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For the UK Series competitor, see Revolution.

"The whole thing spins around, with the tooth blade around the edge boasting 1300rpm."
Stefan Frank on The Revolutionist in Nickelodeon Robot Wars

The Revolutionist was a competitor from the first and second seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, as well as Nickelodeon Robot Wars, built by Team LOGICOM.

It won its six-way melee and then defeated The Brute to reach the final of the first US season, where a loss to Panzer Mk 2 allowed The Revolutionist to finish as runner-up. It also represented the USA in The Second World Championship and the Confederacy in the Civil War within the same season, with less success.

The Revolutionist returned for Season 2 as a strong favourite, but lost its Heat Final to Propeller-Head in a shock turnaround. In the Nickelodeon series, The Revolutionist represented the USA in the International Tag Team competition, reaching the final, and also won its Mayhem battle before losing the Ultimate Mayhem to Propeller-Head.


"With cutting teeth, and it's nearly impossible to grab a hold of, these guys are going to try to spin to win"
— Stefan Frank in the Civil War

The Revolutionist was a four-wheel drive, low cylindrical shaped robot which used its Steel body as a full-body spinner. The body was lined with a set of steel cutting teeth around the outside, allowing it to cause significant damage to other competitors. In testing, The Revolutionist ran at full speed into concrete without sustaining any damage. It originally span at 1200rpm in Season 1, but this was upgraded to a top speed of 1500rpm in Season 2. It was powered by four electric motors in Season 1, which was changed to six motors in Season 2. In Season 2, The Revolutionist's strength was listed as being "Unflippable", due to its spinning ability. In Season 1, thicker teeth were used in the Final, also used in the Civil War. The teeth were also improved for Season 2. The Revolutionist was painted to resemble the United States flag, with the team wearing matching costumes during its appearances on the show.

In the Pits, The Revolutionist also sported a set of decorative United States flags along its top panel. For the Ultimate Mayhem in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, The Revolutionist also had its top panel decorated with ropes in an attempt to snag Propeller-Head's blade.

The Team[]

Main article: Team LOGICOM

Brian and Michael Nave with Rebecca Grant

The Revolutionist was built by the Florida-based Team LOGICOM, captained by Brian Nave who designed and drove the robot. For Season 1, he was joined by his brother Michael and wife Rebecca, while welder Kenneth Bryant joined the team in Rebecca Nave's stead for Season 2. In the child-focused Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Brian Nave was joined by his nine-year old son Nicholas who drove The Revolutionist, with the similarly aged Matthew Beaver completing the line-up. Other members of Team LOGICOM would also compete in Season 2 and Nickelodeon Robot Wars with Spin Doctor.

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

Rebecca Grant: "This spins, huh?"
Brian Nave: "It's 1200rpm, which is about 180 miles-per-hour!"
— Discussing The Revolutionist's spinner

In The US Championship, The Revolutionist faced loanerbot Coffin-Bot, Bot-Ugly, Tricerabot, Unibite and Sobek in Heat Two.

The Revolutionist started by reversing away from the other competitors, and started getting its spinner up to speed by an empty CPZ. However, Tricerabot left Bot-Ugly and rammed The Revolutionist into Refbot before its spinner was at full speed. The Revolutionist drove down the arena, being chased over the flame pit by Coffin-Bot. It drove around its opponents, then hit the front of Bot-Ugly, but the spinner was not at enough speed to do any damage, and it bounced into Unibite.

"The Revolutionist was boasting about its 180 mile-an-hour revolutions, but I haven't seen it spin once in this heat!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist reversed, and Tricerabot managed to drive on top of Sobek, causing one of its tyres to fall off. As Sobek drove away from Tricerabot, The Revolutionist rammed into its back and pushed it towards the flame pit. After staying out of the action for a little time, The Revolutionist drove into Unibite, but its spinner was still not spinning. Unibite reversed and Tricerabot started pushing The Revolutionist, which escaped up the arena. The Revolutionist kept away from the others, before ramming into Unibite, which had broken down, but then The Revolutionist drove back down the arena.

