Team RCC was a Dutch (and now also Belgian) team that competed in both series of Dutch Robot Wars with two separate robots; RCC in Series 1 and Blackdevil Warzone in Series 2.

They also intended to enter Dutch Series 2 with RCC 2, but it was not ready in time to compete and failed to qualify for UK Series 7. They also failed to qualify for Series 7 with former semi-finalist Splinter, which the team had recently acquired, and finally, they failed to qualify for the Series 8 of Robot Wars with Bullfrog.

The TeamEdit

Team RCC Logo

The team's logo


Splinter with Team RCC in the pits

The team originally consisted of Leo van Miert, Erik-jan van Boxsel, Barry van Hees and Philip van Hees (although Philip never appeared on the show due to the three team member limit), who worked together to build and enter all of the team's Robot Wars entries (except Splinter, which was bought from another team). Between Dutch Series 2 and UK Series 7, Team RCC was also joined by Gerard van Dorst, who was heavily involved in the electronics side and driving of RCC2, making it more reliable.

RCC stands for Radio Controlled Carnage and also the initials of the Roosendaalse Computer Club from which the team originated. The team logo is that of the Cardassian Obsidian Order from the science fiction franchise Star Trek. This is also a link to one of the team's robots; Obsidian.


  • RCC (Dutch Series 1)
  • Blackdevil Warzone (Dutch Series 2)
  • RCC 2 (Series 7, failed to qualify)
  • Splinter (Series 7, failed to qualify)
  • Bullfrog (Series 8, not selected)
Name Weight Class Series
RCC Heavyweight Dutch Series 1
Blackdevil Warzone Heavyweight Dutch Series 2


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Dutch SeriesEdit

Dutch Series Team RCC Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 1 with RCC
Series 2 Heat, Round 2 with Blackdevil Warzone

UK SeriesEdit

Series Team RCC Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Failed to qualify with RCC 2 and Splinter
Series 8 Not selected with Bullfrog
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • The team with RCC 2 in 2003
  • Leo van Miert works on Splinter
  • Leo with Hannibal
  • Obsidian
  • Mantis after being improved by Team RCC
  • Mantis under Team RCC
  • Hannibilito 1, which is now retired
  • Hannibilito 2, which was sold to another team and became Wedgie
  • Hannibilito as Wedgie
  • Wedgie in 2014
  • Hannibilito 3, Team RCC's active Featherweight flipper
  • Hannibilito 4 inverted whilst fighting Team Flatliner's Adrenlin
  • Hannibilito 4 as Defector
  • Valkiri
  • Valkiri in battle
  • Bullfrog before Leo and Tony's rebuild
  • Leo with Mario de Jongh and Bullfrog Breed
  • Bullfrog
  • Bullfrog after another rebuild
  • Nebelwerfer, the team's raptorweight, which is in pieces.
  • Katjuscha, the team's active antweight
  • Nebelwerfer (under 6kg) and Caliope (12.7kg when finished)
  • Caliope
  • Kan-Opener H spec with Caliope
  • Kashei, a featherweight
  • Perun, a Raptorweight
  • Anubis, owned by Rene Hennig

After the original run of Robot Wars, the team members went their separate ways and Leo continued to compete alone, before teaming up with Belgian roboteer Mario "Maddox" de Jongh and his wife Babeth van Son, who had both previously been members of Team Mad Science and Team Warlocks. Rick Maas joined the team in 2007 as electronics wizard and Robot Power certified technician. Niels Schotten, who was previously captain of Team Flextreme, joined the team fully in 2013.

The new-look team has built some new robots and also acquired some of the old robots from the UK series of Robot Wars. Robots that the team own or have previously owned include the heavyweight robots Bullfrog, Obsidian, Mantis, Hannibal and Splinter, the featherweights Hannibalito 1 to 5 and the axe wielding Kashei, as well the 6kg raptor class Nebelwerfer. Hannibalito 2 was sold, and still is active as Wedgie. Hannibalito 4 was constructed and fought for the first time in Antwerp on the 6th of May at the first leg of the Dutch Robot Games Championships 2012. Hannibalito 4 was sold to Gareth Anstee just prior, and participated in the featherweight champs 2014 under the name Defector, finishing in 4th.

Team RCC also own Kan-Opener J-spec and occasionally used it at live events.

Team RCC competed with Bullfrog at the first live event of the new Robot Wars at Portsmouth in March 2013. From October 2016 the team's active machines were the heavyweight Bullfrog, featherweights Hannibalito 3.3 and Kashei Besmertnye 1.3, joined by the 6kg Raptor Perun, although Bullfrog is now owned by another team.

A notable robot built by Leo van Miert is Valkiri, a large featherweight armed with a vertical spinner, which competed at a number of international events and underwent three full revisions.

The team's horizontal "Trident" spinner Caliope was built to compete at Mad Metal Machines in Germany before being sold to German roboteer Rene Hennig who named the machine Anubis. Valkiri 3.3 changed hands too, also to another German roboteer.

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