Team Mouse (occasionally known as Team Velocirippa) is a team from Nottinghamshire that competed in Series 4-7 of Robot Wars, also competing in both series of Robot Wars Extreme and a side competition in Series 3.

The team originally consisted of Father and Son Trevor and Matthew Wright, before Anthony Hillier joined the team in Series 4. Trevor's daughter Emily later joined the team in Extreme Series 2.

Team Mouse's original robot was Velocirippa, a compact, agile, wedge shaped robot, based on a dinosaur's head. Its weapons were originally had 8mm armour-plated spikes, which could be effectively used for ramming other opponents, as the robot had a top speed of 20 mph. It originally failed to qualify for Series 3, but used its agility to reach the final of the Robotic Soccer Competition. The robot qualified for Series 4, but was defeated by the seeded Razer in its heat. In Series 5, the spikes on the front were replaced by a small disc.

This version of Velocirippa was destroyed that year, so was retired, and re-built to become the team's second robot: Mighty Mouse, a robot armed with Velocirippa's original ramming spikes, and based on a mouse's head. Mighty Mouse was built from the chassis of the original Velocirippa machine, but proved more successful than Velocirippa in the main competition. For Series 6, the team had also built a new and improved Velocirippa machine, this robot was still based on a dinosaur's head, but was bulkier and larger than the original, this was originally armed with ramming spikes at the front.

The pair of robots fought together in the Extreme Series 2 Tag-Team Terror competition; however they performed poorly, and were eliminated in the first round to the eventual runners-up: Barbaric Response and Hydra.

Jayne Middlemiss: "I'm sure I've seen you two before..."
Trevor Wright: "Yeah, last week"
— Velocirippa's Series 7 Pre-first round interview

Whilst also fighting with Mighty Mouse in the main competition again, the new Velocirippa was also entered into the Seventh Wars, Mighty Mouse competed in Heat J of the main competition, Velocirippa competed in the following heat. Although neither escaped the heats, the tournament line-up would have made it impossible for them to fight each other until the Grand Final.

The team never had tremendous success in Robot Wars, aside from its Robotic Soccer qualifier win, neither Velocirippa robot ever won a battle on the televised show. Mighty Mouse was slightly more successful, reaching the Heat Final during Series 7, losing to Thermidor 2.


  • Velocirippa (Series 3)
  • Velocirippa-series-4.png Velocirippa (Series 4)
  • Velocirippa (Series 5)
  • Mighty Mouse (Series 6)
  • Velocirippa (Extreme 2)
  • Mighty Mouse (Series 7)
  • Velocirippa (Series 7)
Name Weight Class Series
Velocirippa Heavyweight Series 3-5, 7, Extreme 1-2
Mighty Mouse Heavyweight Series 6-7, Extreme 2


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 9

Series Record

Velocirippa had to withdraw from Series 6 after successfully qualifying as Team Mouse could only enter one robot.

Robot Wars Live Events

The team's new heavyweight robot, Meggamouse, competed in the first live event of the new Robot Wars at Barnsley in February 2013. Mini Mighty Mouse then debuted in the Portsmouth event in March.

Outside Robot Wars

  • Velocirippa at Techno Games
  • Mighty Mouse at Techno Games
  • Mini Mighty Mouse
  • Velocirippa still competing after Robot Wars
  • Mighty Mouse still competing after Robot Wars
  • Meggamouse
  • Ironside
  • Ironside 2 during construction
  • Mighty Mouse on display in 2013

Like many Robot Wars competitors, the Mighty Mouse team entered Techno Games. The team entered an only slightly changed Mighty Mouse (the front spikes was removed and replaced with two little spikes) in the football tournament and the assault course. In the football it was teamed with Bugs Buggy rather than Velocirippa, who entered alongside another robot. Together, the two were the Mousekerteers. Having broken the world record along the way, it got to the final of the assault course but lost to Typhoon Rover.

Despite their lack of success on Robot Wars, the team has gone on to be very successful at live events. The team created a featherweight called Mini Mighty Mouse, which won the 2007 UK Featherweight Championship. Velocirippa, along with Team MAD's Merlin, won the 2006 Tag-Team Terror Competition.

However, in 2008, both Mighty Mouse and Velocirippa were retired from Robotic Combat, with the newer Velocirippa being stripped of its innards, for the team to build their new robot: Meggamouse. Dubbed the replacement for Mighty Mouse, Meggamouse is a low robot armed with a long flipping arm. Both Mini Mighty Mouse and Meggamouse still fight competitively today.

They also use a rambot featherweight called Ironside. They have built a new version of Ironside called Ironside 2, which is invertible and armed with a front spinning disc.

Team Mouse are working with Team Roaming Robots to turn their robot Orbiter into an axe wielding robot.


  • Like Team Vader and Team Ming, Team Mouse entered both of its robots into the Seventh Wars.
  • The replacement for both Mighty Mouse and Velocirippa use different aspects of each in its design: it has the body shape of Mighty Mouse (minus U-bar) and the insides and wheels of Velocirippa. It also has compartments not seen in either like the flipper ram and the flipper (the second Velocirippa in Series 7 had a bucket-like lifter, but not a flipper).
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