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The Pit of Oblivion was a major hazard throughout the majority of Robot Wars, being introduced in the second series. Located in the bottom-left area of the arena, the pit would be used for House Robots to dispose of immobilised robots, or for other robots to push opponents in, provided it was open. When a competitor robot was either beached over the pit, or fell into it, it classed as the equivalent of a knockout.

In the reboot, the pit remained located in the bottom-left corner, however, it wasn't utilised as much due to the introduction of the Rogue House Robot and the Fog of War also occupying the same trigger as the former Pit Release Button.


Tantrum becomes the first robot to fall into the Pit

The Pit of Oblivion was introduced in Series 2, being featured in the left and centre routes of the Gauntlet across the series. It was also used in two trials across the series, - Tug of War and Pinball. Following on from this, the pit was used in the main arena, and was open for the duration of the match, filled with tyres. A smoke plume was produced when a robot fell in, signifying it's defeat. In Series 3, the pit was open for the first two rounds of the competition (including The First World Championship), and was closed thereafter. Sparks were also produced in this series, rather than smoke.

The sparks produced by the pit in Series 3

In the fourth series, the pit was redesigned and was a black-and-yellow striped square with a red border - an appearance that it would retain for future series. For the fourth series only, it would descend after a certain time period - roughly 100 seconds - and a siren would also be heard to announce this. However, the sound effect was added in post-production, meaning roboteers couldn't hear it. Consequently, many self-inflicted immobilisations occurred due to roboteers not noticing the open pit.

The Pit Release Bumper in Series 6

Tetanus Booster pushes the pit tyre

From the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, the pit could be opened using a pit release button (UK Series), also known as the pit release trigger or pit trigger (US Series). In Extreme 1 and Series 5, the button was a yellow tyre, mounted on the wall near the pit. In Series 6, and the remainder of the international series, the pit release was a metal bumper, and labeled "PIT" (striped black and yellow in US Series 2/Nickelodeon, plain red in Series 6/Dutch Series 2/German Series). However, it reverted to a tyre in the second series of Extreme as well as Series 7.

The Arena Tyre, swung towards Rogue House Robot, highlighting the lowered odds of the pit descending

All of the defeated robots in the 10 Robot Rumble, apart from Terrorhurtz

For Series 8 onwards, the pit was located in a similar location to the original arena, in the bottom left. However, the pit release tyre was in the top middle of the arena, rather than being mounted on the bottom wall near the pit, and from Series 9 onward, the odds of the pit descended were lowered, due to Rogue House Robot, and in Series 10, the Fog of War. The pit descended much quicker in the reboot and was larger than in the original arena, as it could fit up to at least eight robots, a notable example being at the end of the 10 Robot Rumble, where all defeated robots except for Terrorhurtz were pitted, either being pushed in, drove in, or were pushed in by the House Robots. The interior walls were lined with lights, and a new electronic alarm sound effect alerted roboteers to the panel's descent. From Battle of the Stars onward, the pit emitted a mist to signify the pit had opened, rather than a plume for when they fell in. In addition, the pit descended automatically, when a defeated competitor was attacked by a house robot after 'cease' was called. In Series 10, the pit once again fired a plume of smoke when a robot fell in.

Notable Instances[]

Note: Self-pittings are italicised.

