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Team Run Amok is a team from Salem, Oregon that competed in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars. The team built and entered two robots on the show; Run Away and The Gap.

The TeamEdit

Run Away was entered in all three seasons by the Joerger family; Mark, Aaron and Alissa. The Gap was entered in US Season 2 by their sister team, Team Creative Steel; Max Chapin, Josh Robson and Jordan Robson. Chapin was the team's welder, and managed to restore Run Away to fighting condition after its axles were severely mangled by Destructive Criticism.

The Gap was due to enter Nickelodeon Robot Wars in the International Tag Team competition alongside Run Away, but the robot sustained drive gearbox damage which could not be repaired, so the team fought with the loanerbot Zanzara. The teams failed to achieve much success in the main competition, with neither robot progressing past the second round in either season.


  • Run Away (Season 1)
  • Run Away (Season 2)
  • The Gap (Season 2)
  • Zanzara (Nickelodeon)
Name Weight Class Series
Run Away Heavyweight Season 1-2, Nickelodeon
The Gap Heavyweight Season 2
Zanzara Heavyweight Nickelodeon


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5

Series RecordEdit

US Series Team Run Amok Series Record
Season 1 Heat, Round 1 with Run Away
Season 2 Heat, Round 2 with Run Away
Heat, Round 2 with The Gap
Nickelodeon International Tag Team with Run Away and Zanzara

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Run Amok in Robotica
  • Mini Max Bot (Antweight)
  • Zpatula (Beetleweight)
  • Rat Amok (Antweight)
  • Nasty Glass Of Water (Hobbyweight)
  • Mini Run Amok
  • Mini Run Amok with Run Amok

Team Run Amok previously had success outside of Robot Wars in the American robot competition show, Robotica. They entered and won the first season with Run Amok, which was later modified and renamed Run Away for Robot Wars.

After Robot Wars, team captain Mark Joerger created The Combat Robot Hall of Fame.

On October 18th, 2013, team member Aaron Joerger sadly passed away from a pulmonary embolism at the age of 22.

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