The Light Fantastic is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight class robot with a cone-shaped body. Its weapon is an axe and it is armoured in polycarbonate. It can self-right, one of only a handful of fictional robots in the game that can do so.

The name could be a reference to the phrase 'trip the light fantastic', referring to a style of dancing.


Using The Light FantasticEdit

Because The Light Fantastic is similar to Sabre Tooth, similar tactics would apply. Keep the front facing forward and use the axe to damage robots. The armor is weaker than Sabre Tooth, though. Avoid flippers if the axe breaks however, as The Light Fantastic cannot self-right without it.

Against The Light FantasticEdit

The back of The Light Fantastic is unprotected, so use pushing power in an attempt to move it to the hazards. Avoid the axe, as it can prove to be damaging to your robot.

The Light Fantastic Stats

The Light Fantastic's stats

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