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"TR2, in my opinion, so far, the best driver of the series!"
Professor Sethu Vijayakumar

TR2 was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 8 of Robot Wars. Featuring a powerful flipper, it placed third in Series 8 after defeating Dantomkia in its Heat Final, and collected victories over Pulsar, Thor, and future champion Carbide during the Grand Final. TR2 lost only a single battle in its campaign, to the eventual champion Apollo, and recorded eight wins. However, TR2 was not selected to compete in Series 9, although it did attend filming as a reserve, and fought two whiteboard battles against Behemoth, one of which was aired during Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars. It did not enter any further series of Robot Wars after this.


"A powerful flipper, TR2 has an additional axe weapon on the rear that works in tandem with the flipper. The weapons exert an equal one tonne of force when activated."
Robot Wars: Build Your Own Robot

TR2 in Series 8

TR2 was armed with a full-pressure flipper. The flipper was capable of flipping a one tonne car, and also featured a spiked axe on the rear, nicknamed the 'bum axe' by Dara Ó Briain. The axe worked in tandem with the robot's flipper, like that of 8645T and Robochicken, allowing TR2 to attack from either side using the same pneumatic ram. The flipper also acts as the robot's self-righting mechanism. TR2's armour consisted of 3.2mm HARDOX wear-resistant steel, with 20mm of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) panels. TR2's flipper featured a red protrusion on its surface in Series 8, to stop other robots from driving over TR2, aiding its pushing ability. The side of the robot was lined with red spikes, to allow the robot to cause damage by spinning on the spot. The robot was driven by 750w motors, using a custom-made gearbox, and four lithium iron phosphate 26.V batteries. TR2's flipper was fairly powerful, but proved incapable of throwing robots out of the arena despite making several attempts, making TR2's focus more on controlling opponents.

TR2 was originally built by John Findlay of Team Roaming Robots under commission[1] in 2013, and borrowed design elements from Ripper as a result.

The updated TR2 in its televised battle with Behemoth

Both versions of TR2 beside each other

A complete rebuild of TR2[2] (later known as TR3) made a one-off appearance in the first episode of Battle of the Stars. The new shell was built by the team's sponsor Responsive Engineering, and the angle of TR2's wedge was reduced to offer a lower angle of engagement against horizontal spinners. The flipper, now sporting a number 9 and new paint on the sides, was now constructed from a single sheet of metal. The rear axe and the red protrusion previously attached to the flipper were not present on television, though Team Toon had still brought axes to filming that could have been applied. This new build reduced the amount of welding needed to produce the robot, as welding had been stated as a former weakness of TR2.

"To the best of my knowledge nobody had ever made an entire chassis and flipper arm with barely any welding!"
— Alex Brown


TR2 was the successor to Toon Raider, which derived its name from the video game series Tomb Raider, and also referenced 'Toon Army', the nickname of Newcastle United FC, which the team supported. The name TR2 was then used to differentiate the robot from its predecessor, with Alex Brown stating that the acronym used in the robot's name does not directly mean "Toon Raider 2".

The Team[]

TR2 with Team Toon

Main article: Team Toon

TR2 was entered into Robot Wars by Team Toon, a family team from Gateshead, near Newcastle. 15-year old captain Alex Brown was the driver of TR2, and received much praise for his efforts in Series 8. Father Clive Brown led the repairs and maintenance of the robot, and mother Wendy Brown provided financial and moral support.


Front view of TR2 in Series 8

TR2 first applied for Series 8, and was not originally chosen to compete, but was brought into the series after Doomba withdrew, achieving much success. Despite this, when an improved TR2 applied to enter Series 9, it was controversially rejected by the producers[3]. TR2 would later be invited on-set as a reserve, allowing it to compete in the exhibition match shown in Battle of the Stars, but TR2 ultimately did not compete in the main series. Following on from this, Team Toon upgraded and renamed their robot TR3 for the purposes of future qualification attempts.

"We are absolutely gutted by this decision, as we felt with the changes and improvements we implemented within the new build, would have given us a good chance to once again perform well in the competition. However, despite finishing 3rd in series 8, it was was not to be. I just hope that what we did in Series 8 entertained you and you enjoyed what we offered throughout our run."
— Alex Brown

TR2 as it appeared in Battle of the Stars

On 19th April 2017, Alex Brown announced on Team Toon's Reddit AMA that they did not apply for Series 10, due to him taking exams on the same date that filming took place. Brown confirmed at the time that Team Toon would be attempting to apply for a hypothetical Series 11 with TR3, although the rebooted series of Robot Wars would not be renewed by the BBC following Series 10.[4]

"Alex was doing his exams this series, but in the past it was just down to a decision between multiple wedge flippers."
— Andrew Robertson, executive producer of Robot Wars, on the qualification record of TR2[5]

Robot History[]

Series 8[]

TR2 competed in Heat 3, filling in as a last-minute reserve. In their first Robot Wars battle, Team Toon fought three veterans: Big Nipper, Team Big Brother's new robot, Or Te and Third World Championship runner up Supernova.