Series 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat B, Trial, Tug of War Dead Metal Tantrum Tantrum eliminated (5th) First pitting of a robot.
Heat B, Trial, Tug of War Chaos Dead Metal Chaos victorious (1st) The competitor Chaos managed to pull the House Robot Dead Metal into the pit during the Tug of War. The first pitting of a House Robot.
Heat B, Final Sir Killalot Chaos Mace won Sir Killalot dropped Chaos in the pit after it had been eliminated by Mace. The first pitting of a robot in the arena stage.
Heat E, Final Killertron Technophobic Killertron won First pitting of a robot in a battle.
Heat F Panic Attack Disruptor Panic Attack won The first of Panic Attack's many pittings.
Heat J, Gauntlet Talos Dead Metal Talos covered 6.5m
Heat K, Gauntlet Self-Pitting Plunderbird 2 Plunderbird 2 covered 10.5m Plunderbird 2 drove through most of the Gauntlet, and then dove into the pit, seemingly on purpose to avoid the House Robots and secure a qualifying distance of 10.5m total. The team were mocked and called "chickens" for this behaviour.
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet, Race-Off The Sentinel Mace Panic Attack won the Race-Off The first and only Race-Off ever held. Mace's pitting by The Sentinel allowed Panic Attack to advance and ultimately become champion.
Semi-Final 1, Trial, Pinball Self-Pitting Sir Killalot Mortis scored 100 points Sir Killalot reversed into the pit during Mortis' pinball run, the first time he had done so.
Semi-Final 1, Arena Panic Attack Mortis Panic Attack won Panic Attack pitted Mortis in what was considered one of the biggest shocks of the series.
Semi-Final 2, Gauntlet Self-Pitting G.B.H. G.B.H. covered 6.6m Despite driving straight into the pit during its Gauntlet run, G.B.H. covered 6.6m which was enough to place second on the leaderboard.
Semi-Final 2, Trial, Pinball Self-Pitting Matilda The first pitting of Matilda
Grand Final, Battle 2 Panic Attack, Self-Pitting Sergeant Bash, Panic Attack Panic Attack won The first pitting of Sgt Bash, with Panic Attack pushing him in. Panic Attack fell in too, but still progressed.
Grand Final, Play-Off Roadblock Killertron Roadblock received 3rd place.
Grand Final, Final Panic Attack Cassius Panic Attack became Grand Champion First of three Grand Finals to end in a knock-out, and the only one determined by pitting victory.
Grudge Matches, Judgement Day Self-Pitting Cassius, Mortis Mortis won Cassius attempted to ram into Mortis, but fell into The Pit. Mortis was pushed in by the House Robots afterwards.
Grudge Matches, Judgement Day 2 Self-Pitting Napalm Mortis won Napalm drove into the pit, the second battle in a row that Mortis had won due to its opponent pitting itself.

Series 3[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat A, Round 1 Self-Pitting Stinger Mace 2 won Stinger pitted itself after ramping off Mace 2, in the first battle of the series.
Heat A, Round 1 Self-Pitting Raizer Blade Suicidal Tendencies won After Suicidal Tendencies lost the use of a track, Raizer Blade attempted to pit its half-immobile opponent, but instead fell into the pit itself and lost the battle on a judges' decision.
Heat C, Round 1 Razer Backstabber Razer won Razer's first combat victory.
Heat C, Round 1 Blade Spike Blade won Blade pushed Spike into the pit after the five-minute battle had already ended, and so the pitting was discounted, but Blade still won the judges' decision.
Heat D, Round 1 Sir Killalot Sir Chromalot Sir Chromalot won The judges ruled the House Robots intervened and gave Sir Chromalot the victory.
Heat D, Round 1 Self-Pitting Milly-Ann Bug Bumblebot won Milly-Ann Bug tried to pit Bumblebot, but overshot the mark and fell in itself.
Heat E, Round 1 The Big Cheese Shrapnel The Big Cheese won The Big Cheese lifted Shrapnel into the air, and dropped it into the pit in stylish fashion.
Heat E, Round 2 The Big Cheese Anorakaphobia The Big Cheese won The Big Cheese clamped its lifter down onto Anorakaphobia's hammer, and used this purchase to swing it into the pit.
Heat F, Round 1 Self-Pitting T 2 T 2 won Despite T 2 driving into the pit, it progressed anyway as Vector was already immobilized
Heat F, Round 2 Gravedigger Mortis Gravedigger won Gravedigger flipped Mortis into the pit to complete a shock upset.
Heat G, Round 1 Steg-O-Saw-Us Orac's Revenge Steg-O-Saw-Us won Steg-O-Saw-Us, having replaced the withdrawal T-Wrecks, dominated Orac's Revenge and pitted it.
Heat I, Round 1 Terrorpin Vercingetorix, Terrorpin Terrorpin won Terrorpin pitted Vercingetorix and fell into the pit itself, but still won by knockout as Vercingetorix was pitted first.
Heat I, Round 2 Self-Pitting Dead Metal Invertabrat won Terrorpin was attacked by Dead Metal for going in a CPZ. As Dead Metal got away from the action, he reversed into The Pit much to Jonathan Pearce's amusement.
Heat J, Round 1 Self-Pitting Eric King Buxton won King Buxton drove Eric onto the lip of the pit, but also got itself stuck in the same position. Eric attempted to reverse King Buxton into the pit, but instead backed into the pit itself.
Heat L, Round 1 Matilda Wild Willy Flip Flop Fly won Despite dominating Flip Flop Fly, Wild Willy became stuck on the edge of the pit after being struck by the Arena Spike and was unable to escape before Matilda nudged it in fully. The judges declared that Flip Flop Fly would advance.
Heat M, Round 1 Scutter's Revenge Zeus Scutter's Revenge won
Heat M, Round 2 Self-Pitting Cassius 2 Pussycat won The defending runner-up drove into the pit while attempting to reverse Pussycat into it, falling in only the second round in one of the biggest upsets in Series 3.
Heat N, Round 1 All Torque Crippler All Torque won All Torque pitted Crippler in only twenty-nine seconds.
Heat N, Round 1 Self-Pitting Killerhurtz Cerberus won Killerhurtz drove into the pit under no pressure from Cerberus. John Reid later admitted that he'd forgotten about the Pit due to its absence from BattleBots.
Heat N, Round 2 Cerberus Griffon Cerberus won Quickest pitting across the whole series of Robot Wars, in just over ten seconds.
International League Championship, Final Razer Diotoir Razer becomes International League champion Razer swiftly pitted Diotoir to earn one of its first Robot Wars titles.
First World Championship, Eliminator Self-Pitting Panic Attack 101 won Panic Attack lifted up and carried 101 towards the pit, but only managed to swing itself down into the arena hazard - leaving 101 as the victor.
First World Championship, Quarter-Final Self-Pitting Chaos 2 Razer won After suffering notable damage, Chaos 2 dove into the pit voluntarily to avoid further punishment.
First World Championship, Quarter-Final Behemoth Mortis Behemoth won Behemoth drove an overturned Mortis across the entire length of the arena to knock it into the pit as it attempted to self-right.

