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{{Battle|House Robot Rebellion|[[Shunt]] & [[Dead Metal]]|Lost}}
{{Battle|House Robot Rebellion|[[Shunt]] & [[Dead Metal]]|Lost}}
[[File:Greenmouseafter_RWEW1.jpg|thumb|170px|The Green Mouse after its only Season 1 battle.]]
*Wins: 0
*Wins: 0
*Losses: 2
*Losses: 2
==Series Record==
[[File:Greenmouseafter_RWEW1.jpg|thumb|170px|The Green Mouse after its only Season 1 battle]]
{{Series Record US|The Green Mouse|'''Robot Rebellion'''<br> Entered with [[Shuriken]]|Entered with [[Ninjitsu]]}}
''NOTE: The above record reflects that of Team Katana''
{{Extreme Warriors 1 Competitors}}
{{Extreme Warriors 1 Competitors}}

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Not to be confused with the similarly named robot The Green House.
"Looks like he ate a bit of bad cheese."
— Stefan Frank on The Green Mouse

The Green Mouse was a loanerbot that fought in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It fought exclusively in the Robot Rebellion under the controls of Team Katana, but was eliminated in the first round after getting overturned by Tricerabot.

The Green Mouse also competed in Nickelodeon Robot Wars under the name Squirmin Vermin, again appearing solely in the House Robot Rebellion. At the controls of Team Chippermonkey, it was defeated in the Rebellion after sustaining damage and getting dropped out of the arena by Sir Killalot.



Front view of The Green Mouse

As its name suggested, The Green Mouse was a two-wheel drive robot designed to resemble a mouse, covered in green fur and complete with floppy ears, whiskers, tail and a pair of red eyes. Its weapon was a pneumatic lifter that formed the robot's snout.

The Green Mouse's lifter was reasonably powerful, but its lack of bottom plate at the front gave it a tendency to lift itself up while trying to lift opponents, while the robot's fur was also flammable. The Green Mouse also had largely exposed wheels and lacked a self-righting mechanism, the latter of which proved to be its major undoing during its only battle in Extreme Warriors.


Squirmin Vermin

For Nickelodeon Robot Wars, The Green Mouse was renamed Squirmin Vermin, and was covered in yellow fur instead of green. A black rubber ball was also added to the tip of the lifter, intended to resemble a 'nose', while white and black eyes replaced the red ones on the top of the lifter. Other than these alterations, Squirmin Vermin remained fundamentally unchanged from the original Green Mouse.

Robot History

Season 1


Tricerabot pushes The Green Mouse onto the Flame Pit

The Green Mouse was one of several loanerbots to compete in the Robot Rebellion. In its first-round battle, it faced Tricerabot, and started by chasing Tricerabot around before lifting the latter as it backed into it. In doing so, The Green Mouse overbalanced, and was rammed by Tricerabot before being pushed into the pit release button. It lingered close to the pit, at one point having its lifter suspended over the edge, before slamming into Tricerabot again. The Green Mouse hesitated, before being turned over onto its side after another charge from Tricerabot. Tricerabot turned The Green Mouse onto its back before pushing it onto the Flame Pit, where its fur caught fire.

"Oh no, it's time for a bit of Southern fried mouse, extra crispy!"
Stefan Frank as The Green Mouse burns on the Flame Pit

The Green Mouse was counted out by Refbot and dragged off the Flame Pit by Dead Metal. Still aflame, it was shoved by Tricerabot again before Shunt pushed it onto the Floor Flipper, where The Green Mouse was thrown back upright. Shunt axed the smoldering Green Mouse before Dead Metal pitted it, after which it was eliminated from the Robot Rebellion.


Sqirming Vermin pit

Squirmin Vermin is almost pitted

Squirmin Vermin competed exclusively in the House Robot Rebellion. Together with Humdrum, it faced Shunt and Dead Metal at the start of the battle, and immediately drove towards both of the House Robots. After being nudged by and dodging Dead Metal, it attempted to lift Shunt, but lost its rubber nose and lifted itself in doing so, allowing Dead Metal to come in and slice through one of its wheels. The four robots became locked together, before Squirmin Vermin sustained more damage from Dead Metal and was axed and lifted simultaneously by Shunt.

"Poor Squirmin Vermin never had a chance, so what do these challengers have to learn about this round? Don't mess with the House Bots... as Shunt drags Squirmin Vermin close to the mouse hole..."
— Stefan Frank as Shunt axes and drags Squirmin Vermin towards the pit
Sir K Sqirming Vermin

Sir Killalot drops Squirmin Vermin over the wall

Firing its lifter in vain, Squirmin Vermin was axed by Shunt again, who proceeded to drag it towards the pit, only for Squirmin Vermin to creep away from the edge. It momentarily drove alongside Dead Metal before being lifted by Shunt again, at which point Sir Killalot entered the arena and picked Squirmin Vermin up with his jaws. Sir Killalot carried Squirmin Vermin across the arena before dropping it over the wall, eliminating it from the House Robot Rebellion. The rubber 'nose' was later retrieved and handed back to Team Chippermonkey in the post-battle interview.

"...Squirmin Vermin, held high above the arena...just wriggling helplessly as Sir K dumps him out of the arena! And the crowd love that little departure!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Killalot dumps Squirmin Vermin out of the arena


Season 1
Robot Rebellion
Round 1
Eliminator vs. Tricerabot Lost
House Robot Rebellion
Competing with Humdrum, Lost
House Robot Rebellion vs. Shunt & Dead Metal Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series Record

Greenmouseafter RWEW1

The Green Mouse after its only Season 1 battle

US Series The Green Mouse Series Record
Season 1 Robot Rebellion
Entered with Shuriken
Season 2 Entered with Ninjitsu
Nickelodeon Did not enter

NOTE: The above record reflects that of Team Katana

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