Not to be confused with the series 7 competitor T-Wrecks

T Rex is a fictional competitor robot from the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a box wedge shaped robot armoured in steel and armed with a high scoop at the front, and a triple spike at the back of the robot. It cannot self-right. T Rex is available to buy after unlocking stage 3 of Competition Mode. It is available for 4330 credits. T Rex is also one of the few robots in the game to run on tracks.

Strategies Edit

Using T RexEdit

T Rex has good traction and pushing power due to the tank tracks, and scoop, which can lift opponents' wheels up to allow them to be pushed. However, T Rex is rather easily flipped over, which can eliminate it. There's not much point trying to damage with the spike and scoop, as neither of them have much damage potential.

Against T RexEdit

T Rex has pretty good pushing power, but is pretty slow, so quite easy to outmanoeuvre. T Rex is also relatively easy to flip over, so that is another way to eliminate it quickly, and the steel armour should rip away after a bit of bashing, although it's one of the stronger armour types in the game. T Rex has little to no damage potential, so can be defeated by judges' decision if need be in that aspect.

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