"Now, if you're like me, and you've wondered how it all began, then you're in for a treat! Because in this very special programme, we get to see how the very first series of Robot Wars got to the screen!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

The Making of Robot Wars was a special behind-the-scenes episode about the making of the first series of Robot Wars originally broadcast on BBC Two on December 31, 1998. It managed to attract 3.07 million viewers, and according to BARB, ranked eighth of the top thirty highest rated BBC 2 broadcasts during 28 December-3 January.


This episode was unique in that it was a behind the scenes documentary, looking at how the show started, and the making and series of the show.

1995 UK Open CompetitionEdit

Clips were shown from the event that acted as a pilot for the television show, the 1995 UK Open Competition, where American robots came over to battle as "ambassadors" for the sport of robotic combat, and fought hastily-built UK robots such as Grunt and The Mouse. The battle between American heavyweights Thor and The Master was shown, albeit not in full. Series Producer Stephen Carsey was interviewed about the event and how it led to the series starting.

Construction of the House RobotsEdit

Behind the scenes footage and design sketches were shown, showing how the House Robots were designed and built. Visual Effects Designer Chris Reynolds was interviewed about their construction.

The ArenaEdit

Behind the scenes footage was shown of how the Robot Wars Arena was designed and built, with clips of the Arena being designed, scrap being found in a junkyard for the set, and the Arena being assembled. Set designer Steve Clark was interviewed about the designing and building of the Arena.

Roboteers' Video DiariesEdit

Several roboteers provided home videos they had filmed, showing the design, construction and testing of their robots. These robots shown (in order) were; T.R.A.C.I.E., Road Block, Shogun, Dreadnaut and Bodyhammer.

The AuditionEdit

Exclusive footage of the competitors attending the audition was shown. The roboteers had to show their robot for technical scrutineering, and were given a driving test. Stephen Carsey also talked about the audition process.


Highlights from the series were also shown. Most of the clips were only briefly shown in montages, but the highlights from Heat A and the Grand Final were properly shown, not in montages, albeit inter cut with behind the scenes footage.

"You've seen the flame throwers and the circular saws, now you've seen the making, of Robot Wars!"
— Craig Charles' sign-off

Trivia Edit

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