The Revolutionist pushes Coffin-Bot into a CPZ

"The Revolutionist doesn't seem to be spinning any bit at all!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist pushes Tricerabot back

The Revolutionist then rammed Coffin-Bot into a CPZ, and after driving up the arena, charged into the front of Tricerabot, pushing it back. However, Tricerabot was able to push back, and The Revolutionist drove away. Whilst Sgt. Bash was attacking the immobile Unibite, The Revolutionist started ramming into the side of the House Robot. However, Tricerabot then drove at it, driving on top of it and pushing it towards Matilda. The Revolutionist got away, then drove at the front of Tricerabot, trying unsuccessfully to push it. Tricerabot started to push back, so The Revolutionist reversed, then rammed against the side.

"The Revolutionist seems to have gone through this whole thing unscathed."
— Stefan Frank at the end of the battle.

The Revolutionist continues to charge into its opponents late on

The Revolutionist drove down the arena, followed by Tricerabot, and The Revolutionist rammed into Tricerabot one more time before time ran out. The judges' were left to choose between the remaining robots, and they chose to put The Revolutionist through to the Semi-Finals.

"All I can is, there's a revolution in the robot world!"
— Michael Nave after the battle

The Revolutionist, who faced The Brute in Round 2.

"I cut a little more clearance, when I built this thing, I didn't really put enough clearance between the body and this [the shell], and I knew it at the time, but I was too lazy to do anything about it, and I really thought this metal was a lot harder than it was, but it got a couple of dings in it, and it got stuck up on the body, but it spins up again, so we should be okay."
— Brian Nave describes the repairs to The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist takes out The Brute

The Revolutionist started by staying still to get its spinner up to speed. The Brute charged at it, but The Revolutionist dodged. As The Brute turned around on the spot, The Revolutionist held back, then hit the front of The Brute twice in quick succession, and after the second blow, The Brute retreated into a CPZ.

"Well there's that spin that we were always hearing about! The Revolutionist, you can't get near him at that speed - 180 miles-an-hour!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist shreds the tyres of The Brute

The Brute turned around and cautiously approached The Revolutionist, but did not attack as its opponent was spinning too fast to approach. The Revolutionist hit the front again, hitting one of the wheels, then hitting one of the back wheels as The Brute tried turning away. The Brute then stopped moving, and The Revolutionist held back to get the spinner up to full speed. The Revolutionist then hit the front of The Brute again, loosening one of the front wheels and ripping off parts of the tire.

"Oh, The Revolutionist was saving the best for last!"
— Stefan Frank comments on The Revolutionist's spinner, after it failed to work in Round 1

Refbot counted The Brute out, and the House Robots attacked. Matilda pitted it, and The Revolutionist was through to the Final.

"Let me tell you brother, that if you think that opponent got shredded, you just wait until the next one, the shredding is just getting started."
— Brian Nave after the battle

In the Final, The Revolutionist met Panzer Mk 2. For this battle, The Revolutionist had improved teeth.

"We thought we'd with this special steel that we've got now. It's A2, it's tool steel, it's much harder, and it should make a nice shredding out of the sides of his robot."
— Brian Nave prior to the final

Dead Metal cuts into The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist is flipped by Panzer Mk 2

