"Meet The Ender - it'll end it all for you, if you're not careful!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

The Ender is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is a dome shaped robot armed with an axe and two spikes at the front. It is armoured in perspex. It cannot self-right.

The Ender is available to buy in Competition mode after unlocking Stage 7 for 5430 credits.


Using The EnderEdit

The Ender's spikes are very useful for trapping robots - once a robot is caught between the spikes, the wood chopper can be fired to cause damage, or The Ender can use its power to push it into an arena hazard such as the flame pit or a CPZ. Alternatively, The Ender can spin on the spot, waiting for robots to be drawn in, then the spikes will spin round and hit them, sending them away whilst also causing damage to the incoming robot. Avoid flippers however, as The Ender cannot self-right.

Against The EnderEdit

The Ender is unable to self-right, and the spikes are ideal tools to use as chocks to position the flipper. When not controlling a robot armed with a flipper, it is fairly easy to push the circular shape of The Ender side on, into various arena hazards.

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