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Team Vercingetorix was a veteran team that competed in four main series of Robot Wars, as well as the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. The team debuted in Series 2 and fought all the way until Series 6, only missing out Series 5. They entered Series 2-4 with Vercingetorix before entering the newer Comengetorix into Extreme 1 and Series 6. They were known as Team Comengetorix when they entered with the latter robot.

The Team[]

Team Vercingetorix in Series 4

Team Vercingetorix came from Wootton on The Isle of Wight and were the only team in the history of Robot Wars to come from the Isle of Wight. The captain of Team Vercingetorix was Ian Gear, who was the only team member present in all of their appearances. Ian was an Aerospace worker and the driver of all the robots. Ian was notable for having a rather comedic personality and was always up for having fun during their time on the show. This was strongly shown in Extreme 1, where Ian instigated a Vengeance battle between his team and Team Big Brother after defeating them in the Tag Team Terror, jokingly mocking them by saying that they didn't deserve the fly the Union Jack flag. Ian continued his rude remarks by accepting the Vengeance battle but only when Team Big Brother's robots 'were working properly'.

Craig Charles: "No respect for the Union Jack at all"
Ian Gear: "Well, did they deserve to wear it?"
— Ian Gear mocking Team Big Brother

In some cases, Ian would display a traditional Roman Legion flag and in the case of Series 6, wore chain mail armour while in the pits, going with the theme of their robots.

Alistair Curtis-Horsfall was the other prominent team member, appearing in all of their campaigns except for Series 6. Alistair was also an Aerospace worker and the weapons operator. Alistair shared the same comedic attitude as Ian, often joking that the robots were armoured in fictional material such as "bifurcated caesium-324" in the case of the Series 3 Vercingetorix and "terrilium carbonic alloy" in Series 4, which they claimed was also what Buzz Lightyear's wings were made out of. Alistair conducted the team's interview for Extreme 1, and delivered it in a different fashion than the other teams in the series. Alistair spoke in a mostly deadpan tone while describing Comengetorix's arsenal of weapons, even pointing out the "sarcasm written on the front" of the robot and saying that the axe was "so that people will get the point". After the aforementioned Tag Team Terror battle, Joe and Ellie Watts 'confronted' Team Vercingetorix about their 'attitude' and challenged them to a Vengeance battle to which Alistair responded by saying "Comengetorix if you think you're hard enough" in an over-the-top childish tone.

In Series 2 and 3, Nigel Radestock was the third team member, but left afterwards. Nigel didn't have a speaking role during his time with the team. For Series 4 and Extreme 1, Alistair's son, Tom, was invited onto the team, where his role was the "weapons co-ordinator". Though Tom also did not have any speaking roles, he did have a notable moment in Extreme 1 during the team's introduction of Comengetorix, where he was asleep on a chair behind Ian and Alistair while they were filming the interview. This was pointed out by Alistair, who referred to Tom as the "sleeping partner". Jonathan Pearce noted that Tom was a supporter of the Manchester United football team.

The team in Series 6

After Alistair and Tom left the team, Ian was joined by Adam Radestock for Series 6. Adam, presumably a family member of former teammate Nigel, took Alistair's place as the weapons operator and his only speaking role was after losing to Hydra in the second round of Heat J, where he explained how they attempted to win the battle. The young Bradley Jennings was the other team member for Series 6. He did not have a speaking role.

Though all of the team's robots were different in design, they were all painted blue and had their names written on in white font. In the case of the Series 2 and 3 versions of Vercingetorix, they were decorated with Latin graffiti. This was not present on the Series 4 version, but was brought back for Comengetorix in Extreme 1. All the robots were armed with some sort of lifting arm, but other weapons such as spikes, side rams and axes were also implemented into the various robot designs.


Name Weight Class Series
Vercingetorix Heavyweight Series 2-4
Comengetorix Heavyweight Series 6, Extreme 1


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 9

Series Record[]

Main Series Team Vercingetorix Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat, Arena Semi-Final with Vercingetorix
The Third Wars Heat, Round 1 with Vercingetorix
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2 with Vercingetorix
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify with Comengetorix
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2 with Comengetorix
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Comengetorix
Series 2 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Vercingetorix as V-Bot at Techno Games

Comegetorix at Robot Mania 2001 battling Weird Alice

The team also entered Vercingetorix into Techno Games in 2003 under the name V-Bot. V-Bot competed in the Sumo competition, defeating 51 in the first round, but would not advance as it was outside of the top four for the quickest times. It also entered the Football competition, teaming up with A Bot as "The AV Raiders", but lost in Round 1 to Team Make Robotics.

Comengetorix made appearances at two live events. It first competed at Robot Mania in 2001, fighting Weird Alice and Chaos 2 in separate battles. Its other live event appearance was at the 2002 Robo Rumble, where in its sole battle it fought in a melee against other Robot Wars competitors, which was ultimately won by Bulldog Breed.

All of the robots are still owned by Ian Gear, though the internals of the Series 2 and 3 versions of Vercingetorix have been scrapped and are now just the shells. Comengetorix's internals have also been scrapped, though it still retains its lifting arm and some armour. However, the Series 4 version of Vercingetorix is still in working condition, though its axe head has been replaced with the one Comengetorix used in Series 6. All of the robots appeared at the Robots Live! at The Great Wonderfest event in the Isle of Wight in August 2019 as static display pieces and the Series 4 Vercingetorix also performed a test drive.