Series 4[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat C, Final Self-pittings Firestorm 2, The Morgue Firestorm 2 won Both machines reversed into the pit, but in The Morgue's case, it only beached itself over the pit due to its size, prompting the team to think they'd won. However, the Judges overruled this decision, and put Firestorm 2 through.
Heat D, Final Steg 2 Mortis Steg 2 won Steg 2 flipped Mortis onto its back, and then pitted the twenty-third seed to reach the series semi-finals.
Heat F, Round 1 Self-Pitting Tornado Tornado and Gemini qualified Kater Killer was immobilized long before Tornado drove into The Pit.
Heat H, Round 1 Sir Killalot; Shunt Wheely Big Cheese, Wheelosaurus, Prizephita Mk2 Wheely Big Cheese and Wheelosaurus qualified The House Robots pitted the fully mobile Wheely Big Cheese, then also pushed Wheelosaurus and Prizephita Mk2 in as well to cover this up. The judges eliminated Prizephita Mk2 despite it being the second robot pitted, as it was already partially immobile.
Heat H, Final Self-pitting Wheely Big Cheese Wheely Big Cheese won Despite driving into the pit, Wheely Big Cheese advanced due to the judges ruling that Suicidal Tendencies had lost the use of one of its tracks.
Heat M, Semi-Final The Steel Avenger Sir Chromalot The Steel Avenger won The first pitting from a competitor since Heat E of the same series.
Heat M, Final Wild Thing The Steel Avenger Wild Thing won The second pitting in two consecutive matches.
Heat O, Final Panic Attack S.M.I.D.S.Y. Panic Attack won A pitting which saw Panic Attack hook S.M.I.D.S.Y. by its wheel housing and carry it into the pit.
Tag Team Terror, Play-Off Self-pitting X-Terminator 2 Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 won X-Terminator 2 drove into the pit just before cease was called.
War of Independence, Round 1 Panic Attack Rammstein Panic Attack won The pit was not painted at the time of this battle.

