"The gauntlet is the perfect challenge for the pullback toys. The aim of the game is to cross from one side of the gauntlet to the other avoiding its pump action spikes and demolition balls... This will present a terrifying challenge to the best of Roboteers! This toy comes with exclusive X-terminator 2 Robot, cones, breezeblocks and barrel blockades."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Gauntlet Challenger Box was a playset released in 2001, designed for play with the pullback toys, based upon The Gauntlet from earlier series of Robot Wars. This included a constructable hazardous Gauntlet for pullback toys to navigate, and also included an X-Terminator 2 pullback toy, a toy which was not released outside of the Gauntlet Challenger Box.



The Gauntlet Challenger Box, fully packaged

The Gauntlet contained the following features:

  • A grey breeze block wall, like the one included with Hypno-Disc.
  • Two of the tyre targets found in the Series 4 Pinball Warrior Tournament, worth 25 and 50 points.
  • Two silver barrels worth five points each, the same as those packaged with Dead Metal.
  • Two cones with a ball on top of each of them, like the six given away with the Chaos 2 pullback.
  • A large raised platform with two detachable ramps, two spiked pendulums ('demolition balls') and floor spikes powered by two attachable air pumps.
  • One X-Terminator 2 pullback toy.
    • A Chaos 2 pullback toy was included with the set found at a Woolworths store.


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