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Rebecca Grant: "You guys are just a bunch of brutes, my gosh!"
Mike Regan: "Hell yeah, we're feeling good! We're gonna go in there – anyone who wants a piece of The Brute, COME AND GET IT! It's here, it's waiting for ya!"
— Team Vicious introduce themselves before the Season 1 US Championship

The Brute (also referred to as and later shortened to Brute or BRUTE) was a competitor robot from Redondo Beach, California, which fought in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. Under its original name, it reached the Semi-Finals of the Season 1 US Championship, where it was defeated and heavily damaged by The Revolutionist. As Brute, it was eliminated in the second round of the Season 2 US Championship after accidentally driving itself into the pit against Unibite 2.0, but finished runner-up in the Annihilator to Cyclone in the same season.

Versions of The Brute[]

"At the last minute, I decided to go ahead and build a robot for Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. I'm thinking that I have plenty of time... Well, I was wrong! I had to build my first ever Heavyweight robot in about a month,while building my Middleweight entry for season 3 of BattleBots. I was also holding down a full time job... Well, let's just say I was a bit over worked!"
— Mike Regan, Team Vicious website[1]

Both versions of The Brute were invertible, box-shaped robots with four externally-mounted go-kart wheels and a large ramming spike at the back. Team Vicious captain Mike Regan based its general layout on that for his BattleBots middleweight competitor Spaz, with an emphasis on simplicity, durability and improved drivability from the extra wheels.[1] While exhibiting good ramming and pushing power in either season of Extreme Warriors, each version was vulnerable to damage from spinning weapons as a result of the exposed tires.

The Brute[]

The Brute as it appeared in US Season 1, without the lifting spikes

The original Season 1 version was painted red, built with a tubular metal frame and equipped with a set of lifting spikes at the front in addition to the rear spike. In practice, the lifting spikes themselves proved unreliable as a result of the bearing blocks cracking easily in its debut fight, and were converted to static weapons for the remainder of its US Championship run.[1]


Brute in the arena

For US Season 2, The Brute was rebuilt in two weeks with a heavier welded steel chassis and hardened axles, and simply referred to as Brute. Fulfilling Mike Regan's original idea for the robot, the front lifting spikes and panel were replaced by a 23lb two-toothed spinning drum, welded together from various pieces of steel and rotating at 1,000rpm.[1] The robot's top speed in this incarnation was quoted at 8mph.

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

The Brute's only Season 1 appearance came in the US Championship. In its Heat, it fought Medusa Oblongata, 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Falcon, Shuriken and Red Virus.

The Brute pushes Falcon into the CPZ

At the start, The Brute hesitated before slamming into 6 Million Dollar Mouse, the two robots briefly bouncing up as they collided. The impact was sufficient to crack the bearing blocks for The Brute's lifting spikes, incapacitating them and forcing Mike Regan to drive his machine in reverse.[1] The Brute backed away, then rammed Falcon over the back of the immobilized Shuriken before briefly getting caught under Red Virus' lifter and driving away. Next, it drove partially up Red Virus' wedge again as it pushed Medusa Oblongata, proceeding to ram Red Virus side-on into Matilda’s flywheel as the House Robot left her CPZ.

"The Brute, the tiniest one in there, has got the most speed..."
Stefan Frank as The Brute pushes Medusa Oblongata

A short while later, The Brute pushed Falcon into Matilda's CPZ, allowing Shunt to come in and attack Falcon while it struggled to escape. It briefly blocked Red Virus and Medusa Oblongata as the latter two competitors battled, before it and Red Virus resumed attacking each other for the remainder of the battle. 'Cease' was called, and the battle went to a Judges' decision, which ruled that The Brute had won the heat and progressed to the Semi-Finals. Mike Regan revealed afterwards the issues with its lifting spikes and the need to drive the robot backwards as a result.

"I guess you can say that you won that one through the use of 'brute force'..."
Mick Foley to Team Vicious in the post-battle interview

In its Semi-Final, The Brute faced The Revolutionist, its lifting spikes now welded at a horizontal angle to become a pair of ramming blades.

