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Terminal Ferocity was a large yellow and black robot that competed in Series 3. It was designed to resemble an artillery turret, with its main weapons being a large petrol driven chainsaw and a gas powered lifter. Terminal Ferocity made its only appearance in the Robot Wars video games in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem.

Appearance and Armament[]

Terminal Ferocity, in combat

Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem was the first Robot Wars game and as such Terminal Ferocity was one of the first competitor robots to be playable. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and Terminal Ferocity is no exception.

Aside from the rough shape, Terminal Ferocity's ingame model bears little resemblance to its real life counterpart. Rather than being yellow and black, it is a solid green all over, with no stripes (even in the select screen, it is shown as merely two shades of green). The chainsaw is also green, instead of red, and extremely small, looking like little more than a thin line. Terminal Ferocity also looks extremely blocky in Metal Mayhem, rather than the rounded shape of its real life counterpart.

In battle, Terminal Ferocity uses only its chainsaw to attack. The chainsaw is shown to raise and lower, although it is unknown if the real Terminal Ferocity's chainsaw had this ability, as it was defeated before it had a chance to use it. Like all CPU contestant robots, it will use its weapon when it comes into contact with another robot, but it will not always actively drive towards them. It is one of a few robots that is able to be flipped over if it drives over an arena spike.

Differences from Real Life[]

  • The robot is a solid green all over in the game.
  • The chainsaw weapon is rather undersized.