"Their mission - to boldly go where no robot has gone before."
— Jonathan Pearce in Series 6

Team A-Kill was a team that entered the later series of Robot Wars, as well as the Middleweight Melee of Series 3.

The TeamEdit

The team entered with three robots, the first of which, A-Kill, was joint winner of the Series 3 Middleweight Melee along with Tentoumushi. The team also entered Series 6 with a heavyweight version of their middleweight machine, also called A-Kill, a heavyweight entered into Series 7 and Extreme 2 robot called Saw Point, which had attended the Series 6 qualifiers alongside A-Kill, and was sold on eBay after Robot Wars ended.

Neither of these robots had great success, with A-Kill reaching Round 2 but losing to Panic Attack, and Saw Point falling in Round 1 in both of its appearances.

Chris DelphEdit


Team A-Kill in Series 3


Chris Delph controlling A-Kill

Chris Delph was the original team captain, who along with his son Ryan, were the only team members to appear throughout all of the team's appearances. Chris Delph only drove the team's robot on one occasion, that being the War of Independence one-off battle, shown as part of the International League Championship, where he was seen being helped.

In the team's later appearances, Chris tended to be humorously scathing of the quality of his robots. For example, he joked that the hammer of A-Kill was powerful enough to "crush a strawberry at one stroke", and cheerfully stated Saw Point 2 was "not going home!". In Series 6, A-Kill's weakness was listed as "Captain!".

"We were very lucky to get this far in Robot Wars, and she wasn't really up to it, but we had a great time, it's been marvellous. Absolutely marvellous!"
— Chris Delph after A-Kill's Round 2 loss to Panic Attack

Ryan DelphEdit


Ryan Delph


Ryan controlling Saw Point

"...son of an AA patrolman. Don't expect him to rescue you!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the Minor Meltdown

The other ever-present member of the team, Ryan Delph's most notable moment was during the Minor Meltdown, where he took over the controls and role as team captain.

Phillipa Forrester: "What about practice, have you done much practice?"
Ryan Delph!: "No! We done two minutes of it and then the battery went flat!"
— Pre-round 1 interview

After the battle, where Saw Point was utterly destroyed, he talked to Phillipa Forrester about how much he enjoyed all the damage that was done to his machine.

Andy BrastedEdit


Andy Brasted controlling A-Kill

The cousin of Chris Delph, Andy Brasted was only present for the team's two appearances in Series 3. Due to Chris Delph doing the team's introduction in the War of Independence, and the teams not having introductions in the Middleweight Melee, he did not have a speaking role. He drove A-Kill in the Series 3 Middleweight Melee, which they were the joint-winners of. He did however have a speaking role when the team appeared in Techno Games in 2001, where he was also the driver (See Outside Robot Wars).

Gordon JohncockEdit


Gordon Johncock

Johncock, the driver, joined the team for the later series because Chris Delph had posted an advert in the newspaper that read 'Assistant Wanted for Robot Wars, Do you want to be a driver?'. Chris wanted someone outside of Robot Wars to have a go at being a member of the team. Five people applied for the position but apparently Gordon was the only applicant not to feel on edge for being requested to drive the robot in the series itself.

"Chris decided to advertise for a team mate to help him and son Ryan maintain the robot, and chose Gordon, a telecommunications engineer, despite the fact he knew nothing about robots."
Robot Wars: The Official Magazine

Gordon Johncock controlling A-Kill

In Series 7, Johncock filled the role of team captain. Much like Chris Delph, Johncock was often humorously scathing of the quality of the team's robots and their chances. For example, he claimed the lifter of A-Kill was strong enough to lift "skin off a rice pudding", and when Phillipa Forrester suggested they had a chance of beating Panic Attack, he replied "Come on!". He also gave a completely scathing summary of Saw Point 2 in the Round 1 interview.

"Weaknessess … well we built it! It's got weak welding, it's cheap, nasty, it cost us all of about £200 to build it, but that's the way we like it!"
— Gordon Johncock on Sawpoint 2


  • A-Kill in the Middleweight Melee
  • A-Kill in Series 6
  • Saw Point in Extreme 2
  • Sawpoint 2 in Series 7
Name Weight Class Series
A-Kill (Middleweight) Middleweight Series 3
A-Kill Heavyweight Series 6
Saw Point Heavyweight Extreme 2, Series 7


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Team A-Kill Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Middleweight Melee with A-Kill
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with A-Kill
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2 with A-Kill
The Seventh Wars Entered with Sawpoint 2
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Saw Point

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Whizz Bang's appearance during Techno Games 2001
  • The team at Techno Games 2001
  • Chris and Ryan Delph with Solar Slug
  • Rail Snail
  • Team A-Kill at Techno Games 2002
  • Whizz Bang 2 at Techno Games 2002
  • Shakey, the team's Techno Games 2003 swimming entry
  • The team with Yellow Peril
  • Saw Point as Disc-Truction after Robot Wars

Like many other teams competing in Robot Wars, Team A-Kill entered a number of robots into the sister show Techno Games, including Mini-Whizz and the cycling robot Whizz-Bang. The latter was uncontrollable in its first year (2001), but improved vastly in its second year (2002) as Whizz-Bang 2, winning the gold in its event.

In the 2002 series, the team entered two robots in the the Solar Powered Challenge. Chris Delph and Ryan Delph entered Solar Slug, while Gordon Johncock entered Rail Snail. Both robots won their races, but neither made the top three.

The team entered Shakey in the 2003 Swimming competition, where it won the Gold Medal in a time of 12.59 seconds, and Yellow Peril in the Funny Cars, which lost in Round 1 after failing to finish the course.

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