"The manic mace armed competitor robot Stinger comes with a unique ripcord mechanism and ramp accessory."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

As part of the third wave of pullback toys, a scaled-down replica of Stinger was released as Robot Wars merchandise, powered by a Ripcord system.



The Stinger toy (without its launcher)

The toy of Stinger was unlike any of the other pullbacks. It wasn't a true pullback, instead it was powered by a ripcord system, in which the ripcord was threaded through one of the wheels. It came with a launcher as well so that it could be held in place while the ripcord was pulled, and released when the wheels were spinning fast enough. Stinger could be configured so that only one of its wheels spun when the ripcord was pulled, allowing it to spin madly like the real-life Stinger would do. The toy is based on the Series 5 version of the robot, the tip of the mace is yellow on one side and red on the other.

Like its real life counterpart, Stinger was a thwackbot, armed with its trademark mace. It is also one of the heaviest Robot Wars toys at nearly 140g.



The ramp that came with Stinger


Stinger with the ramp and ripcord

Stinger could be bought on its own or in a two robot box set with the Refbot pullback. It came with a stunt ramp which pullbacks could go up. The set also included a number of 5 point barrels and 5 point cones, as well as a stunt board, or it could be bought with the Razer pullback, but did not come with the stunt board. When it drives up the stunt board, its spear can thrash around.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • The wheel on the left side of the robot has two square holes for letting the ripcord pass through. These holes aren't present on the real robot.
  • Similarly, on the right wheel, an adjustable peg, which decides whether one wheel or two wheels drive on the toy, is not present on the real life counterpart.
  • The toy is much bigger in scale to other pullbacks than to its real life counterpart.



  • It is possible to balance Stinger on its side with precise positioning of the mace.


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