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Team Supernova, originally Team Trinity, is a team that competed in eight different series of Robot Wars. The team were originally native to Greater London where they studied, but later became Surrey locals, with a background in Sri Lanka.

The Team[]

Official photo of the Series 6 team

The majority of the team members' roots were in Sri Lanka, the nation that the team represented during The Third World Championship. Team Supernova was captained by Suren Balendran, an oil and gas industry specialist. He was consistently joined by Thuvaaragen Balendran, and Nishani Balendran, an IT specialist, became a regular team member from Series 5 onwards.

The team entered two robots; Oblivion, which competed in Series 2-4, although only in the Pinball during Series 3, and Supernova, which competed in Series 5-9.

The original name Team Trinity came from the school the Balendran family attended, Trinity School in Croydon, which gave them help with building Oblivion and sponsored it.

"I feel that I would not have been able to enter my first two robots (oblivion1/2) without the help from TRINITY SCHOOL Croydon and more importantly the teachers in the DT department. Thank you for all your help guys!"
— Suren Balendran on the Team Supernova website

Team Supernova in Series 6

Team Supernova enter the arena in Series 8

The team enjoyed a mixed run of success during their appearances on Robot Wars, reaching two Heat Finals and finishing runner-up in the Third World Championship, but also going out in the first round on four occasions. Series 9 was their biggest middle ground, finishing third within their heat. With appearances in eight different series, Team Supernova were among the most recurring faces in the show, although they did not enter Series 10 due to personal commitments[1].

Battle of the Stars[]

Suren Balendran was specifically chosen to be a mentor in Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars. It was suggested that he would appear in Episode 2, mentoring Suzi Perry and Dallas Campbell, presenters of TV shows such as The Gadget Show. However, Balendran could not travel to the venue in time[2], and his role was filled by Craig Danby. Balendran confirmed that he was not involved with the build process of Perry's robot, The Cat.


Name Weight Class Series
Oblivion Heavyweight Series 2-4
Supernova Heavyweight Series 5-9


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 9

Series Record[]

Series Team Supernova Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat Final with Oblivion
The Third Wars Pinball Competition with Oblivion 2
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 1 with Oblivion 2
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1 with Supernova
The Sixth Wars Heat Final with Supernova
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1 with Supernova
Series 8 Heat, Round 1 with Supernova
Series 9 Heat, Round 2 with Supernova
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]


During the time the show was off-air, the team built a heavyweight flipper called Flick. However, it was largely unseen at live events. It was sold to Team Nemesis.


  • Team Supernova are the only Sri Lankan team to enter Robot Wars, and the only Asian team as well, aside from Natsuko Hori of Team B.
  • Despite competing in all the UK Championships around them (4 to 7), Team Supernova did not compete in either series of Robot Wars Extreme. They were invited to compete in the second series of Extreme, but a clash with university exams prevented their attendance.
    • This was not the only example of Team Supernova declining positions in Robot Wars, as Supernova could not participate in the Seventh Wars All-Stars due to exam commitments, and Suren Balendran withdrew as a mentor in Battle of the Stars.
  • If Oblivion 2's appearance in the Third Wars is considered, Team Supernova are one of only three teams to compete in seven series of Robot Wars, alongside Team Make Robotics and Team Hurtz.
  • Just like the other three teams in Series 9 to debut in Series 2 (Team Hurtz, Team Make Robotics and Team 13), Team Supernova finished third in its heat during Series 9.


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