Tekno Masher is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a heavyweight class robot with a triangle-shaped body. Its weapons are a flamethrower, a rending spike and three small spikes and it is armoured in salvaged steel. It cannot self-right.


Using Tekno MasherEdit

Tekno Masher has some good weaponry, with the flamethrower and spikes. You can ram into other opponents and attempt to deal damage with the weapons. However, the player must avoid flipping weapons at all costs as Tekno Masher cannot self-right. Despite this, it has a low ground clearance and has good stability provided by the spikes.

Against Tekno MasherEdit

Despite Tekno Masher's low ground clearance, its problems are that it is fairly slow, has vulnerable sides, and no means of self-righting itself so attempting to use a lifting weapon to try and flip it over is usually your best bet. However, due to its spikes, it is somewhat more stable than many of the other pre-built robots, so it may take more than one try. Also, try and attack it from around the sides as the spikes there do the least damage - anywhere else, and it can damage you with its weaponry, the flamethrower and the rending spikes being particularly damaging.

Tekno Masher Stats

Tekno Masher's stats


  • This is the only fictional robot in Arenas of Destruction to feature a triangular shape.
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