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"They look sturdy, punishing and menacing."
Jonathan Pearce's opinion of the third iteration of Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies was a heavyweight robot that entered in Series 3, 4 and 5 of Robot Wars, along with the first series of Robot Wars Extreme.

Known primarily for its tracked design, Suicidal Tendencies enjoyed a reasonable amount of success. The first version of Suicidal Tendencies reached the Heat Final of Series 3 and lost to Mace 2. The second version also reached the heat final of Series 4, losing controversially to Wheely Big Cheese. The third version placed runner-up in the Tag Team Terror competition in Extreme Series 1, and won its final battle in Series 5 before being forced to withdraw. As such, Suicidal Tendencies was one of the only robots to end its Robot Wars career with a victory.

Versions of Suicidal Tendencies[]

Suicidal Tendencies (Series 3)[]

"Constructed over eight weeks using model train motors, Suicidal Tendencies also runs on tracks, the team say they’re a work of art! The weaponry: a set of milling cutters at the front."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces the original Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies in the arena in Series 3

Suicidal Tendencies around the time of Series 3

Suicidal Tendencies was a low, tracked robot capable of running inverted. It was constructed over eight weeks with a spring steel top and using model train motors. It was armed with a milling cutter revolving at 1500rpm and the 120 individually-made links that make up the treads took three and a half weeks to build. It was highly appropriate that the robot had tank tracks as designer Andrew Jeffrey used to collect tanks and other such armoured vehicles in his garden. It was able to reach the Heat Final, ultimately losing on a Judges' decision to Mace 2.

"The treads alone on this took three and a half weeks. They’ve been going at it hammer and tong for months and months and months now, so we’re hoping to see great things from them!"
— Philippa Forrester at the start of Heat A Series 3

Suicidal Tendencies (Series 4)[]

The Series 4 Suicidal Tendencies from above

Series 4 appearance

This version of Suicidal Tendencies (referred to on the team website as Suicidal Tendencies mk2[1]) featured polycarbonate armour, a steam engine whistle that sounded when attacking (much like Roadblock's two-tone police siren in Series 2), and new pneumatic-powered weaponry in the form of a rapid-fire pickaxe and a pair of titanium lifting spikes. This incarnation of the robot did well, reaching the Heat Final, coming fourth in the Northern Annihilator, and participating in two series of BattleBots, where it won the Best Newcomer Award.

"The new, improved Suicidal Tendencies. We've got a little "toothpick" here to obviously punch some holes in robots. Some nice titanium lifters here to lift them or flip them and put them in the flame pit. Same tracks again, very fast, fastest tracked robot around. Lots of pneumatics, gas tanks, batteries, powerful electric motors. Hopefully we're going to do very well"
— Charles Binns describes Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies (Series 5, Extreme 1)[]

"One hundred kilos in weight, ten miles an hour top speed and a Razer-esque beak that can crush at twenty-six tonnes of pressure psi - I find that hard to believe, to be honest!"
— Jonathan Pearce in Extreme 1

Official photo of Suicidal Tendencies for Series 5

Suicidal Tendencies in the arena

In Extreme 1 and Series 5, it returned with a powerful crushing arm and front scoop. Described as "Sturdy, punishing and menacing" by Jonathan Pearce, it was armoured in titanium, could reach speeds of up to 10 mph, and according to the team, the claw could exert 26 tonnes of pressure. Despite having to retire due to mechanical problems after defeating Rick in Round 1 of Series 5, it did well in the Extreme 1 Tag Team Terror, where it teamed up with The Steel Avenger and finished as runner-up.

For Series 6, the team worked on a new version of Suicidal Tendencies which had an improved crusher. However, this version was not completed, because the team ultimately lost interest. Suicidal Tendencies was retired afterwards. [2]

"Our motor and gear operated crusher had a few problems so we went for (sic)hydraulics...However it (sic) never made it into a robot as we lost interest."
— Andrew Jeffrey on YouTube

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

"We ended up being at the studios in London for nearly 2 weeks.... All for three battles ( It was worth it ! ) We spent a lot of time though talking with many teams and learnt a lot. We also spent a lot of time in the Bar......"
— Charles Binns describes the team's experience of Series 3 on the Suicidal Tendencies website[3]

Suicidal Tendencies' first battle was against Forklift's Revenge, in the opening heat of the Third Wars.

