"Time for the heaviest of our divisions, the Super Heavyweights. These are the big boys, the Pavarottis of the robot world! Pound for pound, these could give our House Robots a good run for their money. Let's get down to some serious wonton destruction, and heavy metal carnage!"
Craig Charles

The Super Heavyweight Championship was a side competition dedicated to robots in the super heavyweight class, weighing up to 154kg. Exclusively held during Robot Wars: The Second Wars - and partially shown in the end-of-series special, The Grudge Matches - it actually featured a mix of 'true' super heavyweight robots and heavyweight competitors which were unable to compete in the main series for various reasons. The Super Heavyweight Championship consisted of four heats, each a three-way melee, the winners of which would fight together in a four-way final, billed in The Grudge Matches episode as the Super Showdown.

The Series 2 Super Heavyweight Championship proved to be the only event of its kind to be held as part of any series of Robot Wars. Another event was planned for Series 3, but was cancelled at the last minute due to a behind-the-scenes accident. A third event was hinted to become a competition in the second series of Robot Wars Extreme, but was never contested.

Super Heavyweight ChampionshipsEdit

Series 2Edit

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Series 3Edit

Event cancelled

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