and the shell is aerospace aluminium and polycarbonate."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Steg 2

Steg 2 from the front, without the decorative spines

Steg 2 was a long, reverse cut-off wedge-shaped robot running on a two-wheel drive system. It was constructed from an aerospace grade monocoque chassis and was armoured in 3mm aerospace aluminium and 4mm polycarbonate. Its weapon was a powerful pneumatic flipper which evolved from the lifting tail of its predecessor, Steg-O-Saw-Us. Using two 1000psi pneumatic rams powered by CO2 fire extinguishers, this was capable of flipping other robots with ease and also acted as the robot's self-righting mechanism, helped by a large polycarbonate panel on the top. According to the team's website, the flipper could lift 100kg[3], but it was also capable of flipping Matilda, who weighed 116kg.

While its weapon was powerful, Steg 2 had a tendency to launch itself into the air following its attacks, had a high ground clearance of 8mm at the front and suffered from the same CO2 supply issues that affected other pneumatic weapons. The latter two shortcomings were particularly instrumental towards the robot's Series 4 Semi-Final defeat against Chaos 2.

Steg 2 in the arena (side profile)

The robot's internals were taken from the robot's predecessor, Steg-O-Saw-Us, with two 750 Watt Bosch motors and 4 QD speed controllers, giving a top speed of 15mph[4]. The speed controllers were rewound by the team to give the robot 1.6 horse power per motor instead of the standard 1 horse power[5].The robots internals were housed in a box at the back of the robot, with a fan to prevent over-heating[6]. The drive wheels were taken from the original robot, with the front wheels being taken from roller blades. The internal frame had two 10mm aerospace aluminium plates running the length of the robots, which all the main components were fixed too.

In its Series 4 profile image, Steg 2 also sported red Stegosaurus-style spikes on the flipper in homage to its predecessor, while the flipper featured two spiked prongs which were also painted red. However, the top spikes were removed for two of its fights (Round 2 and the Heat Final, before being restored for the Semi-Finals) and the prongs had metal plates welded between after Round 1. The prongs had visibly became bent in the Round 1 battle, and the plates helped Steg 2 get under robots.


The Steg-2 logo, giving the full name Steg-2-O-Saw-Us

With the team's previous robot being named Steg-O-Saw-Us in reference to the Stegosaurus dinosaur, Steg 2 shortened this name as the robot's successor. On the team's website, the robot was referred to as Steg-2, and the 3 Stegs 2 Heaven website also consistently used this name[7], while the logo, seen on the website and the side of the robot read Steg-2-O-Saw-Us.

The Team[]

Main article: Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park team in Series 4

Steg 2 was entered by the Jurassic Park team, previous Robot Wars Grand Finalists with Steg-O-Saw-Us. The team was captained by Rob Heasman, joined by Dan King and Peter Rowe.

After Rob Heasman left the team, he took Steg 2 with him[8], and as a result, it did not return for any other series of Robot Wars. Because of this, 3 Stegs 2 Heaven was built for and competed in Series 5 and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. Team captain Rob Heasman was also part of the Oblark team, which represented the Fire Service in the Extreme 1 Armed Forces Special.

Robot History[]

Series 4[]

"We've got a totally new robot this year, bigger and better than last year. New, more powerful, lifting tail, running at about 1000psi. She's faster, she's bigger, she's better, and hopefully she's gonna go all the way!"
— Dan King introduces Steg 2

Despite Steg-O-Saw-Us reaching the Third Wars Grand Final, Steg 2 was only seeded seventh for the Fourth Wars, and faced newcomer Cronos and Pinball competitor Crusader 2 in its first round battle.

Crusader 2 topples Steg 2 into the clutches of Dead Metal

As the battle began, Steg 2 turned around to use its flipper as Cronos drove towards it, but Cronos span around, then drove away. Crusader 2 charged across the arena at Steg 2, getting beside the flipper and pushing it towards Dead Metal. Steg 2 tried to use the flipper, but because it did not have the flipper under Crusader 2, it missed causing the robot to jump up. This allowed Crusader 2 to get underneath and ram Steg 2 into the arms of Dead Metal. Crusader 2 flicked Steg 2 up on its front, leaving it resting upright as Dead Metal cut into the side.

"...the Steg 2 boys slammed against the arena wall, into the CPZ, and that means that Dead Metal, one of the House Robots, can come in!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Steg 2 flips Cronos over

Steg 2 managed to close the flipper and used it to flick itself off of the wall, and it quickly drove out of Dead Metal's clutches. Steg 2 drove at the side of Cronos as it closed its flipper, but Crusader 2 turned and drove at its front. Steg 2 tried to use the flipper, but fired prematurely before the flipper was underneath Crusader 2, causing it to miss. As Steg 2 jumped up, Crusader 2 drove past and Cronos got its wedge under Steg 2, but before it could use the crusher, Steg 2 drove away. In doing so, it drove to the edge of Dead Metal's CPZ, but got away from the CPZ before the House Robot could attack. Steg 2 drove after Cronos, which turned to use its crusher, but this allowed Steg 2 to get at its side, get the flipper underneath and flip Cronos, but it rolled over, back onto its wheels.

"Look at this power though by Steg 2! Cronos flipped, rolling, tumbling onto the arena floor! Great attack there by the Steg team! Cronos surviving though."
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 flips Cronos

Crusader 2 carries Steg 2 around

Steg 2's Stegosaurus spines were set on fire by the arena flamethrowers, and Crusader 2 charged at Steg 2, pushing it against the middle arena entry gate, and got underneath with its flipper. Crusader 2 got its flipper underneath one of Steg 2's wheels, lifting the robot up and pulled it away from the wall. Crusader 2 reversed into Cronos, but did not drop Steg 2 and kept reversing.

"Crusader on the attack on Steg 2, Steg 2 on fire it seems there! A worry for Steg! Certainly, the top of the robot is flickering with flame! ... Crusader 2 doing all the work here and very, very impressive!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Crusader 2 rams Steg 2 and pulls it back

Crusader 2 lifts Steg 2 and pushes it against the top arena wall. Note the burning decorative spines.

Crusader 2 then tried to push Steg 2 to Dead Metal, but Cronos drove in between it and Dead Metal. Crusader 2 pushed it and Steg 2, forcing Cronos into the arms of Dead Metal. Crusader 2 reversed, pulling Steg 2 with it. Steg 2 slipped off the flipper, but Crusader 2 pushed it into Cronos. Crusader 2 drove into Cronos' side, allowing Steg 2 to get free. Steg 2 turned to Cronos' other side, and pushed against it, but couldn't get an advantage, so drove away. Steg 2 drove into the top arena wall, just under a flamethrower, and despite appearing to stop, it drove away, whilst Crusader 2 pushed Cronos into Dead Metal's CPZ. Crusader 2 then went after Steg 2, and Steg 2 drove down to the bottom of the arena, close to Sgt. Bash's CPZ, but Crusader 2 kept close behind in pursuit. Crusader 2 got at the side of Steg 2 and tried to get its flipper underneath, and Steg 2 drove away, but drove into the arena wall inside Sgt. Bash's CPZ.

"...I think now that Cronos can be attacked by all the House Robots. May well be, so too Steg 2, driving in there! That's Bash!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 drives into the CPZ, whilst Cronos is attacked by Dead Metal

Steg 2 drives into the arena wall in Sgt. Bash's CPZ whilst trying to get away from Crusader 2

Meanwhile, Cronos was immobile, and Dead Metal pulled it out of the CPZ, onto a flame jet, before pushing it back into the CPZ. Steg 2 appeared to be stuck against the side wall, but this did not matter because Sir Killalot came over to the top CPZ, grabbed Cronos with his claw, took it to the pit and dropped it in. Meanwhile, Steg 2 got away from the wall, but Crusader 2 rammed it to the top of the arena, pinning it against the top arena wall.

"Crusader, a slam on Steg 2, something came off there, but it's Cronos! Time has run out on Cronos in the Heat!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Crusader 2 rams Steg 2 against the wall whilst Cronos is pitted

Cease was called, and Steg 2 and Crusader 2 proceeded through to Round 2.

There, Steg 2 fought another newcomer Iron-Awe.