The Revolutionist shreds one of The Brute's wheels

During the opening seconds of the battle, it again hesitated before charging straight at The Revolutionist and missing. The Brute spun around in circles as The Revolutionist hit it, the impact deflecting The Brute away as it retreated and spun round in an empty CPZ. It quickly left to face The Revolutionist again, but another collision with The Revolutionist tore through its front-right tire, with The Brute being left completely immobilized after it spun round and was deflected by The Revolutionist once again. Within the first minute, its battery eliminator had short-circuited.[1]

"...and the little Brute, the little Brute doesn't seem to be moving very fast!"
— Stefan Frank as The Brute becomes immobilized

Matilda pits the immobile Brute

The Brute sustained more damage to its front-right wheel as The Revolutionist attacked it once again, and was counted out by Refbot before Sgt. Bash and Matilda caused even more damage. Sgt. Bash dragged The Brute back across the arena with his pincers, before Matilda lifted and pushed it into the pit, although not before The Brute attempted to turn away using one of its undamaged wheels. Needless to say, The Brute was eliminated from the US Championship as a result of this defeat.

"Looks like we just saw Brute get brutalized..."
— Mick Foley announces The Brute’s elimination

Season 2[]

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A rebuilt Brute returned for Season 2, first competing in the US Championship. Appearing in Heat C, it faced Sir Force A Lot and Conquering Clown 2 in its first-round battle.

"Be afraid... be very afraid."
— Mike Regan prior to the Season 2 US Championship

Brute pushes Sir Force A Lot back

Brute backed away immediately as both of its opponents attacked each other. Brute eventually rammed into Sir Force A Lot, which deflected Brute into Conquering Clown 2, before Brute retreated and briefly drove up the side of Conquering Clown 2's wedge, although without causing any damage with the drum. After spending some time avoiding its opponents again, Brute nudged Sir Force A Lot away, before driving away, pushing and driving over the top of Sir Force A Lot's blades. The three robots briefly converged together as Conquering Clown 2 came in to push Brute away, before Brute again pushed Sir Force A Lot as it got its blades stuck on the Disk of Doom. Brute then pressed the pit release button while Conquering Clown 2 pushed Sir Force A Lot into a CPZ, and briefly pursued Conquering Clown 2 just as 'cease' was called. The battle went to a Judges' decision, which ruled that Brute would progress along with Conquering Clown 2.

In the second round, Brute fought Unibite 2.0, a horizontal disc from an experienced team.

Brute bends the disc of Unibite 2.0

At the start, it immediately drove up Unibite 2.0's forks before bumping it twice and getting its drum underneath the latter's disk. This disabled Unibite 2.0's disk, allowing Brute to push it back across the arena before it stopped pushing to turn round and reverse towards Unibite 2.0 spike-first. Brute used the spike to reach through the side of Unibite 2.0 and spear one of its wheels, before backing away and twice slamming into Unibite 2.0's front drum-first. It continued bumping and ramming Unibite 2.0 before pushing it across the arena and slamming into its side again.

"Brute's got the power of pushin', the grinders are goin'. Now Unibite had better come up with something real quick, or else they're gonna be bot butter!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pushes Unibite 2.0 around the arena

Brute drives onto the lip of the pit

Brute's drum clipped the side of Unibite 2.0 a few times as it pushed the latter once more, before Brute hesitated to attack any further until after Unibite 2.0 pressed the pit release button. Brute continued nudging, pushing and driving up Unibite 2.0's front before suddenly driving towards the pit and getting itself suspended halfway over the edge. In an attempt to drive itself free, Brute instead steered fully in, eliminating itself from the battle and the US Championship.

"Oh no! Look at that, the Brute takes himself out! Unbelievable... look at that, hanging around the edge and – goodbye, down the chute!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pits itself

The Brute later appeared in the Annihilator, competing alongside Cyclone, The Termite, Revenge, Thor's Hammer and Hyperactive.