Suicidal Tendencies pushes Forklift's Revenge, who is clinging to the floor tape

The two robots collided and both tried to push the other, to no avail. Forklift's Revenge's belts started spinning, but the flat, tracked Suicidal Tendencies was resistant to being caught by those weapons. Both robots turned away, but Suicidal Tendencies had a small turning circle, and launched an attack on the still spinning Forklift's Revenge, driving up the wedge and down again. Both robots spun away, but again the faster Suicidal Tendencies was able to position itself easier, running into the rear of Forklift's Revenge and jamming the chain belt.

"Suicidal Tendencies, makes one attack and then thinks twice about committing suicide, and turning away."
— Jonathan Pearce

Suicidal Tendencies drives Forklift's Revenge into the arena wall

The robots pulled away, ramming together, and the wedges of Forklift's Revenge scraped one of the pieces of tape that marked the floor flipper away. Suicidal Tendencies attacked Forklift's Revenge's exposed side, pushing it up against a nearby flame pit. Forklift's Revenge escaped and moved back into the centre of the arena, but Suicidal Tendencies attacked again and pushed it into Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot dug his lance into the right chain of Forklift's Revenge, lifting it above his head. Spinning his lance, Forklift's Revenge flailed in mid-air and came to rest against Sir Killalot's shoulder. Sir Killalot then moved into the centre of the arena and spun around with Forklift's Revenge, before moving to the pit. Placing Forklift's Revenge in, Sir Killalot lowered his lance and pried his lance out from the chain, leaving Forklift's Revenge to fall into the pit.

"Well, phenomenal driving skills from Suicidal Tendencies - suddenly, he seems to want to live, and he's through to the next round."
— Craig Charles

In the second round, Suicidal Tendencies fought fellow newcomer Raizer Blade.

"I think we'll give this one to Matilda!"
— Charles Binns on his plan for disposing of Raizer Blade

Suicidal Tendencies rides up on Raizer Blade

Suicidal Tendencies pushes Raizer Blade

Raizer Blade had a quick start and pushed Suicidal Tendencies around. Suicidal Tendencies drove up on Raizer Blade's side, then slammed into it and shoved it a few centimetres, before, suddenly, one of Suicidal Tendencies' tracks locked up.

"One of the tracks has gone! As it went in on the attack, causing minor damage, it would seem, you can just see the track grinding to a halt! Not fully immobilised, the left track is still grinding slowly away, but certainly its manoeuvrability has been seriously impaired here. And very much Raizer Blade, on top and in control... ...I don't think Suicidal Tendencies can stay away from that pit for long because of the problem with its track. It's only a matter of time, I would have thought!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Raizer Blade drives its front into the Pit

Raizer Blade pushed them towards the pit and tried to push it in. However, Raizer Blade accidentally drove itself onto the edge. Suicidal Tendencies managed to escape, before Sir Killalot, trying to nudge Raizer Blade in, brought it back to life. With Raizer Blade suddenly pitted and Suicidal Tendencies back in the arena, the Judges were required to clarify the outcome, and they determined that Suicidal Tendencies would progress.

"We drove well though and didn't give them chance to use there powerful lifter. We managed to take out their chainsaw with our front rotary weapon. and nearly managed to get under them with it also. Until a gearbox seized and we were down to only one track working properly ! we limped over to the pit in the hope they would drive themselves into it..... we dodge and weaved for the next minute only to find Raizer blade didn't have the power to carefully push into the pit which we deserved. So with a long run up Raizer blade charged at us one last time, we managed to limp to one side and Raizer blade fell in ! We won (we were very Lucky)"
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[4]

In the Heat Final, Suicidal Tendencies fought Mace 2, which had been a Semi-Finalist in the previous series.

Suicidal Tendencies is turned over by Mace 2

Suicidal Tendencies climbs over Mace 2

Suicidal Tendencies drove around Mace 2 and then Mace 2 flipped it over. Suicidal Tendencies tried to use its milling cutters, but they had no effect whatsoever and could only piggy back up on Mace 2. Mace 2 pushed Suicidal Tendencies into Sergeant Bash, Shunt, Matilda and Sir Killalot, but escaped every time. It then piggy-backed up on Mace 2 again and were pushed into the CPZ where Shunt buried its axe into Suicidal Tendencies. Eventually, the fight went to the judges, who voted in favour of Mace 2.