Panzer Mk 2 charged at The Revolutionist, but The Revolutionist drove down the arena before its opponent could reach it. It began getting its spinner up to speed, and when Panzer Mk 2 drove at it, it was hit by a glancing blow from the spinner. Panzer Mk 2 drove past The Revolutionist and turned to line up another attack, but when it charged at The Revolutionist, it merely bounced of the spinner. Panzer Mk 2 turned around, and pushed The Revolutionist into Sir Killalot. However, before Sir Killalot could grab The Revolutionist, The Revolutionist pushed past Panzer Mk 2 and darted away from the CPZ. It drove by a CPZ at the top of the arena, and began spinning up, but Panzer Mk 2 charged at it before it could get up to speed, managing to stop the spinner. Panzer Mk 2 tried to flip The Revolutionist, but only lifted it up a little as the lifter was not under The Revolutionist properly. Panzer Mk 2 pushed The Revolutionist into the CPZ, and Dead Metal caught it. However, Dead Metal reversed and allowed The Revolutionist to escape. However, Panzer Mk 2 blocked its escape and The Revolutionist drove into the wall whilst trying to escape. Panzer Mk 2 then rammed The Revolutionist into another CPZ, and Dead Metal trapped it against the wall and began slicing into The Revolutionist. Dead Metal turned to allow The Revolutionist to escape again, but Panzer Mk 2 rammed it against the top arena wall. The Revolutionist drove down the arena, but Panzer Mk 2 was in close pursuit, eventually catching up with it and ramming it against the bottom arena wall. Panzer Mk 2 had the lifter under The Revolutionist, but turned at the wrong moment, causing it to miss its flip. The Revolutionist tried to dodge Panzer Mk 2, but Panzer Mk 2 got under it again and pushed it into a CPZ, flipping it against the wall. Refbot and Sir Killalot came into the CPZ, and though Sir Killalot knocked it back onto its wheels with his lance, it had been immobile for too long. Dead Metal came in and grabbed it, and pushed it into the pit.

"Oh well, at least they've got a good sense of humour, you'd have to in those suits!"
— Stefan Frank notices The Revolutionist team laughing as their robot is pitted

The Revolutionist represented the Confederacy in the USA Civil War, and faced Sobek, representing the Union.

"We're taking over the US again. It's a whole new revolution. ... The revolution plans to shred those nice, tasty rubber tires."
— Brian Nave

The Revolutionist rips off Sobek's tire.

The Revolutionist started by darting down the arena to get away from Sobek, giving it time to get its spinner up to speed. As The Revolutionist began spinning, Sobek charged at it, but was knocked aside on impact, the sacrificial tire that the team had put on the jaw falling off. The Revolutionist stopped spinning, then rammed into Sobek, pushing it back, until Sobek turned and The Revolutionist drove past. Sobek turned and opened its jaw, but The Revolutionist slammed into the front then drove past, with Sobek not getting a chance to use its jaw. The Revolutionist hit Sobek's side, and Sobek was knocked back. Sobek drove at The Revolutionist with its jaw closed, and The Revolutionist bounced off the jaw.

"It looks like those jaws aren't going do any good, that Revolutionist is going too fast"
— Stefan Frank

Sobek grabs The Revolutionist by one of its teeth

Sobek chased after The Revolutionist as it reversed up the arena, and after hitting the jaw of Sobek, The Revolutionist stopped spinning. This allowed Sobek to grab The Revolutionist by one of the teeth on the spinner. Sobek let go, and The Revolutionist tried to get away, and after being blocked by Sobek, The Revolutionist drove into the arena center. The Revolutionist tried to get its spinner up to speed, but the spinner failed to spin up, so as Sobek came in, The Revolutionist rammed into it then drove up the arena. Sobek drove onto its sacrificial tire, and as it struggled to get off, The Revolutionist pushed it towards the wall. Sgt. Bash came out of its CPZ, pinning Sobek against the wall. Refbot intervened, forcing Sgt. Bash back to its CPZ. Sobek used its side bars to get off the tire, and The Revolutionist drove at it, but the spinner still could not spin, so The Revolutionist drove down the arena. Sgt. Bash came out of the CPZ again, chasing after Sobek, grabbing it with the front claw until Refbot intervened again, giving him a yellow card. Time ran out, and the battle went to the judges.

"The Revolutionist had a great design there, pretty much impenetrable, and Sgt. Bash gave him probably more assistance than he needed."
— Stefan Frank reviewing the highlights

The judges decided to give Sobek the win after a close battle, and The Revolutionist was eliminated in the first round of the Civil War. Nevertheless, the Confederacy still won the tournament after Manta won the episode.