Julia Reed: "The Hampshire team! Fantastic, my home county, Steg 2! You took quite a lot of beating from Crusader, didn't you, in the last battle, have you had to make many changes?"
Dan King: "Yes, we've had to have some plates welded on the back, a load of welding round the back, and at the front as well. And we're hoping it holds up for this round."
Julia Reed: "So it's not going to hold you back?"
Dan King: "We hope not, no!"
— Pre-battle interview

Steg 2 attempts to slide under Iron-Awe

Steg 2 began slowly, with both robots moving away slowly. Iron-Awe tried driving at Steg 2's side, but Steg 2 drove past before it could fire the axe. Steg 2 turned and drove down the arena a little, and waited for Iron-Awe to drive after it. Iron-Awe followed, and tried to use the axe, but Steg 2 got its flipper under Iron-Awe's front and flipped it over. Iron-Awe swiftly self-righted, and Steg 2 got its flipper at the front of Iron-Awe again and flipped, but this time only managed to flick it up, not flip it over, as the flipper was not properly under the front.

"Oh goodness me, that's power from Steg 2's CO2 powered flipper! Iron-Awe rights itself using the axe, they're jumping around there like firecrackers! Look at it, like Mexican beans out there!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 flips Iron-Awe over, only for Iron-Awe to self-right, and Steg 2 tried flipping it again

Steg 2 hops whilst flipping Iron-Awe

Steg 2 drove at the front of Iron-Awe and tried getting the flipper under the front, and Iron-Awe fired the axe, which hit Steg 2's top, but it merely bounced off. Steg 2 got its flipper under the front corner of Iron-Awe and flipped, but again only flicked it up because the flipper was not fully under its opponent. Iron-Awe turned around, and Steg 2 drove at it, trying to get its flipper under the side, but couldn't get the flipper underneath, causing it to miss when it fired the flipper. Steg 2 turned and reversed away, then drove forwards, past the front of Iron-Awe. Steg 2 drove around to Iron-Awe's side, with Iron-Awe missing an axe blow as it did so. Steg 2 drove at Iron-Awe's side and tried to get its flipper under the back, but couldn't, instead pushing Iron-Awe around on the spot. The pit opened, and Steg 2 turned, trying to get the flipper under the back of Iron-Awe, but only managed to get the edge under the back, so when it fired the flipper, it only lifted Iron-Awe a little. Steg 2 reversed and drove past Iron-Awe. Iron-Awe drove up to the top of the arena, but then stopped close to Dead Metal's CPZ, its batteries having died[9]. Steg 2 drove at Iron-Awe's side, getting the flipper underneath and flipping it over.

"Very tentative stuff, though. They may be leaping around a little bit, but... it's ponderous! Iron-Awe up onto its side! Steg 2, trying to justify its number 7 seeding in the competition."
— Jonathan Pearce as Iron-Awe stops moving, then Steg 2 flips it

Steg 2 flips Matilda over

However, Steg 2 then drove straight into the arms of Dead Metal. It quickly reversed, driving into Iron-Awe as it used its axe to self-right again. As Iron-Awe was not moving, the House Robots came in, with Dead Metal pulling it into the arena centre. As Shunt axed Iron-Awe, Steg 2 got under the side of Matilda and flipped her over.

"...and Matilda's toppled over! Steg 2 getting in underneath and showing us Matilda's underbelly! Do we really want to see it? I don't think so! ... Children, don't have nightmares of what you're going to see of Matilda's underbelly, please!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 flips Matilda over

Steg 2 drove into an arena wall as Dead Metal chased after it, and Dead Metal pinned it there and got his arms around it, but time ran out, with the battle going to a Judges' decision despite Iron-Awe's immobility. The decision went in favour of Steg 2, allowing it to progress to the Heat Final.

Craig Charles: "Well, Steg 2. Now I don't remember seeing anything that hard on "Walking with Dinosaurs"! I mean, it is a serious piece of kit, isn't it?"
Rob Haesman: "Yes, it certainly is!"
— In the post-battle interview

In the Heat Final, Steg 2 fought the twenty-third seed and seasoned veteran Mortis.