Suicidal Tendencies is driven back into Sir Killalot by Mace 2

Suicidal Tendencies' armour is pierced by Shunt

"Our weapon had no effect to this well built machine....then Mace managed to get the flipper underneath us and wham....over we went taking the aerial clean off.... It was all over after about 1 minute,think the remainder of the 4 minutes were spent being flipped and flipped again.. we were well and truly beat ... the robot was un drivable for the last 4 minutes due to no signal from the TX getting through ... We were ashamed to be beaten by a flipper, we would much rather loose {sic} by being taken apart ! but vowed we will never loose to one in combat ever again. Very disappointed we packed up and went home , and schemed our revenge, until next time."
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[5]

Series 4[]

Suicidal Tendencies was given the last minute seeding after Blade's Big Bruva dropped out. In its first round melee, it faced Series 2 Grand Finalist Killertron and newcomer Maverick.

"We were told that we had been placed in the competitor booth on our own, with Killertron and Maverick in the booth together. We feared they might have collaborated together to set upon us (I would have done the same thing given the chance) so we needed to stamp our authority on the battle straight away. We decided to go straight for the High powered flipper first.. it seemed to be the most dangerous and apparently Knocked out some good robots to get into Robot Wars. It was fast and has equally the same power as Chaos2. We thought if we could take him out straight away we had a good chance of finishing Killertron off without having to worry about the flipper catching us un aware. (plus we wanted revenge against flippers)"
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[6]

Suicidal Tendencies gets underneath Killertron

Maverick drove straight into Killertron, narrowly missing an axe blow, before Suicidal Tendencies pushed Killertron and axed it. Maverick then drove at Killertron and forced it back, until Suicidal Tendencies 2 took over and flicked away at Killertron with its axe.

"Little flick again of the toothpick. Comes out at a blur of speed, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce describes Suicidal Tendencies's axe

Suicidal Tendencies flips Maverick

Suicidal Tendencies then attacked Maverick and carried it towards Matilda. Matilda brought her chainsaw into play, but caused little trouble for Maverick. Killertron swung its axe into Suicidal Tendencies, who continued to attack Maverick and carried it around again. Killertron axed Maverick, before being lifted by Suicidal Tendencies's forks. All three robots were locked together, with Refbot coming in to break it up. Killertron flailed away with its axe as Suicidal Tendencies got underneath Maverick once more and eventually toppled it over. The House Robots came in to attack Maverick, and cease was called.

Suicidal Tendencies had an easy win in Round 2 against Series 2 returnee Wheelosaurus.

"We're not counting our chickens just yet... He's got this quite powerful strimmer blade, it's powered by a petrol engine, and it could take our tracks off"
— Charles Binns on fighting Wheelosaurus

Suicidal Tendencies pushes Wheelosaurus onto the flame pit

Suicidal Tendencies rammed Wheelosaurus immediately, and Wheelosaurus looked to have stopped moving. They attacked them with the axe, breaking one of the spikes and puncturing their armour, which caused them to spill petrol around the arena. Finally, Suicidal Tendencies pushed Peter Gibson's machine onto the flame pit, where it burned before being deemed immobile.

"Bit of an easy one this. Wheelosuarus {sic} couldn't even drive or activate his weapons for this battle so it was a win before we even started. It was a shame. Nobody likes attacking a defenseless robot. but full credit to Wheelosuarus he wouldn't throw in the towel and dared us to do our worst! Top bloke! We axed and shoved wheelosuarus as much as possible then we eventually got the axe through his fuel tank then onto the flame pit... Bang.... He caught fire and we did too!! We drove ST around the arena with our tracks ablaze.... Looked great."
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[7]

Suicidal Tendencies was through to the Heat Final again, this time against Wheely Big Cheese.

"Wheely Big Cheese.... we didn't want to fight this thing... we couldn't stand a chance. He could flip a ridiculous weight (apparently) and we believed Roger... It looked immense, plus it was all made out of solid Titanium so we knew the axe wouldn't penetrate it. Our only hope was to go the distance or get him in the pit or get a house robot involved to finish him off for us. Before the battle Roger could see we were a little worried and down, so he said sportingly that we could drive up his flipper and he would flip us out of the arena which would save us from the house robots. Nice gesture, but we thought about it and eventually thought... no way, we can beat this lump."
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[8]

Suicidal Tendencies lifts Wheely Big Cheese

Before this fight, Wheely Big Cheese had suffered gearbox problems. Suicidal Tendencies went on the attack immediately, using its axe and lifting Wheely Big Cheese, before pushing it into Dead Metal. Wheely Big Cheese escaped, but Suicidal Tendencies continued to attack, holding Wheely Big Cheese by one of its wheels before getting underneath Wheely Big Cheese's front and flicking it up. Unable to get under Suicidal Tendencies's low ground clearance, Wheely Big Cheese decided to reverse into Suicidal Tendencies, but got hooked by a wheel again.

"There's been good aggression all the way through from Suicidal Tendencies"
— Jonathan Pearce

The controversial end of the battle

Wheely Big Cheese wriggled free and Suicidal Tendencies's left track then locked up, which left it floundering by the pit, going round in circles. The pit opened, and Wheely Big Cheese tried to force Suicidal Tendencies down, but on two occasions nearly went in itself. Wheely Big Cheese tried one more time to finish Suicidal Tendencies off, but this time went into the pit, while Suicidal Tendencies still turned in circles on the arena floor. The Suicidal Tendencies team thought they had won, but the judges took the controversial view that Suicidal Tendencies had been immobilised, eliminating it from the competition to the disgust of the team.

"Then Craig Charles said that it had to go to the judges ? we thought he was just hyping it up. We went behind the scenes and watched the Uncut footage of the battle. Not once did Wheely Big Cheese cause us any damage nor did he use his weapon on us ever during the battle. We used over 30 axe hits and the same amount of lifts with the forks... We were the clear winner without a doubt. The end result was a Wheely Big Cheese win. we couldn't believe it. We didn't say a word... The film crew afterwards made us go up and down the stairs 4 times (claiming they didn't get it) for an interview afterwards (which they didn't show). in the hope that it would rile us some more....... We didn't give them the satisfaction, we were robbed, all the film crew said we were robbed, the crowd said we were robbed the technical guys said we were robbed the drivers of the house bots said we were robbed. And I can't say what the judges told us......... when we went back into the pits all the other competitors cheered us in (that was fantastic, thanks guys). They all told us we should appeal, as did the technical guys. So we found Bill Hobbins and asked him what happened? He told us we were 50% immobile and that they had to change to this rule earlier in the day. We were really disappointed but in some way felt rather smug with ourselves knowing that we could beat a great robot like Wheely Big Cheese. Like the series 3 Heat Final, we were beaten by a flipper..... Grrrrrr, there's always next time..."
— Charles Binns on the Suicidal Tendencies website[9]

Suicidal Tendencies also competed in the Northern Annihilator, against reigning champions Chaos 2, Dominator 2, Killerhurtz, Stinger and Spikasaurus.

"Seeded because the Tendencies has a dangerous toothpick axe and front forklifter. The shell is bulletproof. It runs on tracks of aluminium. Is it on track for success here though?"
— Jonathan Pearce on Suicidal Tendencies before Round 1