TR2 pushes Supernova around the arena

TR2 pushes Supernova towards the pit

TR2 ran into immediate problems when the battle started, as its flipper and axe could not fire in the match, essentially rendering it a weaponless wedge. Therefore, TR2 played a passive role, while Or Te was immobilised, and Supernova lost one of its flywheel teeth. Seeing this as the opportunity to strike, TR2 wedged underneath Supernova, pushing it into the arena wall and pit release, ripping away Supernova's other flywheel tooth. This left TR2 free to push Supernova around without risk of taking damage, and brought it right to the edge of the pit, also attempting to push Big Nipper down when it drew near. TR2 altered the angle of the side-stranded Supernova, which was pulled into the pit by the force of its own flywheel, allowing TR2 to qualify with Big Nipper, despite not using an active weapon.

TR2 met Big Nipper for the second time in a row in the head-to-head round, which had swapped its spinning disc for crushing claws.

TR2 launches Big Nipper

Bad driving is punished by TR2

TR2 held no fear, its weapons now fully functional, and exposed the side of Big Nipper to throw it towards the arena wall. Another flip brought Big Nipper into the clutches of Dead Metal, which started using its saw, while TR2 attempted to lift both robots simultaneously. The two robots skirted around the arena, until the pit was opened, where Big Nipper drove right onto the edge. TR2 pitted its opponent and earned three points.

"Flipper seemed to be lacking a bit in power, but that could be because it's so cold today, but it didn't work in the first fight, so anything's an improvement. We're happy!"
— Clive Brown

TR2 then fought a fellow flipper in Dantomkia, which Alex Brown had regarded as his favourite robot from a childhood of watching Robot Wars.

Dantomkia flips TR2

TR2 defeats a Robot Wars veteran

However, TR2 kept its flipper low to the ground, and Dantomkia could not help but show its high ground clearance, being thrown into the arena wall. TR2's next flip slammed Dantomkia into an entry gate, although TR2 was flipped in retaliation afterwards. TR2 overturned Dantomkia once again, but when it self-righted, Dantomkia's flipper did not close. TR2 landed the KO flip, launching Dantomkia over, from which it could not self-right. TR2 celebrated by using its rear axe to attack the immobile Dantomkia, as cease was called.

TR2 attacks with the "bum axe"

Dara Ó Briain: "You were basically flaring yourself at them like a baboon!"
Alex Brown: "We've got the yellow and green axe on the back to try and hit them with that."
Dara Ó Briain: "You have a bum axe, of course!"
— TR2's axe gains a moniker from Dara Ó Briain

On six points, TR2 had ensured its place in the Heat Final, but regardless it faced King B Remix ahead of this.

"King B Remix, four wheel drive, not sure how much push he's got, so, don't open the pit until we know how much push he's got"
— Tactics from Clive Brown

TR2 attempts to flip King B Remix out of the arena

TR2 flips King B Remix into the pit

TR2 was easily able to expose the ground clearance of King B Remix, and flipped it towards the arena wall, then launched some smaller flips, keeping King B within the CPZ. TR2 tried to throw King B Remix out of the arena, but did not have the strength, and threw it into the wall, then into Sir Killalot. TR2 pressed the pit release button, while King B Remix was held over the flame pit, immobilising it. TR2 performed the coup de grâce, and flipped King B Remix directly into the pit.

TR2 qualified for the Heat Final with a perfect score of nine points, where it faced Dantomkia for the second time.

TR2 is thrown by the floor flipper

TR2 throws Dantomkia over

TR2's victory is awarded by the floor flipper

TR2 started the battle in much the same way, trying to expose Dantomkia's side ground clearance, but this drove TR2 right over the floor flipper, which tossed it over, and Dantomkia flipped it towards Matilda. When Dantomkia sustained damage from Matilda, TR2 flipped their opponent, and a second flip launched it across the arena. Dantomkia suffered damage from Matilda, losing the use of its flipper, allowing TR2 to throw it into the side wall, and drive it over the floor flipper, which immobilised Dantomkia by overturning it. Although TR2 could not throw Dantomkia into the trench at the end, they had completed their undefeated run through the heat, and qualified for the Grand Final, despite a late insult from Team S.Tek.

"It's a boring doorstop, look at it, how did that win?"
— Shane Swan insults TR2

Team Toon were unfazed, and continued with their catchphrase "stay confident, not cocky", as they progressed to the Grand Final. In its group battle of the Grand Final, TR2 fought Pulsar, and wildcard Thor. TR2 did not attach its rear axe for any part of the Grand Final.

TR2 flips Pulsar

TR2 throws Thor into the wall

Although TR2 took a blow from Pulsar, slightly bending its flipper, TR2 pushed back, causing Pulsar to lose drive on one side near immediately. TR2 instead focused on the mobile Thor, flipping it over after a missed flip overturned TR2, and then pressed the pit release button. After flipping Thor, TR2 crept up behind Pulsar and tossed it over, also flipping Thor when it attacked Pulsar. Although TR2 tried to throw Thor out of the arena, Pulsar was counted out, and the flipper and axe progressed, despite TR2 flipping Thor once again.

"Half an hour, we'll be ready to fight again!"
— Clive Brown

In the head-to-head stage, TR2's first opponent was Apollo. It entered the battle with a new wedge welded on the front, after the flipper was damaged by Pulsar.

TR2 lands on Dead Metal

TR2 is almost thrown out of the arena

TR2 is flipped in a more even contest

TR2 is stranded on its back

TR2's ground clearance quickly proved to be inferior to Apollo's, and TR2 was launched into the air twice, before being tossed right onto the arena wall, where TR2 barely managed to fall back in. TR2 landed on Dead Metal's saw when flipped again, but retaliated with a flip of its own, followed up by a second flip on Apollo while Team MAD were distracted trying to flip Dead Metal. The contest was now much more even, with Apollo and TR2 flipping each other repeatedly, but when TR2 missed one particular flip, Apollo capitalised and threw it over, against the wall. TR2 did not have enough power to self-right, and was left stranded on its back.

"We just couldn't get underneath them very often, so, didn't have a chance when we got into it!"
— Alex Brown

TR2 had to defeat Thor in the next battle to stay in the competition, ideally by knockout.

TR2 throws Thor over

TR2 flips Thor over the flames

TR2 quickly got underneath and threw Thor over. When Thor fled, TR2 flipped it over multiple times in succession, throwing it into the trench wall. TR2 used the spike arch on top of its flipped to trap Thor in place, and drove it towards Dead Metal, throwing Thor onto the flame pit. TR2 continued to flip Thor, and punished it further in combination with Matilda. TR2 flipped Thor more times, and brought it into the flywheel of Matilda, which nearly immobilised it. TR2 flipped Thor over whenever it showed signs of life, and threw it towards Matilda, which flipped Thor out of the arena, awarding the full 3 points to TR2 for a knockout win.

In the final head-to-head, TR2 fought Carbide, a battle TR2 had to win to keep its chances of reaching the final alive.

TR2 sustains damage but disables the spinner

TR2 overturns Carbide

Although Carbide's initial impacts sent TR2 reeling, ripping a panel from the top of the robot, TR2 escaped the clutches of Sir Killalot, and stopped Carbide's spinning bar by sustaining a final blow. TR2 drove underneath Sir Killalot and opened the pit, then flipped Carbide over. TR2 threw Carbide into the arena wall, and brought it near to the pit. The audience cheered for TR2 as it lured Carbide over the floor flipper repeatedly, and flipped it into Shunt. After flipping Carbide again, TR2 parked near the pit to draw Carbide towards it, but was forced to flip it back into Shunt. TR2 had lost the use of its flipper, but it held Carbide in the CPZ until cease was called.

TR2 makes use of Shunt

"Best fight for me ever!"
— Alex Brown

The Judges' decision was unanimously called in favour of TR2, awarding it two points. This would only be enough points to qualify for the final if Thor defeated Apollo, so Team Toon watched the match alongside Dara and Angela, but were eliminated from the competition when Apollo surpassed TR2 in points.

"We're going home, we're knocked out of the competition, but we only lost one fight, so we've done our best. Our best wasn't good enough this year, next year it will be!"
— Clive Brown

Series 9[]

Although it was not chosen to compete in the main competition, the brand-new version of TR2 fought in an exhibition match against Behemoth, which was aired during Episode 1 of Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars. Uniquely, TR2 was driven by series presenter Dara Ó Briain, in a battle against Angela Scanlon.

