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"Now when you think of Sumo, you think of the honour, the tradition, the slapping of talcum powder onto Oriental backsides. But this Sumo isn't about overgrown men wearing nappies. It's about nothing plump, rotund or portly. It's about lean, mean fighting machines trying to bash each other's brains in!"
— Craig Charles introduces Sumo in Series 2, Heat F

Sumo was one of the Trial events that featured during the first two series of Robot Wars. It was one of only two Trial events to feature in both series, the other being Football, and was designed to test a competing robot's strength and pushing power. Each robot would take turns to battle with one of the House Robots on a small circular platform surrounded by tyres (the 'ring'), aiming to either push the House Robot off the ring or remain on it for the full duration of their run (60 seconds in Series 1, 30 seconds in Series 2). The robot which survived for the shortest amount of time was eliminated from the competition.

In Series 1, the competitor robots competed against Shunt; in Series 2, they either faced Shunt or Dead Metal.


Sumo returned as a side competition in Series 4, now known as Sumo Basho. Shunt was employed as the solitary House Robot for this event, which featured a 60-second time limit and differed in that robots were not allowed to use their weapons during the actual runs themselves.

The event was also planned to take place under the same name in Series 3 as a side competition, but was cancelled as a result of a behind-the-scenes accident along with several other events.[1]

Appearances in Merchandise[]

Sumo was featured in two Robot Wars video games, first as one of the Trials in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem, and as one of the Battle Types in the PC/Xbox version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction.