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Stinger is a British heavyweight robot, it competed from the third series of Robot Wars until the sixth, finishing as third place overall in Series 4, and it still fights today. Stinger was the most successful torque reaction robot throughout Robot Wars, utilising a large mace that would swing over the robot and attack opponents. It makes an appearance in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, having previously appeared in Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction. It is the joint lightest in the game along with Chaos 2 at just 83 kg. Stinger is like My First Bot in the sense that the player can not fight it unless the player is one of two players playing the game in two player mode. It is also one of the five playable competitor robots available at the start of the game.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Because of its relatively simple design, the in-game model Stinger is easily recognisable as its real-life counterpart. However, it is extremely undetailed, even in comparison to the other models, certainly more so than its previous appearance. In addition, Stinger is also much smaller than its real-life counterpart.

Stinger's weapon is its overhead mace, as it had from Series 4 onwards and also Advanced Destruction. Unlike Advanced Destruction, the mace would automatically swing back and forth as Stinger stopped moving, as well as through pressing a button. Pressing another button would also deploy Stinger's characteristic sit-and-spin manoeuvre.

However, the game's programming does not allow for Stinger's unconventional type of weapon. Consequentially, it has virtually no offensive or defensive prowess and is never piloted by the AI in any tournament.


Using StingerEdit

Stinger has little pushing power and very low damage potential. Overhead attacks are often inaccurate and cause little damage. Spinning in place is one of Stinger's only viable tactics; to bait the opponent near the pit and use the spin manoeuvre to force it in.

Against StingerEdit

Stinger is relatively easy to defeat. The player can charge straight in and attack relentlessly, as Stinger's defence is very limited. Most weapons are damaging enough to face Stinger head-on and win.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Stinger is smaller in the game; in real life its wheels are taller than Thermidor 2, whereas the in-game model is shorter.
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