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Storm Vortex was a featherweight robot built by Team Storm, which qualified for the Featherweight Championship of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. However, it withdrew, and did not take part in the competition.

Team Storm would finish runner-up in the main competition of Series 7 with Storm 2, which later won The Third World Championship.


Rear view of Storm Vortex

Built in March 2003, Storm Vortex was armoured in 10mm 2014 aluminium, armed with a 3kg EN36 steel disk, spinning at 4500rpm, powered by a S28-150 Magmotor. The robot was similar in shape and weaponry to Argh!, which was the reigning featherweight champion at the time.

The design concept of Storm Vortex was to dedicate as much of the given weight possible to the weapon and its motors, making the rest of the robot as light as possible. Indeed, should Storm Vortex have competed in Robot Wars, it likely would have been the most damaging weapon in the history of the featherweight division.

The internals of Storm Vortex

"Storm Vortex was built by Team Storm as a proof of concept to show what we believed could be done in the Featherweight class. Little did we know just how effective that 'idea' would be. Conceived in CAD and then turned into reality when Storm Vortex was first produced it was most powerful featherweight spinner ever built and once it got hold of you, it never let go..."
— Team Storm website[1]

Robot History[]

Series 7[]

Storm Vortex withdrew from the Featherweight Championship, the officially stated reason being 'technical difficulties'. In actual fact, Storm Vortex was withdrawn from the competition, as Team Storm were well aware that the producers intended to destroy most of the featherweight competitors by attacking them with the House Robots, to create more entertainment for the audience. Indeed, in the televised battles, robots including Micro Mute and Mini-Maul were totally destroyed by the House Robots, while other robots such as Rip were attacked even in spite of winning the battle, or would sacrifice their chances of winning to avoid the House Robots. Storm Vortex is one of two known withdrawals from Series 7's Featherweight Championship, the other being RC2.

"We pulled Storm Vortex out of this following a tip-off from the House Roboteers that as Mentorn were worried the footage might not be great, the HR's were under instruction to go for it. Suffice to say a sudden 'technical problem' caused us to withdraw... remember Micro Mute, which was beautifully built being virtually destroyed by Matilda, so we felt vindicated for our choice"
— Ed Hoppitt on Storm Vortex's withdrawal[1]

Series Record[]

Main Series Storm Vortex Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Withdrew
Heavyweight Championship with Storm 2
Series 8 Entered with Storm 2
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Storm 2

Outside Robot Wars[]

Storm Vortex fought at live events for a period after Series 7. An example of its fights can be seen here, where it defeats Rip. Around the time of spinning weapons becoming banned at heavyweight events, Storm Vortex was retired from combat. Storm Vortex is still in one piece, and could have viably competed at dedicated featherweight events in the UK where spinners were legal, but has not made an appearance in a combat event since then.

Storm Vortex at RoboNerd 2021.

Storm Vortex would later make an appearance at Robonerd 2021 alongside both versions of Storm 2 and Photon Storm, marking its first public appearance in a long while. It was also fitted with a different flywheel to the one it originally had when it was intending to compete in Series 7.


  • Storm Vortex was the only featherweight on Robot Wars to use Bosch 35W motors, something which a standard component for many modern featherweight robots.


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