Dara Ó Briain's first flip of the match

TR2 throws Behemoth towards the arena wall

TR2 made the first move of the battle, breaching Behemoth's front ground clearance to launch it into the wall near the pit release button. Once Behemoth opened the pit, TR2 flipped Behemoth back into the wall. Behemoth struggled to self-right, so TR2 performed a premature victory dance by spinning on the spot until Behemoth eventually righted itself.

"I haven't won, but I'm still spinning!"
— Dara Ó Briain

TR2 flips Behemoth again

Dara allows Angela to flip TR2

TR2 continued to apply pressure, so Behemoth flipped itself over, and TR2 pushed it onto its side. TR2 kept its distance until Dara Ó Briain lined up a charge to drive straight under Behemoth, and came out on the other side. After another missed flip from Behemoth which stranded the robot on its back, TR2 rocketed Behemoth across the arena. Satisfied with his performance, Dara Ó Briain allowed Angela Scanlon to flip TR2 over, after which TR2 self-righted. Cease was called after three minutes had elapsed, although no winner of the battle was officially declared.

"Oh I love it, I want to do it again and again and again and again!"
— Dara Ó Briain

Directly after this battle was filmed, another unaired battle between the two robots took place, this time in the hands of the robots' usual teams. However, a lack of testing led to TR2 entering the battle without a working flipper, and it could only turn Behemoth over using its natural wedge shape as a ramp. Behemoth launched a series of flips, but would always put TR2 back on its wheels to extend the duration of the friendly match. However, the battle was eventually determined by knockout when TR2 pushed Behemoth into the pit.

"We had a massive gas leak going into the fight on a pipe that split in the Dara vs Angela fight. We didn't have time to check the machine over as we literally went into the arena to fill the time in for Eruption to repair. I was in the middle of learning my German controlled assessment when they asked us to do a whiteboard actually! So during the fight the new lower angle meant Behemoth went straight over the top and was flipped without flipping. It was a friendly fight where Behemoth turned us back over if they got a flip in, but ended with me pitting Behemoth."
— Alex Brown[6]


Series 8
Series 8 - UK Championship
Third Place
Heat 3, Group Battle vs. Big Nipper, Or Te, Supernova Qualified
Heat 3, Head-to-Heads vs. Big Nipper Won via KO (3 points)
Heat 3, Head-to-Heads vs. Dantomkia Won via KO (3 points)
Heat 3, Head-to-Heads vs. King B Remix Won via KO (3 points)
Heat 3, Heat Final vs. Dantomkia Won
Grand Final, Group Battle vs. Pulsar, Thor Qualified
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Apollo Lost via KO (0 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Thor Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Carbide Won via Judges' decision (2 points)
Series 9
Whiteboard matches
Match 1 aired as part of Battle of the Stars
Whiteboard match vs. Behemoth No winner declared
Whiteboard match vs. Behemoth Won


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 1

NOTE: Whiteboard matches are not included

Series Record[]

Series TR2 Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Grand Final, Third Place
Series 9 Whiteboard matches only, unused reserve
Series 10 Did not enter


Outside Robot Wars[]

TR2 was originally built by John Findlay in February 2013 under commission[7], and competed at numerous live events under Team Toon. TR2's most notable achievement was its victory in the 2015 FRA UK Heavyweight Championship, defeating Toxic 2 in the semi-final, and won the final over Eruption. TR2 also finished third in the 2016 UK Championship the following year, managing to flip the Robots Live! house robot Goliath along the way, during its victory over Apocalypse before it was knocked out by Manta.

TR3, after being modified from the TR2 seen in Battle of the Stars

TR3, a renamed version of the TR2 seen in Battle of the Stars, made its live debut at the Burgess Hill event hosted by Robots Live!, where it fought Behemoth, Eruption and Nuts 2. It then attended the first Extreme Robots event, held in Manchester in April 2017. It was successful in the Tag Team event, partnered with Gabriel, and was able to launch the new Expulsion and Iron Heart 88, although it lost its only head-to-head battle to Eruption when it was flipped into the pit. At Gloucester 2017, TR3 won a Tag Team battle alongside Two-Headed Death Flamingo by pitting ThunderChild and The Saint, and fought Thor and Harpy on two occasions, winning the first battle by releasing the pit with both opponents on top, but became wedged under the arena wall for a period of the fight in the other while Thor immobilised Harpy. In Gloucester, TR3 won a battle against ThunderChild, Up Vote and Apex outright, and also defeated ThunderChild and Saint in a tag-team match alongside Two-Headed Death Flamingo. However, it was immobilised by Thor in a battle which also contained Beast. TR3 also competed at Bronebots in November 2017, held in Russia.