Suicidal Tendencies flips Dominator 2

Spikasaurus impales Suicidal Tendencies

As Round 1 started, all of the robots drove towards the top left side of the arena, where Killerhurtz axed Spikasaurus, and Dominator 2 managed to use its axe to clamp down on Chaos 2, but was flipped over by Suicidal Tendencies, who overturned itself in the process after rolling over Dominator 2. It let go and the other four robots gave chase. Chaos 2 missed a flip on Suicidal Tendencies, who in turn pushed back Stinger and Spikasaurus. Chaos 2 then charged the length of the arena and slammed into the side of Suicidal Tendencies, but again failed to flip it. Suicidal Tendencies avoided the main action for a while, until Chaos 2 flipped Suicidal Tendencies over. Chaos 2 then went after the others, flipping Killerhurtz over and pushing them into a CPZ. The remaining four robots were engaged in their own duel near the other side of the arena, with Spikasaurus having impaled itself in the sides of Suicidal Tendencies. Sgt Bash managed to grip hold of Suicidal Tendencies' front, but let go moments later. As Chaos 2 and Killerhurtz left the CPZ, Dominator 2 rushed out to attack them, reaching Chaos 2 first, which in turn allowed Killerhurtz to drive at Chaos 2 and axe its flipper twice. For the rest of the battle, Spikasaurus remained stuck impaled Suicidal Tendencies, but Suicidal Tendencies went through after Chaos 2 broke down, having been repeatedly axed by Dominator 2 and Killerhurtz.

Killerhurtz, Dominator 2, Spikasaurus and Suicidal Tendencies battle together

Killerhurtz almost topples Dominator 2 as Suicidal Tendencies lifts Killerhurtz

In Round 2, Spikasaurus pushed back on Suicidal Tendencies. Killerhurtz axed Spikasaurus, whilst Dominator 2 attacked Killerhurtz, punching straight through its perspex armour. Spikasaurus tried to push back, and all three robots, still locked together, moved away from the nearby CPZ, with Suicidal Tendencies staying our of danger. Dominator 2 managed to free itself from Killerhurtz and axed Suicidal Tendencies. Meanwhile, Stinger appeared to have broken down on one side. Killerhurtz had driven into the CPZ and was attacked by Bash. Killerhurtz retaliated and axed the House Robot. Despite intervention from Matilda, Killerhurtz refused to let go of Sgt. Bash, who himself appeared to be immobilised, so Suicidal Tendencies pushed the house robot away. In the end, as Stinger was only mobile on one wheel, it was declared immobilised and as a result eliminated.

Spikasaurus impales Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies lifts and pushes both Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus onto a flame jet

Suicidal Tendencies lays immobile as the others continue fighting

Round 3 began rather tentatively, with Killerhurtz attacking Dominator 2. Eventually, Suicidal Tendencies managed to get into the action and lifted Killerhurtz up, but the axe wielder escaped to be attacked by Dominator 2, and Spikasaurus was able to puncture Suicidal Tendencies' left side. As Killerhurtz launched an attack on Dominator 2, Spikasaurus rammed Suicidal Tendencies into an arena wall before driving away and slamming it into another one, which knocked the tracked robot free. The four quickly converged together, with Killerhurtz and Dominator 2 still attacking each other. After some more driving around, Spikasaurus and Suicidal Tendencies managed to catch Killerhurtz and lift it up, but Dominator 2 was not able to land an axe blow. Killerhurtz was able to escape, but its axe appeared to be stuck in the "fired" position, allowing Spikasaurus to give chase and slam into it, before both side-slammed Dominator 2. This team-up didn't last long, as Spikasaurus quickly punctured Killerhurtz's shell, allowing Dominator 2 to turn on Killerhurtz once again. As the two forced Killerhurtz onto the flame pit, it was clear that Suicidal Tendencies had broken down on the far side of the arena.

In the pits, it was revealed that Suicidal Tendencies had lost because one of its battery leads had broken off.

Julia Reed: "Now you've got to go home, boys, but is there anybody you'd like to come back and have a pop at?"
Charles Binns: "Dominator, definitely"
Julia Reed: "Watch out, Dominator, it might be a grudge match!"
— After the battle

Extreme 1[]

Charles Binns: "Hi. We're Team Suicide. I'm Charles Binns. This is Andrew Jeffrey and that's Martin. And this is Suicidal Tendencies. This year we have twenty-six tonnes of crush."
Andrew Jeffrey: "The only robot we're scared of is this one!"
Martin Jeffery: "Let the carnage begin!"
— The team's introduction in Extreme 1

Suicidal Tendencies fought exclusively in the Tag Team Terror competition where its partner was The Steel Avenger. Their first round battle was against Napalm and Sir Chromalot.