Julia Reed: "I'm happy to tell you guys that Mortis might not even make it into the arena! They're still banging around, trying to fix their axe! Now, are you keen to fight them?"
Dan King: "Not really!"
Julia Reed: "(Laughs) I didn't think so!"
Dan King: "Looking at the state of it {Steg 2}, we're not really keen on fighting anybody at the moment!"
Julia Reed: "Are you gonna hold up? Now, the bulletproof casing is not looking particularly robot-proof!"
Dan King: "Yeah, we didn't say it was robot-proof!"
— Pre-battle interview

Mortis pushes Steg 2 into the arena wall but its lifting arm jams open in the process

Mortis started by charging at Steg 2, which tried to turn and drive away, but was too slow, and Mortis drove straight into its side. Steg 2 drove past before it could attack, and as Mortis tried to drive at its side, Steg 2 drove up the arena. Mortis turned and bumped into its side, but Steg 2 drove past it again. Mortis drove after it again, but Steg 2 reversed again. Mortis turned and drove at Steg 2, and Steg 2 tried to drive past, but drove into the arena wall. Mortis drove into the side of Steg 2 as it turned away from the wall, but failed to use its axe or lifter, and Steg 2 reversed away.

"Mortis, immediately on the attack, have they got any weapons though? Steg 2, what is the durability of that "bulletproof" casing? Dear oh dear!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the opening stages of the battle

Mortis uses its axe to attack the rear of Steg 2

Steg 2 turned and drove across the arena as Mortis charged after it, and as Mortis caught up, Steg 2 tried to get its flipper under Mortis, but Mortis drove at the side of the flipper. Mortis pushed Steg 2, but Steg 2 turned, and Mortis nearly drove into the arena wall. Steg 2 reversed down the arena and turned around, then started driving towards Mortis, but Mortis reversed. Mortis then drove at Steg 2 again, but drove at the side of Steg 2's flipper so it could not flip. Mortis started pushing, and Steg 2 fired the flipper, but it wasn't underneath Mortis, causing Steg 2 to hop upwards. Mortis rammed Steg 2 into the arena wall, getting underneath, but Steg 2 slipped off as it tried to use the lifter. Mortis reversed, letting Steg 2 go, and it turned away from the wall, in front of Sir Killalot's CPZ. Mortis' lifting arm became stuck in the fully raised position. Mortis drove at Steg 2, but Steg 2 turned, and Mortis nearly drove into Sir Killalot, so it had to quickly turn away. Mortis got at Steg 2's side and pushed it onto a flame jet. Steg 2 turned and drove off the flame jet, driving to the arena centre. Both robots turned and cautiously approached each other, each trying to get in a good position to use their weapons. Steg 2 was turning very slowly.

"Mortis has no weapons, it seems. Steg 2 has very little manoeuvrability. They have limped their way into the Heat Final!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Steg 2 flips Mortis

Mortis turned so it could get at Steg 2's side and fired the axe a few times, but despite hitting the flipper, it failed to do any significant damage. Mortis turned and tried again, this time getting the axe hooked in the gap near the top of Steg 2's flipper. Steg 2 tried driving away, but the axe was holding it still, so Steg 2 fired the flipper a little, allowing it to get free of the flipper and reversed away. Mortis pulled the axe back and fired again, but the axe became stuck in the down position. Steg 2 drove at the front of Mortis, getting under the front and flipping it over.

"Steg 2, there goes the big flipper! Hoist aloft there, you Mortis boys! Hoisted by their own petard perhaps!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 flips Mortis

Steg 2 pits Mortis

Mortis tried to use its lifter to self-right, but with its axe sticking up, the lifter was unable to get purchase on the ground, and Mortis fell on its side, its axe holding off the ground. Steg 2 pushed Mortis so that its lifter was fully open, holding Mortis off the floor, so it couldn't right itself. Steg 2 then pushed Mortis to the pit, which was then opened, allowing Steg 2 to push it into the pit.

"Well. Another shock. What a turn up for the books. Mortis go out. Steg 2 go through!"
Craig Charles announces the results of the Heat Final

This meant that Steg 2, like its predecessor, was through to the Semi-Finals.

Craig Charles: "Well, I didn't think its axe was going to do much damage to you, 'cause you've been hit by bigger axes than that, haven't you?"
Rob Haesman: "Yeah, we certainly have!"
Craig Charles: "What did you think when you were coming up against another seed, and they are a good robot. Were you nervous, did you think it was going to be curtains, or were you confident?"
Rob Haesman: "Uh, it was just "suck it and see", see how it went!"
Craig Charles: "I mean, did you expect to get this far though? It's not bad, you're in the series Semi-Finals now lads!"
Dan King: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, to start with, from our first fight, I didn't think we were gonna get very far, 'cause we sustained so much damage that things were just going pants, really. But you know, it's crept back and the belt-and-braces engineering has held out!"
— Post-battle interview

In the first round of its Semi-Final, Steg 2 faced a tough draw against reigning champion Chaos 2. Before the battle, Rob Haesman revealed that the polycarbonate top had to be replaced after damage received in the Heat, and the tail also had to be repaired after damage from Mortis.