TR3 with its second-place trophy at Extreme Robots Chatham in 2018

In 2018, TR3 competed at the Extreme Robots Manchester event in April, where it finished third overall in the main competition.[8] It flipped the 44kg machine F7 built by Team Tilly, causing its lithium polymer battery to catch fire. TR3 then defeated Fenrir in the next round, and flipped Dead Bod out of the arena. TR3 finally lost to Ripper in the semi-final, but defeated a weaponless Donald Thump in the third place play-off. In September, TR3 competed at the Extreme Robots event in Chatham, finishing in second place behind only Ripper. TR3 also competed at Cheltenham in November 2018, but lost its opening battle after being immobilised by the spinning disc of Aftershock. TR3 was able to win the seven-way losers' melee over robots such as Apex, St. Ripper and S.M.I.D.S.Y., but was eliminated in the second round by Beast.

A tattered TR3 at the end of its battle with Monsoon and Ignition

Toon Raider, TR2 and TR3 in April 2020

TR2 on display at the University of Leeds in September 2021

TR3 returned to Extreme Robots for the Bolton event in 2019, where it lost to Galactus after its flipper became stuck open. TR3 made its most recent appearance at the Cheltenham Extreme Robots event in November 2019, where it teamed up with Donald Thump to fight Ignition and Monsoon, where it sustained significant structural damage from Monsoon and lost the Judges' decision. Following this destructive loss, TR3 was not repaired and it was officially retired in April 2020. At the same time, the team revealed their plans to build TR4 once they had sufficient funds[9]. TR2 appeared on display at a freshers fair at the University of Leeds in September 2021, with captain Alex Brown signing onto the engineering course at the university.[10]

The original Toon Raider

TR2 was the successor to Toon Raider, which also participated in Robot Wars Live Events, but had no involvement with the TV show. Toon Raider was previously called And His Army, and began life as John Bell's heavyweight Batterbot before being given to Team Toon, who repainted it and gave it its new name. And His Army fell in the group stages of the 2008 UK Championships after being damaged by Tiberius, but was rebuilt for 2009 and reached the UK Championship finals that year, where it lost to Terrorhurtz on a judges' decision. In 2010, And His Army was rebuilt again, this time being renamed Toon Raider, and has performed well since, reaching the semi-finals of the 2010 UK Championships before losing to Iron-Awe 5, as well as finishing third in the 2010 Annihilator. On June 19th 2010, Toon Raider first managed to truly make a name for itself by flipping Bigger Brother out of the arena.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

TR2 during the live events

TR2 and Toon Raider were regular competitors at Robot Wars live events, with their success improving each year. At the Robot Wars World Championship 2015 in Colchester, TR2 passed the first round without having to do anything - An Adorable Kitten never moved, so it qualified automatically with ThunderChild, although TR2 still threw both machines out of the arena regardless. In the quarter-finals, TR2 fought Thor and Eruption, but after a long fight, TR2 ran low on gas, and could not self-right when flipped by Eruption. Thor won the battle, and TR2 was eliminated.


  • TR2 was the only robot in Series 8 to qualify from its heat with the full nine points, not requiring a single Judges' decision.
    • TR2 was therefore the robot in the Grand Final with the fewest losses throughout Series 8.
  • With eight wins and only one loss, TR2 holds the strongest win-loss ratio (88.8%) out of all UK competitors to have accrued at least one loss. When including US competitors, TR2 loses this title to Panzer Mk.
  • TR2 is one of four FRA UK Heavyweight Champions to have qualified from a heat and reached a Robot Wars Grand Final, the others being Eruption, Terrorhurtz and Team Shock, if Team Carbide are excluded due to Turbulence competing in its own right.
  • TR2 is the one of the few newcomers to have won a heat and face a veteran in every single battle.
  • TR2 and Terrorhurtz are the only robots to battle Carbide, and never lose to it.
  • Apollo and TR2 are the only robots to have fought three robots on multiple occasions during a single UK Championship run (fighting Dantomkia, Big Nipper and Thor twice each), though Apollo is the only robot to fight one of those robots three times.
  • TR2 and the successor to Ironside3 are the only Grand Finalists to not qualify for the following series, unless Series 2's reserve Griffon is considered.
  • Excluding any robots which had to withdraw, TR2 was one of four robots to win their last Head-to-Head battle before being eliminated from that stage in series which used the round-robin format. The others were Terrorhurtz, Eruption and Jellyfish.
    • Of these four, TR2 was the only one to have been eliminated at the Head-to-Head stage of the Grand Final.



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