"We teamed up with Suicidal Tendencies to do the Tag Team event, as we had met each other before at Debenham and fought there. It seemed like a good idea to join forces and see what we could do together."
— John Willoughby on teaming up with Suicidal Tendencies[10]

Suicidal Tendencies has Napalm in its grasp

The two teammates have bit of a dust up

Suicidal Tendencies sat out the opening stages of the battle, as The Steel Avenger hacked into Napalm's frail bodywork with its axe, before pushing it to Suicidal Tendencies, who drove out and gripped and buckled both sides of the front of Napalm severely. Suicidal Tendencies quickly came out of its CPZ and rammed into the side of Napalm, crushing into its side with ease. It then launched another attack on the front, crumpling it even more, before tearing an entire side panel off. By now, Napalm was only moving on one side and Shunt also launched an attack. Suicidal Tendencies pulled Napalm onto its side. It fell back down, but with no proper mobility, it was unable to escape. Meanwhile, Sir Chromalot was sitting at the far end of the arena, seemingly with no power, which only allowed for The Steel Avenger and Sir Killalot to attack. Sir Killalot eventually plucked Napalm up and carried it to the other end of the arena before dropping it out. The Steel Avenger continued to pursue Sir Chromalot, who was still struggling to move. After being nudged by Suicidal Tendencies, Sir Chromalot lifted up The Steel Avenger, whereby it got stuck between the flipper and body. Suicidal Tendencies rammed The Steel Avenger free, but the two became briefly stuck together. However, Sir Chromalot's lack of mobility was becoming more evident, as Sir Killalot pressed the pit release button and, eventually, pushed it in.

"There's no rules in war!"
— Martin Jeffrey on breaking the rules

In the second round against Cerberus and Thermidor 2, where Suicidal Tendencies opened against Cerberus.

Suicidal Tendencies grapples with Cerberus

Suicidal Tendencies' teammate avoids the pit

Suicidal Tendencies and Cerberus started the battle carefully, with neither having any damaging use of their gripping weapons. Thermidor 2 drove out but was pushed back into a corner by Suicidal Tendencies. The Steel Avenger had managed to immobilise Thermidor 2 by pushing it over the flame pit. Suicidal Tendencies gripped Cerberus and shoved it around the war zone into a wall, where The Steel Avenger and Cerberus engaged in combat near the pit, which had just been opened. The fight went to the judges since Cerberus was still mobile, but the decision went in favour of Suicidal Tendencies and The Steel Avenger to send them through to the final.

"...and yes, we're having seafood tonight, cos they've gone for Suicidal Tendencies and Steel Avenger!"
— Craig Charles announces the decision

The opponents standing between Suicidal Tendencies and the Tag Team Terror title were Diotoir and Pussycat.

"The Steel Avenger has an astonishing axe, and Suicidal Tendencies has that Razer-type claw. They're well balanced, and I'm going to go for them"
— Jonathan Pearce predicts which Tag Team will win

Suicidal Tendencies grabs Pussycat, but is unable to cause any major damage to it

Suicidal Tendencies catches Pussycat from behind, but fails to do any damage

The Steel Avenger and Diotoir come out to assist their teammates

Suicidal Tendencies shoves Pussycat while Diotoir keeps The Steel Avenger on its side

Suicidal Tendencies helps The Steel Avenger

Suicidal Tendencies started the final by pushing Pussycat on its side and gripping it with its crushing beak, but not causing much damage. After Pussycat escaped for the first time, the two bumped into each other, putting Pussycat onto its side again before righting itself over the flame pit. Suicidal Tendencies attacked the base panel of Pussycat, however The Steel Avenger was toppled by Diotoir, who blocked it from self-righting for a while. The Steel Avenger did recover eventually to assist Suicidal Tendencies, but Pussycat escaped the grip of Suicidal Tendencies' crusher once more. Suicidal Tendencies pushed its teammate back onto its wheels after Diotoir had lifted over The Steel Avenger for the second time. Suicidal Tendencies spent yet more time holding onto Pussycat, controlling the pace albeit bending its claw in the process. The time expired and the judges were called upon to decide the victors.

"Interesting how it worked out. Suicidal Tendencies locked with Pussycat almost all the way through, and Diotoir locked with The Steel Avenger. Diotoir won that battle I think, but the crucial element here is did Suicidal Tendencies get the better throughout over Pussycat?"
— Jonathan Pearce, analysing the battle

Suicidal Tendencies and The Steel Avenger lost the decision, and ultimately finished second in the Tag Team Terror.