Julia Reed: "Do you perchance pump liquid CO2 into your cylinders?"
Dan King: "We do!"
Julia Reed: "You do? That's fantastic news, because that is the strength of Chaos 2, really, and you've got it! But you are a bigger robot, which means you're probably less robust."
Dan King: "Slightly. No, no, it's the way it's built. It's built with space-age technology! So it is robust! I'm sure it's just as robust!"
Julia Reed: "Oh all right! 'Cause their key tactic is usually just to get people right out of the way, isn't it? Flip them right out of the arena."
Dan King: "Yeah. Happens to be the same tactic as ours!"
Julia Reed: "Ah, but have you ever achieved it?"
Dan King: "Not yet, but you know, there's a first time for everything!"
— Pre-battle interview

Steg 2 is flipped by Chaos 2

Steg 2 started by driving towards Chaos 2, but as Chaos 2 turned to face it, Steg 2 stopped and reversed away, turning around to use its flipper. Chaos 2 drove down the arena towards it, and held back, as Steg 2 reversed a little more and turned. Chaos 2 charged at Steg 2, but drove past the front flipper and turned before Steg 2 could get underneath and fire the flipper, so Steg 2 missed with the flipper. Chaos 2 got under Steg 2's side, and flipped it over.

"...Chaos 2 gets immediately in underneath Steg 2! Only an 8 millimetre ground clearance to attack, and Chaos 2 found that gap!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Chaos 2 flips Steg 2 over

Steg 2 throws Chaos 2 over

Chaos 2 rammed into Steg 2 whilst it was overturned, but it swiftly self-righted, causing Chaos 2 to miss with its flipper. Chaos 2 turned around and charged at Steg 2, but Steg 2 turned as Chaos 2 tried getting under the side, so Chaos 2 managed to lift it up a little, but not flip it over. Steg 2 drove to the bottom of the arena and turned, and Chaos 2 drove so it was facing Steg 2's front. Steg 2 drove at the side of Chaos 2's flipper, but failed to get the flipper underneath, so the flipper missed when it was fired. Whilst Steg 2 tried to lower its flipper, Chaos 2 turned around and got the flipper under Steg 2's front, but only got the edge of the flipper underneath, so when it fired, it only managed to lift it up a little. The two robots drove to the arena centre, where Steg 2 got its flipper under one of Chaos 2's wheel, but Chaos 2 fired its flipper and Steg 2 turned, missing the opportunity to flip Chaos 2. Chaos 2 turned and drove at the front of Steg 2, but as it did so, Steg 2 got its flipper under the front corner of Chaos 2 and flipped it over.

"There he (George Francis) is at the controls. An amateur physicist - loves his astronomy, loves his photography, and takes a snapshot of Chaos 2 in trouble!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Chaos 2 almost throws Steg 2 out of the arena

Chaos 2 throws Steg 2 into Shunt

Steg 2 drove up the arena past Chaos 2, and Chaos 2 swiftly self-righted. Chaos 2 soon caught up with Steg 2, getting under the side and flipping it over. Chaos 2 drove at Steg 2 with its flipper raised, getting the flipper over Steg 2 to prevent it from self-righting, but Chaos 2 reversed so it could lower its flipper. It then drove at Steg 2's front, flipping it up against the middle arena entry gate. but could not get it up on top of the fence, so it reversed, allowing Steg 2 to drop back to the floor.

"Great battle this! Flip and a flop, a hop, skip and a jump battle, in the series Semi-Finals!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Chaos 2 flips Steg 2 against the arena entry gate

Chaos 2 employs tactics and Steg 2's flat sides to its advantage

Steg 2 drove in front of Shunt's CPZ, and Chaos 2 charged at the side and rammed it into the House Robot, flipping it onto its side against Shunt's scoop, but Shunt pushed it out of the CPZ, pushing it back onto its wheels. Shunt axed the top of Steg 2, but failed to puncture, and lifted it up with his scoop, before lowering it, and after giving it a little push, reversed, allowing Steg 2 to reverse away. Chaos 2 drove around to Steg 2's side and flipped it over again, this time pushing it so it was resting on its side. Steg 2 did not fall on to its top, and it fired the flipper, but due to a lack of CO2, it jammed open, leaving it unable to self-right.

