The Bullock is a fictional robot from the game Arenas of Destruction. It is a middleweight class robot with a wedge box-shaped body. Its weapon is a spike and it is armoured in titanium. It cannot self-right and costs 8850 credits to buy.


Using The BullockEdit

If using the Bullock, the best way to win when fighting is to push into the other robots and to shove them into other hazards to do damage or to move them into the walls in order to tip the opponents over, while doing damage with the spike. If the spike breaks, it is still capable of pushing, though on a lesser scale. Avoid flippers however, as The Bullock cannot self-right.

Against The BullockEdit

The Bullock is very difficult to push from the front as it has high torque and push. However, it is vulnerable to flippers due to a high clearance, so flipping it will mean a win.

The Bullock stats

The Bullock's stats

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