Team Scutterbots were a team from Essex who fought in every series of Robot Wars apart from the first two, including both series of Extreme. Their robots were: Scutter's Revenge, armed with a front bulldozer scoop that fought in Series 3, Spawn of Scutter, a robot that had a flipping/piercing spike and fought in Series 4 and Spawn Again that fought in the following three series and the two series of Robot Wars Extreme, armed with a big CO2 powered flipper. All of Team Scutterbots' machines (particularly Spawn Again) were well known for their tendencies to break down or suffer from technical problems in the wars that they competed in. Despite this setback, Team Scutterbots made the series semi finals in 4 of the 5 wars they competed in, excluding the Seventh and Final Wars.


Team Scutterbots had a rivalry with the International Wreck Crew, imitating their attitude and dress, and expressing desire to fight them. However, they never got the chance despite coexisting in many episodes, leaving this as the biggest unresolved grudge in Robot Wars.

In their debut appearance, Team Scutterbots were in the same heat as Plunderstorm, but did not meet after Plunderstorm lost in round 1. In Series 4, Spawn of Scutter was again drawn into the same heat as Plunderbird 4, both robots being seeded, but Plunderbird was defeated in the second round by Knightmare.

The next two incarnations, Spawn Again and Plunderbird 5, both entered the War of Independence during the first series of Extreme Warriors, but both were beaten in the first round. The chance for the two teams to fight each other finally came around when they were drawn up against each other in the Tag Team Terror during Extreme Series 1, with Comengetorix and Bigger Brother, respectively.

"I think Plunderbird needs to learn how to fly"
— Graham Warner

However before the match, Plunderbird crashed into the entry gate and had to withdraw, being replaced Major Tom. No further interaction between the two teams occurred after this.


Name Weight Class Series
Scutter's Revenge Heavyweight Series 3
Spawn of Scutter Heavyweight Series 4
Spawn Again Heavyweight Series 5-7, Extreme 1-2, US Season 1
  • Scutter's Revenge
  • Spawn Of Scutter
  • Spawn Again (Extreme 1)
  • Spawn Again (Series 5)
  • Spawn Again (Series 6)
  • Spawn Again (Extreme 2)
  • Spawn Again (Series 7)


  • Wins: 17
  • Losses: 11

Series Record

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