According to Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide, Suicidal Tendencies was considered as a potential competitor in the Mayhem qualifiers for one of the two Annihilators in the series. Suicidal Tendencies ultimately did not participate in the event, although it is unknown if the team chose to withdraw or did not take part at all.

Series 5[]

Suicidal Tendencies was seeded twenty-first after reaching two Heat Finals in the past. In a rematch from Series 4, it came up against Rick, who had entered with Maverick in the previous series.

Suicidal Tendencies crushes through the top of Rick

Suicidal Tendencies pierces the eye of Rick

Suicidal Tendencies pursued Rick from the beginning, pushing Rick across the arena floor while trying to get its lifter into play, but not succeeding. Rick's ineffective face spinner was doing no damage, and it began to spew a small amount of smoke. Rick was an appropriate size for Suicidal Tendencies to grab hold of, letting the seeded robot take off a top panel with its vertical crusher. Suicidal Tendencies crushed into the armour where one of Rick's eyes was painted, before backing away. Rick drove onto the flame pit, which did it no visible damage but as the time wound down to a judges' decision, Rick began to slow down slightly.

Suicidal Tendencies closes out a dominant victory

"I'll eat Shunt piece by piece if Suicidal Tendencies doesn't get this decision, it caused more damage to Rick all the way through, was the more aggressive machine. This has to go to Suicidal Tendencies. I've got a spanner ready, just in case..."
— Jonathan Pearce whilst reviewing the highlights

Suicidal Tendencies won the decision and progressed through to face returning robot Destruct-A-Bubble in the second round. However, it broke down before the fight and could not be fixed, which resulted in Rick being reinstated.

"Hot news from the pits! Suicidal Tendencies have been forced out because of motor problems! Rick reinstated, to meet Destruct-A-Bubble."
— Jonathan Pearce


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Forklift's Revenge Won
Heat A, Round 2 vs. Raizer Blade Won
Heat A, Final vs. Mace 2 Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
32nd Seed, Heat Final
Heat H, Eliminator vs. Killertron, Maverick Qualified
Heat H, Semi-Final vs. Wheelosaurus Won
Heat H, Final vs. Wheely Big Cheese (15) Lost
Northern Annihilator
Round 1 vs. Chaos 2, Dominator 2, Killerhurtz,
Spikasaurus, Stinger
Round 2 vs. Dominator 2, Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus, Stinger Qualified
Round 3 vs. Dominator 2, Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus Eliminated
Extreme Series 1
Tag Team Terror
Competing with The Steel Avenger, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Napalm & Sir Chromalot Won
Round 2 vs. Cerberus & Thermidor 2 Won
Final vs. Diotoir & Pussycat Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
21st Seed, Heats, Round 1
Heat K, Eliminator vs. Rick Won
NOTE: After the first round, Suicidal Tendencies was forced to pull out due to electrical problems, and Rick was reinstated.


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 4

Series Record[]

Main Series Suicidal Tendencies Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Heat Final
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1 (Withdrew before Round 2)
The Sixth Wars Not selected
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Tag Team Terror, Final
Series 2 Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

Suicidal Tendencies amongst other robots at Brighton Model World 2000

Rear view of Suicidal Tendencies at BattleBots

The original Series 4 version of Suicidal Tendencies also competed in Season 1.0 of the US television show BattleBots, where it won the Best Newcomer Award for BattleBots 1.0 alongside Alpha Raptor, despite losing its first battle to Gammatron. The scoop it used at BattleBots was a single faced design, whereas the one that was eventually used in Robot Wars had a three-faced design.

Suicidal Tendencies at BattleBots Season 2.0 with the curved scoop

A modified version of the Series 4 incarnation was entered in BattleBots Season 2.0, beating Blunt Force Trauma, then losing to the eventual champion BioHazard on a judges' decision after being flipped and shunted around, before having its tracks cut apart by the arena Killsaws.

