The Suicidal Tendencies Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. It was one of the second generation of minibots, released in 2002. This toy is based on the Extreme 1/Series 5 edition of Suicidal Tendencies, evident by the silver paint job and the crushing claw weapon.

Features Edit


The minibot with its crusher down

The minibot is fairly accurate to that of the real robot. The tracks are moulded properly and include the domed pieces that stopped the real robot from being beached on its side in the show. While the tracks are completely static, the robot features small wheels underneath powered by a pullback motor, like every other minibot toy. Interestingly, unlike with Razer, the claw weapon on Suicidal Tendencies did include the weight-saving holes. The rear decal is also present on the toy, which is accurate to that of the real robot.

Releases Edit

  • Suicidal Tendencies in its three-pack
  • Suicidal Tendencies with the arena
  • Suicidal Tendencies with the Drop Zone

As part of the second wave of minibots, Suicidal Tendencies was available in a three-pack with Mega Morg and Wheely Big Cheese.

When the Minibot Arena toy was re-released under new packaging, now including the Drop Zone accessory, Suicidal Tendencies (along with Dominator 2 and Wheely Big Cheese) took over the role of the Chaos 2 minibot as the minibot toy included with the Arena. Additionally, Suicidal Tendencies was also the single minibot packaged in with the individual release of the Drop Zone accessory, making the toy accessible to those who purchased the Drop Zone as an individual item or as part of the arena.

Due to the high number of pack-in releases featuring the toy, the Suicidal Tendencies minibot is potentially the most common of the second wave releases.

Differences to the real robot Edit

Suicidal Tendencies 5

The real Suicidal Tendencies in Extreme

The Suicidal Tendencies minibot is highly accurate to its real-life counterpart, but is not without minor differences.

  • Front view of the minibot
  • Side view of the minibot
  • Rear view of the minibot
  • The back end of the minibot

As mentioned, the tracks on this minibot are simply cosmetic and do not actually move. Similarly, although the competitor robot Suicidal Tendencies had a lifting scoop, this is static on the minibot. The real robot was much closer to a chrome finish than the matte silver colour seen on this toy. While the crushing claw on the real Suicidal Tendencies had numerous holes drilled into the weapon to save weight, the minibot toy only has four, though this is likely due to scaling. The front scoop features two sharp spikes on the real machine to get underneath robots easier, however while these have not been ignored on the minibot, they are much less chiselled and more rounded for safety reasons.


  • Suicidal Tendencies was the only tracked competitor robot to be replicated as a minibot.
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