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"Now for some motor racing where pit-stops are banned, but ramming is actively encouraged. It's a sport that could've been designed specifically for Michael Schumacher."
Jeremy Clarkson

Stock Car was one of the Trial events that featured exclusively during Series 1 of Robot Wars, appearing in Heat D. A test of speed and manoeuvrability, the five surviving robots were lined up on the starting grid in order of their performances in The Gauntlet and had to complete three laps of a figure-of-eight course as quickly as possible. The race ended once the first robot completed three laps, and the robot which covered the least distance at that point would be eliminated from the competition.

This Trial featured Sergeant Bash and Shunt on raised plinths in the arena, with Shunt's axe mechanism being modified to hold a chequered flag, which was lowered once the winning robot crossed the finish line.