Extreme 1[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Mayhem Pussycat S.M.I.D.S.Y. Pussycat qualified for the Annihilator S.M.I.D.S.Y. was, in order of airing, the first machine to both activate the pit, and be pushed into the pit after activating it.
Vengeance Panic Attack X-Terminator Panic Attack won The first of four pittings carried out by Panic Attack in Extreme 1, before later pitting Manta, Diotoir and Axe-Awe.
Mayhem Floor Flipper Fluffy Arnold A. Terminegger qualified for the Annihilator Long after Fluffy had been counted out in the Mayhem, it was placed onto the floor flipper which tossed Fluffy directly into the pit.
Mayhem Sir Killalot Killertron Splinter qualified for the Annihilator Sir Killalot controversially pitted Killertron in the Mayhem, as Killertron was still mobile, and was not inside of a CPZ.
Armed Forces Face-Off Dead Metal Anvil Anvil won The House Robot swung a dominant Anvil into the pit seemingly by accident. The judges scored the battle up until the point of the pitting, and declared Anvil the winner.
Challenge Belt Tornado Comengetorix Tornado won The first of many pittings to be carried out by future champion Tornado.
Wild Card Warriors Self-Pitting The Executioner Dominator 2 won Ranked twelfth in the Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars. It was the second-fastest battle decided by a pitting, and the fastest battle decided by a self-immobilisation.
All-Stars, Grand Final Razer Tornado Razer became All-Stars Champions Razer controlled the fight before pitting Tornado to win the All-Stars.
Forces Special, Final Dead Metal Anvil Anvil wins the Forces Special The House Robot yet again swung Anvil into the pit despite it having the upper hand in the battle. The judges again scored the battle up until the point of the pitting, and declared Anvil the Forces Special champion.
The Second World Championship, Round 1 Self-Pitting; Manta Chaos 2; Mastiff Manta won Chaos 2 started the battle in dominant fashion, immobilising Mastiff, but pitted itself while trying to finish its opponent off. Instead, Manta pushed Mastiff into the pit and ultimately won the battle.
The Second World Championship, Semi-Final Razer Tornado Razer won Razer’s second win over rival Tornado.

Series 5[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat A, Round 1 Chaos 2 Storm Force Chaos 2 won First battle of the series. An immobile Storm Force was placed on the closed pit first, and Chaos 2 pressed the pit release button afterwards.
Heat C, Round 1 Self-Pitting Shredder MouseTrap won After dominating the opening stages of the battle against twentieth seed MouseTrap, Shredder backed into the pit and knocked itself out of the battle.
Heat G, Round 2 Diotoir Tornado Diotoir won After Tornado lost drive on one side, Diotoir pitted Tornado in a shock upset.
Heat H, Round 1 Axe-Awe Granny's Revenge Axe-Awe won After getting stuck on the edge of the pit, Granny's Revenge was pushed into the pit by Refbot, before Axe-Awe pushed the House Robot in afterwards.
Heat H, Semi-Final Crushtacean Behemoth Crushtacean won The newcomer swung the fifteenth seed into the pit, in a shock victory.
Heat J, Round 2 Self-Pitting Major Tom Kat 3 won A self-pitting which concluded the "funniest battle ever", according to Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
Heat J, Final Panic Attack Kat 3 Panic Attack won Panic Attack's third consecutive win by pitting within Heat J alone.
Heat L, Round 1 Clawed Hopper Twister Clawed Hopper won The first time that a walker won a battle on Robot Wars.
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 Bigger Brother S3 Bigger Brother won Within the thirty Shortest Battles in UK Robot Wars.
Grand Final, Eliminator Bigger Brother Hypno-Disc Bigger Brother won After being heavily damaged, Bigger Brother proceeded to hit the pit release and push Hypno-Disc down to win through to the Grand Final.
Grand Final, Play-Off Firestorm 3 Hypno-Disc & Firestorm 3 Firestorm 3 finished third Firestorm 3 got around the side of Hypno-Disc, and pushed towards the pit, with both machines falling in. Firestorm 3 won after Hypno-Disc couldn't fight in a rematch.

Series 6[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat A, Round 2 Self-Pitting Refbot Raging Reality won Refbot backed into the pit accidentally, preventing the competing robots from using the pit for the rest of the battle.
Heat B, Round 1 X-Terminator Barbaric Response X-Terminator and Barbaric Response qualified With Barbaric Response and Spirit of Scorpion both immobile, X-Terminator pitted Barbaric Response to determine a winner. Regardless, the judges determined that Spirit of Scorpion had been immobilised first, and both advanced.
Heat C, Round 2 Self-Pitting Crushtacean Chaos 2 won After a promising start against the two-time Robot Wars champion Chaos 2, Crushtacean swerved into the pit and eliminated itself.
Heat G, Round 1 Tornado Terror-Bull Tornado & Inshredable qualified Team Tornado presumed Inshredable had been immobilised and proceeded to push Terror-Bull into the pit, however, Inshredable then proved their mobility.
Heat H Self-Pitting Spam Spawn Again won Spam attempted to ram into Spawn Again, but drove itself into The Pit.
Heat I, Round 1 Kronic 2 Corkscrew