Suicidal Tendencies, alongside Dundee, Panic Attack, Miss Struts and Eye of Newt, fought in a car-park rumble in November 1999 in Plymouth in aid for Children in Need. Suicidal Tendencies fought multiple battles and ended up winning most of them and eventually winning the event as a whole. Suicidal Tendencies 2 also competed at the Debenham Robot Rumble in November 2000[11], where it collected a win in its first battle against its future Tag Team partner, The Steel Avenger, by lifting and pinning against the side of the arena to repeatedly axe it. A second victory came against Tornado, using the same strategy, before then defeating Stinger which was using a wheel in place of its mace. Suicidal Tendencies was eliminated from the competition by the eventual champion Dominator 2 after being repeatedly punched by the axe weapon.

"The fight between Dominator 2 and Suicidal Tendencies was spectacular and violent. ST learnt the lesson not to leave polycarbonate out in the sun the hard way - the fight ended with Dominator 2's axe wedged into them very well indeed!"
— Team Tornado website on the Debenham Robot Rumble

In 2004, the team started working on a new version of Suicidal Tendencies ahead of a presumed eighth series of Robot Wars[12], but after the show was cancelled, the robot was never finished. In 2016, the team also expressed interest in the reboot of Robot Wars when interviewed by the Derby Times, but again the team did not complete a robot in time for Series 8.

Various parts of Suicidal Tendencies changed hands after the robot retired, most importantly the linear actuator powering the crusher of the Series 5 version of the machine. After initially being sold to various different owners including Ed Hoppitt and Matthew Pearman, the linear actuator would eventually be used by Coyote in Series 9 and 10 of Robot Wars. One of the hub caps from the Series 3 version of Suicidal Tendencies is also owned by Christopher Lobley.

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  • Suicidal Tendencies is one of three robots to share its name with a hardcore band, the other two being Meshuggah and Rammstein.
  • Suicidal Tendencies is one of nine UK Series Competitors to appear in BattleBots, and one of the few with any success.
  • As the only robot to be seeded thirty-two, Suicidal Tendencies holds the distinction of being the lowest-seeded robot in Robot Wars history.
  • With the only exception being a forfeited position, Suicidal Tendencies always lost in the third round of every competition it competed in.
  • The Suicidal Tendencies team were close friends with the Pitbull team, having helped them build Pitbull[13]. The Pitbull team actually lent Team Suicide Pitbull to fight at Brighton Modelworld 2000, as they were unable to attend[14].
  • Although Suicidal Tendencies failed to reach the Semi-finals, two team members fought in the Semi-finals with other robots:
    • Team member Charles Binns briefly joined Ivar Bundulis as Pitbull fought in the Semi-Finals of the Third Wars, due to Phil Botting being absent for filming.
    • Ed Hoppitt, who joined the team for Series 5, also entered his own robot, the very successful Storm 2.
"Ed took part alongside the Suicidal Tendencies team in the first Robot Wars Extreme, but really just came along for the experience rather than being on the team (as some Wikipedia entries suggest)."
— Team Storm on YouTube[15]
  • Suicidal Tendencies was profiled in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
  • The Series 4 Suicidal Tendencies was one of six robots to be modelled as a figurine for the Robot Wars Board Game, albeit with its BattleBots wedge.
  • Julia Reed frequently referred to Suicidal Tendencies as the "best tracked robot in Robot Wars", despite 101, Mortis and Plunderbird having greater success with this locomotion.
  • The second version of Suicidal Tendencies had the unique ability to climb stairs- by hoisting itself up the first step using its lifter and tracks, before driving up them.
  • Only one of Suicidal Tendencies' losses didn't require a judges' decision, this being the third round of the Fourth Wars Northern Annihilator.
  • Suicidal Tendencies was one of six robots to never win a heat in any of the series in which they were seeded (not counting robots who were only seeded once). The others were 101, Behemoth, Gemini, S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Team Hurtz.
  • Suicidal Tendencies is one of thirteen seeded robots (if its withdrawal in Series 5 and Terrorhurtz's disqualification in Series 7 are considered) to lose in the first round of a UK Championship.
  • Suicidal Tendencies was the only lowest placed seed to fight the top seed in a side competition rather than the UK Championship.
  • Canonically, Suicidal Tendencies is the first Robot Wars competitor to use a drum spinner, as it made its televised debut before Blade and Challenger 2, which used similar weapons.


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