In the first round, it initially stayed out of the action before driving near the Flame Pit and pushing Thor's Hammer after it had been flipped and immobilized by Hyperactive. Brute turned to face Hyperactive's disk, but hesitated as Revenge nudged it, before pushing under the inverted Thor's Hammer while the latter was attacked by Cyclone. With Cyclone throwing Thor's Hammer out of the arena seconds later, Brute proceeded to turn Revenge over before pushing it into Cyclone, causing Revenge's drum to be partially torn off by Cyclone's disk just before 'cease' was called.

In the second round, Brute entered the arena relatively undamaged, to battle the four other machines.

Brute (top-right) drives away as Hyperactive flips The Termite onto two wheels

Cyclone throws Brute over

Brute immediately pushed Hyperactive around before nudging it and driving away as Hyperactive collided with The Termite. There, it was speared by Revenge, before bumping into Hyperactive's side again as Cyclone tore the latter's disk off its mount. After this, it stayed out of the action before driving towards Hyperactive again, dodging Cyclone's disk and pushing Hyperactive back across the arena using its spike. As Brute backed away and attempted to push Hyperactive towards the wall, Cyclone clipped its right-rear wheel and flipped it over, although this had no effect on Brute's drive as it backed away towards a distant CPZ. Brute drove over a CO2 jet and shuttled back and forth out of the way as Cyclone flipped Hyperactive against and over the wall, enabling it to survive to the third round.

There, Brute faced Cyclone, The Termite and Revenge.

Brute shoves the immobile Termite into the pit

Brute initially hesitated before bumping into The Termite, with the two robots proceeding to nudge, bump and hit each other with their weapons. Brute backed towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, before driving up The Termite's front and underneath its back end as the latter attempted to attack Cyclone. This allowed Brute to push The Termite towards an angle grinder, but as before, it was launched into the air by Cyclone while doing so. Brute drove away as Cyclone ripped one of The Termite's wheels off and caught fire on the flame jet, only to check the now three-wheeled Termite for movement and wait in the middle of the arena as Sir Killalot attacked the latter. It drove over the flame jet itself seconds later before pressing the pit release button and again hesitating to attack any of its opponents for some time. Eventually, it tapped The Termite as the latter struggled for mobility, getting underneath Revenge as the latter drove in between both robots, before pushing The Termite away.

"...but it looks to me like The Brute is doing all the work here. Everybody else is being dismantled!"
— Stefan Frank as The Brute attacks The Termite and Revenge

Brute rammed into Revenge again with its spike as Cyclone reversed near them, the latter's disk now disabled following its earlier fire. It proceeded to nudge and push The Termite across the arena numerous times as the latter finally lost mobility, before eventually pushing it into the pit.

Brute had progressed to the fourth round, a three-way battle against Revenge and Cyclone.

Brute immediately attempted to push Revenge, but missed, and pressed the pit release button just as Cyclone flicked Revenge onto the soon-to-descend pit. Brute pursued Cyclone, almost driving too close to the pit edge in the process, before backing away and pushing Cyclone into Sgt. Bash's CPZ just as it flipped and immobilized Revenge.

"It's a party in the Corner Patrol Zone! Brute, Cyclone and Revenge are all taking it out..."
— Stefan Frank as Brute pushes Cyclone into Sgt. Bash's CPZ

Again, Brute backed away and waited in the middle of the arena until Cyclone left the CPZ, with the two robots briefly touching each other as Brute attempted to spear through one of Cyclone’s tracks with the spike. With Revenge still being attacked by Sgt. Bash, neither Brute nor Cyclone attacked each other any further as their defeated opponent was dragged onto the Floor Flipper by Dead Metal, thrown across the arena and pitted. With Revenge eliminated, both robots qualified for the Annihilator final.

For the final against Cyclone, Team Vicious attempted to use their superior speed to outmaneuver Cyclone, and use Brute's own drum as defence.