Panic Attack and Kronic 2 qualified After the battle, Corkscrew team captain John Heatlie asked to see footage of the pit release button being pressed, as he believed the pit descended beneath Corkscrew at random. Heatlie was shown footage of Kronic 2 pressing the pit release button, and retracted his comments.
Heat J, Round 1 S.M.I.D.S.Y. St. Agro, Warhog Comengetorix & S.M.I.D.S.Y. qualified S.M.I.D.S.Y. pitted St. Agro part-way through the fight, and then carried Warhog from across the arena and dropped it into the pit to confirm the outcome.
Heat K, Round 1 Self-Pitting Kat 3, Revenge of Trouble & Strife Bulldog Breed and Kat 3 qualified Revenge of Trouble & Strife was already counted out, and Kat 3 was safe to advance.
Heat L, Round 2 Bigger Brother Behemoth Bigger Brother won Bigger Brother flicked Behemoth up with its flipper, and after sliding underneath Behemoth and clamping it, Bigger Brother pushed it into the pit.
Semi-Final 1, Losers' Melee Self-pitting Wild Thing Dantomkia won Wild Thing drove over the descending pit, in its final Robot Wars appearance.
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 Self-pitting Dominator 2 Tornado won Dominator 2 drove into the pit after both Dominator 2 and Tornado caught the back of Matilda's flywheel.
Grand Final, Round 1 Tornado Firestorm 4 Tornado won After a closely contested battle, Tornado pushed the third seed Firestorm 4 into the pit and advanced to the Grand Final.

Extreme 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
All Stars, Grand Final Razer Firestorm 4 Razer won This pitting allowed Razer to retain its All-Stars championship. Also the only fight between Razer and Firestorm to end in a knockout.
Annihilator, Round 3 Kan-Opener


Revenge of Trouble & Strife, Major Tom Revenge of Trouble & Strife was eliminated Revenge of Trouble & Strife was flipped and its weapons didn't work, and was pushed in by Kan-Opener. Major Tom drove itself in, but still advanced.
Annihilator, Final Kan-Opener Thermidor 2 Kan-Opener became the Annihilator champion Kan-Opener pitted Thermidor 2 with 4.16 seconds remaining to win the Annihilator final.
Minor Meltdown, Final Bigger Brother Lambsy Bigger Brother won A quick knockout and pitting concluded the battle in only twenty-seven seconds, one of the quickest fights in the series.
Tag Team Terror, Round 1 Steel Avenger Stinger, Steel Avenger Lightning and The Steel Avenger won The Steel Avenger pushed a partially immobile Stinger into the pit, but also fell in behind it, leaving only their teammates to fight on.
New Blood, Heat A, Round 1 Self-Pitting Mute Roobarb and Mute qualified Mute drove into the pit whilst trying to dodge Roobarb, but still qualified as Terror Turtle had already been immobilised.
New Blood, Heat C, Round 1 Self-Pitting Direct Action Storm 2 and Revolution 2 Eventual New Blood champion Storm 2 nearly drove into the pit itself right before Direct Action drove in.
Iron Maidens, Final Chompalot Pussycat Chompalot became the Iron Maidens Champions Chompalot pitted the favourites of the battle Pussycat to take the title.
Middleweight Championship, Round 1 259 Typhoon Lightning (Typhoon Twins) 259 & Typhoon Twins qualified Typhoon Thunder was allowed to fight on, as the 50% rule was not strictly enforced for the lower weight classes.
Featherweight Championship, Round 1 Flybot; Self-Pitting; Cutlet/Gladiator; Gladiator; Self-Pitting; Refbot; Self-Pitting Kitty; Flybot; Dragon; Cutlet; Micro Mute; Gladiator; Refbot Cutlet, Micro Mute and Gladiator qualified Flybot first lifted Kitty into the pit, but toppled in itself from the weight of its opponent. Cutlet then pushed Dragon onto the lip of the pit, and Gladiator knocked it in, to determine the outcome of the battle. Gladiator then pitted Cutlet for fun, and Micro Mute drove into the pit voluntarily to escape potential damage. Finally, Refbot pitted the victorious Gladiator, and also fell into the pit itself, crushing the featherweight robots.
Commonwealth Carnage, Round 2 Crushtacean Corkscrew Crushtacean won Crushtacean drove Corkscrew into the pit and fell in itself, but still advanced.
European Championship, Semi-Final Philipper 2 Black Hole Philipper 2 won In a surprising turn of events, Philipper 2 pitted the German champion to advance to the European Championship final.
European Championship, Final Tornado Philipper 2 Tornado won With this pitting, Tornado became the first and only European Champion on Robot Wars.

