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The Big Cheese (known in-game as simply Big Cheese) was a cheese themed robot that competed in Series 3 of Robot Wars. It was a large yellow wedge shaped robot with a large red lifting arm that was easily capable of lifting a Mini Cooper as well as lifting its opponents high in the air and pitting them. The Big Cheese made its only appearance in the Robot Wars video games in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem, although its more successful sequel, Wheely Big Cheese, would later appear in other video games.

Appearance and Armament[]

Big Cheese in combat

Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem was the first Robot Wars game and as such The Big Cheese was one of the first competitor robots to be playable. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and The Big Cheese is no exception.

The in-game model is easily distinguishable as its real-life counterpart, with its yellow body and red lifting arm clearly visible. However, neither the name or the angry cat logo are included on the front, and the lifting arm is placed centrally, rather than on the right side of the robot.

In battle, Big Cheese's method of attack is using its lifting arm. With flipping omitted from the game, the arm only causes damage as it operates. Like all CPU contestant robots, it will use its weapon when it comes into contact with another robot, but it will not always actively drive towards them.

Differences from Real Life[]

  • In the game, the lifting arm is shown to be on the centre of the robot, when in actual life, the lifting arm is on the right hand side of the robot.
  • In the game, the robot doesn't have a curved rear.
  • The cat logo on the front of the robot is omitted.