Team Mousetrap was a father and son team from Bristol that fought in Series 3, 4, 5 and 7 of Robot Wars. The team also entered the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, and failed to qualify for Series 6. Throughout their time in Robot Wars, the team consisted of Stan Launchbury, and his father Jason. The robots that Team Mousetrap entered throughout Robot Wars included Triterobot, a triangular shaped robot with spikes that competed in Series 3, Mousetrap, the robot the team takes their name from, a wedge shaped robot designed to resemble a conventional mousetrap and armed with a trapping device that competed in Series 4, 5 and the first series of Extreme. In Series 5, the robot, now with a blade on its guillotine went by the name of Mousetrap 2, though this name was not present in Extreme. Mutant Mousetrap, an adapted version of Mousetrap 2, was armed with a spinning drum weapon as opposed to Mousetrap's signature guillotine. However, it failed to qualify for Series 6. The team also entered Black and Blue, a clusterbot with each twin coloured appropriately to their names into Series 7, both twins of which were armed with spinning drums.

Stan Launchbury was also on the team of Fire Service representative, Oblark, a competitor in the Forces Special. Stan was to enter his own Mousetrap 2 machine into the special, due to his connections to the fire service, but it was too badly damaged by S3 to compete. This fact leads to the assumption that Oblark was built primarily, if not entirely by Team Mousetrap.

Team Mousetrap's most successful attempt at the Robot Wars title was in Series 4, where they won Heat K, defeating the seeded Evil Weevil alongside Tiberius. Mousetrap fell in the first round of the series semi-finals to the seeded Stinger. Mousetrap was also nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, despite having competed in Series 3 with Triterobot, but the award went to Tornado. Triterobot and Black & Blue fell in the first round of their respective series, while Mousetrap 2 fell to eventual series semi-finalist S3 in the second round.

From Series 4 onwards, the team always dressed as Vermin Killers, in traditional red jackets with the team members' names on the left side of the outfit, to match the theme of their robot Mousetrap.


Name Weight Class Series
Triterobot Heavyweight Series 3
Mousetrap Heavyweight Series 4-5, Extreme 1
Black and Blue Heavyweight Series 7



  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 5

Series Record

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