Series 7[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat A, Final M2 Tiberius 3 M2 won After initially starting well, Tiberius 3 was flipped over by M2, and was then flipped into the pit.
Featherweight Championship, Round 1 Floor Flipper Cygnus X3 Prince of Awe and Rip qualified The floor flipper threw G2 and Cygnus X3 together, with G2 landing outside the arena, and Cygnus X3 tumbling into the pit.
Heat C, Round 1 Self-Pitting;

The Stag

The Stag IG-88 and Scorpion The Stag reversed into the Pit after a strong performance.
Heat D, Round 2 Lightning Thor Lightning won Lightning used its flipper to toss Thor sideways and into the pit.
Heat E, Round 1 Ewe 2 Devastator, Saw Point 2 Tornado and Ewe 2 qualified Devastator was pushed on top of the already pitted Saw Point 2 and couldn't get away from its suspended position.
Featherweight Championship, Round 1 Mammoth; Self-Pitting; Sir Killalot; Sir Killalot Cutlet; Staglet; Typhoon Cadet; Mammoth DTK and Bernard qualified Mammoth became the second walker to complete a pitting in Robot Wars, after Clawed Hopper. Staglet then pitted itself after a strong performance in the battle. Sir Killalot pitted the beaten Typhoon Cadet and Mammoth to add another two robots into the pit.
Axe Attack Refbot Hydra Iron-Awe 2.1 won One of multiple occasions throughout Series 7 where Refbot activated the hazard in place of a competitor or another House Robot. Hydra, having flipped Shunt over earlier in the battle, was attacking Cassius Chrome and drove over the pit panel shortly after Refbot pressed the release button.
World Championship Qualifier Crushtacean Topbot Crushtacean won Crushtacean grabbed Topbot after it damaged the arena wall, took it to the pit release button, and then dropped it into the pit.
Heat I, Round 1 Trax Sub-Version 1.1 Trax and Steel Avenger qualified Trax pitted Sub-Version 1.1 in the final ten seconds of the battle.
Heat I, Round 2 Steel Avenger Rhino Steel Avenger won Although Rhino was able to flick Steel Avenger up from the lip of the pit, it was nudged in by Steel Avenger.
Heat M, Round 1 Tough as Nails Disc-O-Inferno, Robochicken, B.O.D. Tough as Nails and Robochicken qualified Tough as Nails pitted Disc-O-Inferno within seconds, while Robochicken immobilised B.O.D. to determine the outcome. Tough as Nails then pitted both Robochicken and B.O.D. in celebration.
Heat O, Round 1 Self-Pitting;


DisConstructor Iron-Awe and Hammerhead 2 qualified DisConstructor released The Pit, and drove in it as soon as it descended.
Heat P, Round 1 Firestorm 5 Bamm Bamm, Black and Blue Firestorm 5 and Daisy-Cutter qualified Bamm Bamm was on the square when Firestorm 5 hit the Pit Release and couldn't self right.
Heat P, Round 2 Sir Killalot Ripper Ripper won Ripper was pitted after it attacked the House Robots, but advanced regardless.
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 Tornado Gravity Tornado won Tornado shoved Gravity on to the Pit square just as it started to descend.
World Championship Qualifier Tough as Nails Scraptosaur, Gravity Tough as Nails qualified for the Third World Championship Tough as Nails pitted Scraptosaur in the opening seconds, and later pitted Gravity in the same battle.
Featherweight Championship, Final Self-pitting; DTK; DTK Rip; Bernard; Prince of Awe DTK becomes Featherweight Champion After losing full mobility, Rip pitted itself to avoid damage from the House Robots. DTK then pitted both Bernard and Prince of Awe to help it win the Judges' decision over Whipper.
Annihilator, Round 4 Kan-Opener Raging Knightmare Kan-Opener and Ripper qualified Kan-Opener and Ripper formed an alliance for this battle, and after Kan-Opener brought Raging Knightmare over to the pit, it could not release its opponent until Ripper assisted in separating the two.
All-Stars, Round 1 Self-pittings Firestorm 5, Bigger Brother Kat 3 & Panic Attack qualified Both machines pitted themselves after the competing machines attacked the house robots.
The Third World Championship, Semi-Final Storm 2 Tough as Nails Storm 2 won Final pitting of a robot in the original series.