Carol Grow: "Brute, what do you think your advantages are over the Cyclone?"
Mike Regan: "I think we've got some speed and some maneuverability over him. I think we'd try and outdrive him, if that doesn't do it, we've got the largest chunk of steel he's ever tried to bite into and we'll just... put that right into the blades and see what that does."
— Mike Regan explains his strategy for the Annihilator final

Brute pushes Cyclone against an angle grinder

Team Vicious stayed true to their tactics by driving Brute straight into Cyclone's disk, with Brute being thrown onto one wheel as Cyclone hit its chassis and drum in rapid succession. Brute landed upright and charged drum-first into Cyclone's disk again, scooping underneath Cyclone and pushing it against an angle grinder. In doing so, it managed to rip two teeth off of Cyclone's disk and cause a drive belt to shear loose from the Team Raptor machine, before Cyclone escaped to buffet Brute away again and chase it around the perimeter of Sgt. Bash's CPZ.

"It looks like Mike Regan was right about his little weapon on The Brute. That metal just tore the extra belt off of Cyclone. [Cyclone's] still got power with that disk, but my guess is he doesn't have as much power!"
— Stefan Frank after Brute shears Cyclone's teeth – and weapon belt – off

Sgt. Bash inflicts terminal damage on Brute

Brute withstood another blow from Cyclone before pushing it sideways into Sgt. Bash, but sustained more damage to its drum and front-left wheel before being briefly pinned against the wall by the House Robot. By this point, the damage was sufficient to cause part of the chassis to get 'pinched' against Brute's wheels, preventing Brute from driving straight for a short while.[1] As a result, Brute turned and bumped into Sgt. Bash numerous times while Cyclone drove towards it, Cyclone's disk having stopped following its previous attack.

Brute eventually drove itself into Shunt's CPZ and an angle grinder on the other side of the arena, with Shunt axing, pushing and lifting Brute a few times. The Team Vicious machine escaped and turned round, getting underneath and pushing Cyclone into the wall. The two competitors briefly nudged each other as they escaped from Shunt. However, Brute once again drove itself into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, the House Robot pinning and dragging it back in his pincers. The attack was enough to dent one of Brute's drive motor housings, immobilizing it completely.[1]

"Poor Brute, has taken some major abuse! A hundred pounds lighter than his opposition in this round, and it takes a House Bot to dispose of 'im, so you tell me what's fair! Now in all fairness, actually, Brute did spend a lot of time in the CPZs, so he deserves what he gets..."
— Stefan Frank as Brute is cornered and immobilized by Sgt. Bash

Once counted out by Refbot, Brute was grabbed by Sgt. Bash again before Shunt pushed it straight into the pit. As a result, it and Team Vicious finished runner-up in the US Season 2 Annihilator.


Season 1
US Championship
Heat vs. 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Falcon, Medusa Oblongata, Red Virus, Shuriken Won
Semi-Final vs. The Revolutionist Lost
Season 2
US Championship
Heats, Round 2
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Conquering Clown 2, Sir Force A Lot Qualified
Heat C, Round 2 vs. Unibite 2.0 Lost
Second Place
Round 1 vs. Cyclone, Hyperactive, Revenge,
The Termite, Thor's Hammer
Round 2 vs. Cyclone, Hyperactive, Revenge, The Termite Qualified
Round 3 vs. Cyclone, Revenge, The Termite Qualified
Round 4 vs. Cyclone, Revenge Qualified
Final vs. Cyclone Lost


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 3

Series Record[]

Brute in The Pits

US Series The Brute Series Record
Season 1 Semi-Finals
Season 2 Heat, Round 2
Nickelodeon Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Prior to the start of the UK Robot Wars TV series, Team Vicious competed in the original US Robot Wars competitions with the championship-winning Vicious-1. They also enjoyed considerable success in the original BattleBots with the middleweight thwackbot Spaz, which participated in the Long Beach 1999 event and won the Season 2.0 Middleweight championship before being retired. Spaz was succeeded by Thwak for Season 3.0, which reached the round of 32 in that season before losing to Twin Paradox at that stage. Team Vicious also entered the Lightweight division of BattleBots Season 2.0 with Scrub, which reached the round of 16 before losing to Backlash there.



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