"Here it is, The Argo! It's a devilish piece of machinery that's renowned for causing bother!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

The Argo is a lightweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, undertaking very different guises in each appearance.

The Argo was the name of Jason and the Argonauts' divine ship from Greek mythology.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, The Argo is a low wedge shape, its weapons are some pincers and a large spike and it is armoured in aluminium. It cannot self-right. It is one of only two fictional robots to feature fewer drives than wheels in the game. The only other robot to share this feature is Salvage. At 2190 credits, it is also the cheapest competitor robot in the game.


Using The ArgoEdit

The Argo has weak armour, so try to stay away from powerful weapons and use the pincers to deal damage and move the other robots to the hazards to secure victory. If the pincers break off, you can use the spike to deal damage.

Against The ArgoEdit

The Argo has weak armour, so using most weapons can break it. Also, you can flip it, though it is hard to do so, considering the low ground clearance. Despite this, if you can get around the back, the pincers can be effective chocks in overturning.

The Argo Stats

The Argo's stats in Arenas of Destruction

Extreme DestructionEdit

In Extreme Destruction, The Argo has been changed to a low dome shape, its weapons are a circular saw and two spikes and it is armoured in aluminium. Its extras are also removed and it is still unable to self-right.


Using The ArgoEdit

The Argo has a different design to that in Arenas of Destruction. Use the saw to do damage to oncoming robots. Also, despite the shape, it can push with the spikes, due to the positioning allowing for pushing. Avoid flippers, as The Argo cannot self-right.

Against The ArgoEdit

Though The Argo has the spikes and disc, it is vulnerable to getting pushed around on the sides as it has no side spikes. A flip over from the front or rear will mean a win, as The Argo has a clearance at these points and it cannot self-right.

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