Stock Robots were robots provided by the Robot Wars crew in order to make up the numbers in a given event. Only five were ever seen in the history of the show. Three of them (Grunt, WYSIWYG and The Mouse) were required to compete in the first series to add to the 33 genuine competitors. They had the restriction of being unable to reach the arena stage of the heats, hence the trio being eliminated in their Trials having cleared The Gauntlet without much trouble. The three Stock Robots from the first UK series were robots from international robotic combat competitions that took place before their televised appearances.

The Stock Robots are generally frowned upon by fans of the first series, as although they were included to make up numbers, they would eliminate an actual competitor before mysteriously "Breaking down", or committing suicide, in the trials.

Two other stock robots were seen. In the Inferno Insurrection of Series 2, Ramrombit, a sacrificial robot driven by George Francis, was used in the show battle involving Nemesis and Sergeant Bash. In Extreme 2, a member of the Robot Wars crew built a robot for the Commonwealth Carnage episode. The team members were competition winners from Australia, and it was given a stereotypical Australian name, Bondi Titch.

List of Stock Robots

Robot Name Series Show Image Notes
Bondi Titch Extreme Series 2 Commonwealth Carnage Bondi-Titch Built specifically to represent Australia, to be driven as a prize for a contest. It was the only Stock Robot to appear outside the first two series and the only one with an actual weapon.
Grunt Series 1 Heat A Grunt Built by judge Eric Dickinson to compete in the 1995 UK Open Competition and driven by his son Matthew. Drove off the sumo ring deliberately in under five seconds, much to the displeasure of the Barry team, who had been eliminated in the Gauntlet and felt their machine would have done far better in the Trial.
Ramrombit Series 2 Inferno Insurrection Ramrombit A humanoid machine, specifically designed for the Inferno Insurrection by the Robot Wars crew. Controlled by George Francis of Team Chaos as a favour. Ramrombit was little more than a sacrificial robot, and was never seen after this.
The Mouse Series 1 Heat F Eubank the Mouse Also competed in the 1995 UK Open Competition. Its alleged breakdown in Heat F allowed T.R.A.C.I.E. through to the arena stage, and eventually the Grand Final. Steve Dove, the driver, later joined the teams for Challenger and G.B.H. 2.
WYSIWYG Series 1 Heat C WYSIWYG Originally competed in Robot Wars '96. The driver for Series 1, Michelle Wheely joined the Cruella team in Series 2. The original Cruella was in the same heat as this Stock Robot.
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