"The spinning weapon did some damage right off the bat, but once it was nullified, it basically looked like a big ... birthday cake out there!"
— Mick Foley to the Sobek team after the battle

The Second World Championship[]

The Revolutionist also represented the US in the Second World Championship. This competition was also broadcast in the UK as part of the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. In the first round, it faced the reigning World Champion and UK representative Razer, World Championship semi-finalist and Irish representative Diotoir, and Flensburger Power from Germany.

"We're going to smash them all, but right now I'm trying to decide, which would look better in the pit? Should I toss in Razer first or Diotoir? I just can't decide which would look better on camera"
— Pre-battle confidence from Brian Nave (in the UK broadcast)

The Revolutionist spins into Razer

Razer pierces The Revolutionist

Razer started by driving towards The Revolutionist, so The Revolutionist dodged it by driving down the arena. Razer followed it, but despite catching up, The Revolutionist got away again before it could be grabbed. However, as Razer chased it, The Revolutionist could not get its spinner up to speed. The Revolutionist drove up Razer's wedge, but Razer struggled to pierce the top, and The Revolutionist was able to turn off the wedge.

"...but already, the stateside hopes begin to crumble, because Razer's beak and crumpling jaw, claw, call it what you might, is after the stars and stripes!"
Jonathan Pearce

Razer almost tears the top off The Revolutionist as it is fed to Matilda's tusks

Matilda's flywheel smashes into The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist drove up the arena, with Razer close behind, but The Revolutionist drove into Refbot. Razer caught up, but The Revolutionist drove down the arena to escape. It began to get the spinner working, but when it hit the side of Razer, it failed to do any damage. Razer managed to get under The Revolutionist and crush through the top armour, lift its opponent, and carry it into Matilda's CPZ.

"The Revolutonist {sic} was still going so we attacked it when it was spinning at top speed. It was quite spectacular to see the arm of Razer close down and stop them but it did twist the arm to one side. However, we had stopped their ability to spin"
— The Razer website[1]

The Revolutionist, not moving as time runs out

The Revolutionist was flicked off the crusher of Razer by Matilda's tusks, and it managed to drive off Razer's wedge, but drove straight into Matilda, who hit it with her flywheel. Razer had The Revolutionist cornered, but then Diotoir, which had been pushing Flensburger Power until it broke down, came in and pushed the back of Razer. Razer turned its attentions to Diotoir, and The Revolutionist escaped the CPZ. Whilst Razer attacked Diotoir, The Revolutionist stayed away from its opponents, and stopped on top of the closed pit in the last few seconds.

"Who goes through? Will it be the States hope, The Revolutionist? I doubt it"
— Jonathan Pearce as the battle ends

The Revolutionist was immobile, but it was not counted out, and survived until the Judges' decision. However, this was awarded to the clearly dominant Razer, and The Revolutionist was eliminated.

Mick Foley: "You're kind of letting the US of A down, but to tell you the truth, The Revolutionist has been very impressive, but have you ever seen anything like Razer before?"
Brian Nave: "He took a bite out of us, and we almost made it through, it was a real close shave, but the Razer was a little too sharp for us!"
Mick Foley: "You didn't almost make it through, these guys ate you for lunch!"
— Post-battle interview in the US broadcast

Season 2[]

Carol Grow: "Now in the last series, it was the tank that put you out..."
Brian Nave: "What? Tank? [Snatches microphone off Carol and delivers message to camera] Hey! Let me tell you something man: you brought in the tanks last time, you came and you suppressed the revolution! But it will not happen this time. I told you we're stronger. I told you we're more powerful. And now, we're looking for parts to fly!"
— Brian Nave vows revenge in the pre-round 1 interview with Carol Grow

The Revolutionist immobilises The Gap

In Round 1, The Revolutionist was drawn against newcomers Trackzilla and The Gap. The Revolutionist started by driving away from the its opponents as it go the disc up to speed. The Gap got under Trackzilla and flipped it over. The Revolutionist closed in as The Gap pushed Trackzilla as it struggled to right itself, then hit the rear of The Gap. This did some superficial damage, and also caused The Gap to stop moving.