Series 8[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat 1, Group Battle Razer & Kill-E-Crank-E Razer & Kill-E-Crank-E Terrorhurtz & Nuts qualified Razer carried Kill-E-Crank-E to the pit, but Kill-E-Crank-E spun its left wheel and both machines fell into the pit.
Heat 1, Head-to-Head Terrorhurtz Carbide Terrorhurtz won via KO, 3 points The only time that the Series 9 champion Carbide was ever defeated by knockout, and also its first ever loss.
Heat 2, Final Shockwave Thor Shockwave won Shockwave opened the pit and pushed an immobile Thor into the pit, after initially losing their Head-to-Head battle.
Heat 3, Group Battle TR2 Supernova TR2 and Big Nipper qualified Supernova's weapon teeth fell off, so TR2 tilted the robot onto its side and angled it towards the pit, where Supernova's disc then carried the machine into the open pit.
Heat 4, Head-to-Head Storm 2 PP3D Storm 2 won via KO, 3 points The first match between Storm 2 and a Gary Cairns-driven machine since the Series 7 title fight.
Heat 5, Head-to-Head Ironside3 Ironside3 & Pulsar Pulsar won via KO, won 3 points Ironside3 was overturned by Pulsar's first attack, but were helped to self-right by Sir Killalot. After Sir Killalot's involvement, Ironside3 pushed Pulsar into the pit, before it went in itself. The judges ruled that Ironside3 had been immobilised after the first collision.

Series 9[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Battle of the Stars Episode 1, Final Sir Killalot Arena Cleaner Arena Cleaner crowned Battle of the Stars champion After immobilising The Cat, Arena Cleaner celebrated its win by attacking the House Robots without the use of its weapon, and was pitted in victory by Sir Killalot.
Heat 3, Head-to-Head Heavy Metal M.R. Speed Squared, Heavy Metal Heavy Metal won by KO, won 3 points Heavy Metal pushed M.R. Speed Squared into the pit, before driving in itself, still winning by knockout. The only pitting in Series 9 initiated by a competitor.

Series 10[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) Pitted Result Notes
Heat 1, Heat Final Behemoth Apollo Behemoth won Behemoth won its first heat since Series 2 after pitting Apollo.
Heat 4, Play-off Iron-Awe 6 Androne 4000 Iron-Awe 6 won Iron-Awe 6 pitted Androne 4000 in the closing seconds of the bout to avoid a potential Judges' decision.
Grand Final, 10 Robot Rumble Self-pitting; Thor/Terrorhurtz; Terrorhurtz/Concussion; Thor; Self-pitting; Self-pitting; Eruption; Shunt Expulsion; Track-tion; Iron-Awe 6; Concussion; Sabretooth; Thor; Big Nipper; Apollo Eruption won The most robots in the pit at once, with just Terrorhurtz being the only machine beside eventual winner Eruption not to be pitted. Expulsion, Thor and Sabretooth self-pitted, whilst Track-tion, Iron-Awe 6, Concussion and Big Nipper were pitted by opponents, and Apollo was pitted by Shunt.
Series 10, Grand Final Nuts 2 Behemoth Nuts 2 won Behemoth bounced off Carbide and fell into the descending pit, which had just been activated by a Nuts 2 minibot. Anthony Pritchard did not realise what had happened until the involvement of a Nuts 2 minibot was pointed out.
World Series, Head-to-Head Terrorhurtz TMHWK Terrorhurtz won via KO (3 points) The final instance of a competitor robot pitting its opponent to win a battle.
World Series, Head-to-Head Matilda Cathadh Eruption won via KO (5 points) The final pitting in Robot Wars.