"Steg 2 on its side now! And that's the vulnerability of a srimech! If you're topsy-turvy, you can use it, but once you're on your side, can the Steg 2 team; Rob Haesman, Dan King and Peter Rowe, right Steg 2? I don't think so! I think it's all over for Steg 2 after a very good opening few moments of this battle!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Steg 2 fails to self-right

Sgt. Bash pushed it so it was fully on the flipper, and Steg 2 was thrown, rolling over and landing on its back again. Steg 2 fired the flipper, but it did not have enough power to right the robot.

"Well, Steg 2 is definitely now extinct, Chaos 2 goes through!"
— Craig Charles announces Steg 2's elimination

Cease was called, and Steg 2 was eliminated from the Fourth Wars.

Craig Charles: "Your heart must have sank when you saw you were drawn up against them!"
Peter Rowe: "Yeah, it did."
Craig Charles: "You made great improvements on your robot since last year though, you put a flipper on it and stuff like that. And you had him on his back! But his self-righter works, so does your though, didn't it?"
Peter Rowe: "Yes it did, yeah."
Craig Charles: "Have you enjoyed it?"
Peter Rowe: "Yeah, a lot, yeah!"
— Post-battle interview


Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
7th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat D, Round 1 vs. Cronos, Crusader 2 Qualified
Heat D, Round 2 vs. Iron-Awe Won
Heat D, Final vs. Mortis (23) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Chaos 2 (1) Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

Main Series Steg 2 Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Entered with Steg-O-Saw-Us
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Entered with 3 Stegs 2 Heaven
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with Steg 3
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with 3 Stegs 2 Heaven
Entered with Oblark (Rob Heasman)
Series 2 Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Steg 2 battling Chaos 2 at a live event in Devon

Around the time of Series 4, Steg 2 fought at a live event that took place in Devon organised by Roger Plant. There it fought Chaos 2 in a rematch as well as various other competitors.

Steg 2 was retired after its sole competition appearance in Series 4 and Jurassic Park would salvage its components for use in its successor, 3 Stegs 2 Heaven.[10]


  • Steg 2 was sponsored by GHL Engineering, who helped with the robot's construction, Metal Supermarket, who provided and cut the alumimium sheet used for the robot, Brook Home Computers, who supplied the tea with turbo-cad software, Lauryan Fire Group, who supplied the CO2 fire extinguishers, and Solent Bearings, who supplied the robots bearings and o rings.
    • Various other friends and family members of the team also provided materials for the robot, including the hydraulic pipes and some aluminium sheet[11].
  • Steg 2 could go at full speed in reverse. This was achieved by the team removing a resistor from the speed controllers using a hacksaw. The team chose to do this due to their original robot only being able to go at half speed in reverse[12].
  • After Round 2, Rob Haesman revealed that the team had paid around £100 for an 8x4 foot sheet of polycarbonate to use for the robot's armour.
  • Of all of the Series 4 Semi-Finalists, only Firestorm and Steg 2 have never fought in an Annihilator or Extreme 1 Mayhem battle.
  • Steg 2 was the lowest-ranked seed to come from a team that reached a Grand Final in the previous series, being seeded seventh in the Fourth Wars.
  • When comparing Steg 2 to its predecessor, Steg-O-Saw-Us, Julia Reed and Jonathan Pearce regularly misquoted it as a Semi-Finalist despite it actually being a Grand Finalist. However, this was amended when 3 Stegs 2 Heaven fought in Series 5 and Extreme 1.
  • Steg 2's logo on the side of the robot was created using Microsoft WordArt.
  • In 3 Stegs To Heaven's profile in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide, the Jurassic Park team listed Steg 2's victory in the Heats of Series 4 as their best moment, although being drawn against Chaos 2 in the Semi-Finals was listed as the team's worst moment.
"The Fourth Wars went tremendously well for Steg 2. They were seeded seventh and really lived up to their reputation, brutally knocking out Cronos, Iron Awe and Mortis on the way to the Semi-Finals."
— Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide

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