Team Reptirron was a team of roboteers that originated in Series 4 of Robot Wars, before fighting in Series 6 and 7 with a new machine, also competing in the second series of Extreme. The team's original machine was called Reptirron, a bronze armoured robot with a circular saw on an arm, before being succeeded by Reptirron The Second, also a bronze (but later clear) armoured robot with a large high-pressure flipper and a smaller circular saw. Team Reptirron did not perform too well in battle, only ever winning one out of four heavyweight battles (that one win was actually a melee, where another robot also qualified). The team did have significantly more success with their featherweight machine called Argh!, which won the Featherweight Championship in the second series of Extreme. The team also go by the name Kinforesters.


Name Weight Class Series
Reptirron Heavyweight Series 4, 6-7
Argh! Featherweight Extreme 2


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3
  • Reptirron
  • Reptirron the Second (Series 6)
  • Argh!
  • Reptirron the Second (Series 7)
  • Stiff Breeze, Team Reptirron's featherweight after Robot Wars ended

Series Record


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