Team EyeEye was a team consisting of the Inglis family, who appeared in Series 2-4 of Robot Wars and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. They are notable for being the first team to compete on the show with a walking robot, Jim Struts, albeit in a side competition.

The TeamEdit

"I came home from work one Friday evening to be bombarded with questions from our children saying "Daddy we saw a program of fighting robots, can we make one?". I watched the repeat on Sunday and I thought it looked a lot of fun. For the next couple of weeks I mulled over the idea of building a robot for the program, and then decided “let’s go for it!”. It appealed to me as I have, since a child, wanted to build a robot, and the competition gave me the reason for doing so. It also brought together, rather nicely, a lot of my interests into one project, electronics, radio frequency equipment, machines, computers, and programming... paradise."
— Ian Inglis on entering Robot Wars[1]

Team EyeEye was captained by Ian Inglis, who built the team's robots, and was joined by his children and family members throughout their appearances. The team always had a unique dress sense, with each team member regularly wearing shirts and ties, along with sunglasses in Series 4 as a reference to The Terminator.

Ian Inglis also joined Team KaterKiller for their appearance in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, where they entered Kat 3 into the International Tag Team competition.

"Jim Struts took between 350 hours and 500 hours over a three month period. Once we had decided to build him we were working every hour possible, mainly doing mechanics and electronics on the weekends and software during the week in the evenings. For Miss Struts we started in February and finished her first evolution for the auditions at the end of May this represented about 400 hours of work. Since then we have being making minor changes which probably represents 200 hours of work."
— Ian Inglis on building his first two robots

Team EyeEye built several robots over the years, three of which participated in Robot Wars. These were:

They also stated their intention to build a third walkerbot named Master Struts following their Series 4 defeat, but it is unknown if this project was completed.


  • Jim Struts (Series 2)
  • Miss Struts (Series 3)
  • Arnold, Arnold Terminegger (Series 4)
  • Arnold A. Terminegger (Extreme 1)
Name Weight Class Series
Jim Struts Heavyweight Series 2
Miss Struts Heavyweight Series 3
Arnold, Arnold Terminegger Heavyweight Series 4,
Extreme 1


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Team EyeEye Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Reserve Rumble with Jim Struts
The Third Wars Walkerbot Battle with Miss Struts
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2 with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger
Failed to qualify with Miss Struts
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify with Arnold A. Terminegger
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Arnold A. Terminegger
Series 2 Did not enter

NOTE: Ian Inglis also competed in Nickelodeon Robot Wars as part of the Kat 3 team.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Rita Rocks
  • Miss Struts, converted into Tina Treks and awaiting decoration.
  • Tina Treks after being decorated.
  • Jimmy Struts
  • Arnold A. Terminegger as A.A.T. at Techno Games 2002.
  • Miss Calvin-Can, the team's entry for Mechanoids.
  • Miss Struts and Jim Struts on display at Wilson School Fete 1999

In addition to their Robot Wars entries, Team EyeEye also built four other robots, three of which appeared on the spin-off show Techno Games. These robots were:

  • Rita Rocks - Competed in the 2001 Battery Sprint, losing to Millennium Bug.
  • Tina Treks - A modified Miss Struts, which competed in the 2000 Internal Combustion Sprint. Miss Struts also competed in the 2001 Internal Combustion Sprint under its original name.
  • Jimmy Struts - Competed in the 2002 Lightweight Sprint, where it won its heat.

As well as the above robots, they also entered a weaponless version of Arnold A. Terminegger into the 2002 series, which competed in the Football and Assault Course competitions as A.A.T.. A.A.T. reached the second round of the Football competition along with partner Savage Toaster, but lost the first round of the Assault Course to Wolf.

Team EyeEye also entered Miss Calvin-Can on Mechanoids.


  • Team EyeEye are the only team to have competed with more than one robot that never had a combat loss - both Jim Struts and Miss Struts remain undefeated.
  • Ian Inglis was part of The Steering Committee.


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