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"This is one "Edge" that you really won't want to get close to!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

The Edge is a fictional competitor robot from the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a high dome shaped robot armoured in polycarbonate and armed with a high scoop at the front, a carbon cutting disc at the back, and 6 hollow spikes around the side. The Edge is available to buy after unlocking stage 2 of Competition Mode. It cannot self-right.


Using The Edge[]

The Edge has surprisingly high pushing power despite its chassis shape, due to the power in the motors and the scoop, and as such, can shunt other robots around the arenas into pits, traps and house robots. The carbon cutting-disc on the back of The Edge has high damage potential, and shouldn't be dismissed as an opportunity to cause damage. However, neither of The Edge's weapons enable it to self-right, so keep away from flippers on opposing robots.

Against The Edge[]

The Edge is a difficult robot to beat without a flipping weapon - the polycarbonate armour provides good protection, even against destructive weaponry. However, if armed with a flipping weapon, one could use the spikes as chocks to get in underneath and toss The Edge over. It would be a useful idea to keep away from the scoop, as The Edge can push robots around with it, and likewise, keep away from the carbon disc on the back of the robot.