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[[Category:Robots Thrown out of the Arena]]
[[Category:Robots Thrown out of the Arena]]
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[[Category:Robots with alternate versions]]
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[[Category:Robots with multiple appearances without winning a battle]]
[[Category:Robots with multiple appearances without winning a battle]]

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Not to be confused with the similarly named robot The Green House.
"Looks like he ate a bit of bad cheese."
— Stefan Frank on The Green Mouse

The Green Mouse was a loanerbot that fought in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. As its name suggested, it was designed around a mouse covered in green fur, the snout acting as a flipper. The Green Mouse fought in the Robot Rebellion under Team Katana, but was eliminated in Round 1 after being overturned by Tricerabot.

The loanerbot also competed in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, this time covered in yellow fur and renamed Squirmin Vermin, again in the Robot Rebellion under Team Chippermonkey. It did not do any better against the House Robots and was dropped out of the arena by Sir Killalot.

Robot History

Season 1

The Green Mouse was one of several loanerbots to fight in the Robot Rebellion, drawn against Tricerabot. Tricerabot found itself flipped up when it tried to attack The Green Mouse, but the Mouse itself bounced around during more attacks. Tricerabot easily shunted The Green Mouse into the pit release, before landing several more powerful attacks, one of which flipped The Green Mouse on its back. The Green Mouse was then set on fire, flipped and pitted.



Squirmin Vermin

In the Nickelodeon Robot Rebellion, Squirmin Vermin tried to use its snout to overturn Shunt, but couldn't flip the House Robot and sent its own nose flying across the arena. It was axed and lifted up numerous times by Shunt and sawed by Dead Metal. Squirmin Vermin was then nudged towards the Pit but Humdrum was able to pull it away. Sir Killalot then entered the arena, and grabbed the heavily damaged Squirmin Vermin in its pincers, lifting it up and carrying it around before finally dropping it out of the arena.


Season 1
Robot Rebellion
Round 1
Eliminator vs. Tricerabot Lost
Robot Rebellion (Competing with Humdrum)
House Robot Rebellion vs. Shunt & Dead Metal Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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