Extreme Warriors: Season 1[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Result Notes
Robot Rebellion, Final Sir Killalot, Tricerabot Silver Box, Sir Killalot No winner Sir Killalot picked up Silver Box and carried it over to the pit, but in doing so was pushed onto his front by Tricerabot, causing his claw-arm and Silver Box to go into the pit.
War of Independence, Eliminator 2 Joker Spawn Again Joker won Refbot pushed Spawn Again into the pit, an action that was humourously criticized by Stefan Frank

Extreme Warriors: Season 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Results Notes
Heat A, Round 2 Self-Pitting Spin Doctor Panzer Mk won Spin Doctor hit the Pit Release and drove in it as soon as the Pit began to descend.
Heat A, Round 2 Probophobia Snake Bite Probophobia won Probophobia stuck its probes in Snake Bite's wheel well, and carried it to the Pit.
Heat B, Round 1 Rocky-Bot-Boa The Bat Rocky-Bot-Boa and The Bat advanced Medusa Oblongotta was immobilized first according to the Judges, so The Bat was safe to advance.
Heat C, Round 2 Self-Pitting The Brute Unibite won The Brute attempted to ram Unibite, but was too close to the edge and fell in.
Heat D, Round 2 Self-Pitting The Gap Propeller-Head won The Gap drove around, but was near the edge of The Pit and fell in.
Heat G, Round 1 Shunt King of Diamonds Dragbot and King of Diamonds advanced Although King of Diamonds was showing limited mobility and was pushed into the pit by Shunt, the judges ruled that The Termite had been showing less mobility for longer, so King of Diamonds progressed through regardless.
Heat G, Round 2 Self-Pitting Marauder Destructive Criticism won Marauder was avoiding Destructive Criticism's blade, but drove too close to The Pit.
Tag Team Terror, Round 1 General Chompsalot General Chompsalot 2, Hyperactive, Mechadroid General Chompsalot 2 and The Termite won The Termite was the only robot who didn't fall into The Pit, so that meant it and General Chompsalot advanced to the second round

Nickelodeon Robot Wars[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Results Notes
Episode 3, Vengeance Sir K Bunny Attack, Hoot Bunny Attack won Sir K pitted both robots after Cease had been called. Bunny Attack won an audience vote.
Episode 3, Challenge Belt Tut Tut Tyranabot Tut Tut won Shunt pitted Tyranabot after Cease was called.
Annihilator, Round 2 Self-Pitting Basenji Basenji eliminated Despite a strong start, Basenji drove into the pit.

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Results Notes
Heat A, Semi-Final 1 Self-Pitting Philipper Bamm Bamm won Philliper attempted to carry Bamm Bamm into The Pit, only to drive in after its opponent fell off.
Heat E, Round 1 MaxiMill Maximill Sniper won Sniper was on the edge of The Pit, but was able to escape, and shoved MaxiMill in.

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Results Notes
Heat B, Round 1 Impact Beaverbot Impact won Impact pitted Beaverbot just when Refbot began his countdown to count out Beaverbot.
Heat C, Round 1 IDO IDO Hammerhead 2 won IDO's spike was caught in Hammerhead 2's side hammers, which it took advantage of by spinning around and pitting IDO.
Grand Final, Round 1 Self-Pitting Meshuggah Scraptosaur won Scraptosaur pressed the Pit release, and Meshuggah fell in as soon as it began to descend.

German Robot Wars[]

Battle Initiated by Robot(s) pitted Results Notes
Heat A, Round 1 Son of Armageddon Tyke Son of Armageddon and Tyke advanced Although Tyke was pitted, it still advanced as Thorgrim was declared immobilised just before the pitting.
Heat B, Round 1 Not Perfect Delldog Hydrotec and Not Perfect advanced One of the quickest fights in a non-UK Robot Wars.

Appearances in Merchandise[]

The Pit of Oblivion has appeared in most forms of merchandise.


  • Despite usually descending in the actual arena, the pit in the minibot arena acted like a trapdoor, with the panels "dropping".
  • The robot to have fallen down the pit the most times was Firestorm, with it falling in eight times across five series.
  • Due to initially not having a pit release, the All-Stars tournament of Extreme 1 only had one battle containing the pit release, this being the Grand Final between Razer and Tornado.