"The Revolutionist comes in for a quick little tap ... look at the sparks come up! Boy, when The Revolutionist gets up to speed, there's no telling what'll happen!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist quickly moved away, but drove into a CPZ. Sir Killalot closed in and blocked The Revolutionist as it tried to escape. After pushing The Revolutionist up the arena, Sir Killalot let it go, but The Revolutionist stopped moving briefly. It quickly regained mobility, and Trackzilla was counted out, having stopped moving first. The Revolutionist was the only mobile machine, and safely qualified alongside The Gap.

In Round Two, The Revolutionist was drawn against the new TeamBoltz machine, Psycho Chicken.

"I don't really know what the Psycho Chicken team really think they're doing, I mean they've just gotta be psycho if they think they can take on the strong, American steel. Of course, they do have that secret weapon, that I'm a little concerned about, but we're gonna see what's inside that egg in the arena!"
— Brian Nave before the battle

The Revolutionist rips off Psycho Chicken's wheel

The Revolutionist waited on the spot spinning up, as Psycho Chicken turned away and released its egg. The Revolutionist drove past the egg, then charged at it, knocking it aside. It then hit Psycho Chicken, sending it spinning. Psycho Chicken drove up the the top arena wall, then reversed into The Revolutionist, which hit the side, ripping one of the wheels clean off. As Psycho Chicken span on the spot, The Revolutionist hit the other wheel, ripping that one off as well, then hit Psycho Chicken, sending it crashing into the bottom arena wall.

"Oh! And the wheels just go flying off the chicken! ... Revolutionist awesome, we kinda had a feeling this might happen."
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist hits Psycho Chicken

With no wheels, Psycho Chicken was immobile, and The Revolutionist knocked it into the pit release button, then hit the bottom as well, breaking the support on one side and leaving it leaning at an angle. The Revolutionist span into Psycho Chicken again, knocking it into Shunt, which axed it. The Revolutionist held back, then hit the rear of Psycho Chicken, sending it spinning, and The Revolutionist bounced into the pit release button, almost ripping it from the wall. Shunt pushed Psycho Chicken towards the Drop Zone, and The Revolutionist span into the rear of Psycho Chicken. This sent Psycho Chicken spinning down the arena, and The Revolutionist hit Shunt, managing to knock the House Robot back. Psycho Chicken was dragged onto the flame pit, then thrown by the floor flipper, and The Revolutionist had won.

Mick Foley: "You guys were telling me about how unstoppable your machine was, and I gotta tell you, that was impressive! We were backstage and it was just ... it was nice, it was really nice!"
Brian Nave: "Well, you doubted my power before, brother, so let me tell ya, I had to do it for you. I hated to pick on the chicken, you know I still want the tank, but I had to do it for you, my friend, I had to show you it could tear, I had you show you it'd keep running, I had to show you that it had the power."
Mick Foley: "You guys got quite a boo out there, the chicken seemed to be pretty in favour with the crowd!"
— Post-battle interview

The Revolutionist was through to face another newcomer Propeller-Head in the Heat Final.

"I think it's a sad, sad world that pits brother spinner against brother spinner, but the world is not fair, and so may the best man win!"
— Team LOGICOM on their Heat Final draw

The impact between The Revolutionist and Propeller-Head which severed Propeller-Head's weaponry

The Revolutionist initially dodged Propeller-Head as it chased after it. The Revolutionist then got close to Propeller-Head and hit the spinner, stopping it, before driving up the arena.

"Both of their techniques are that they get to opposite ends of the arena, take a full run while they got full speed on their spins."
— Stefan Frank

Propeller-Head got its blade up to speed, and charged at The Revolutionist. However, this did not stop The Revolutionist's weapon, and The Revolutionist sent Propeller-Head spinning back. Propeller-Head tried to flee, but The Revolutionist was close behind it and hit it again. Propeller-Head drove over a CO2 vent and past the pit, and The Revolutionist drove into it again, giving it a glancing blow. Another hit stopped Propeller-Head's blade, and when The Revolutionist drove into the front and span against it, The Revolutionist then tore off Propeller-Head's spinner.

"Look at that! Pulled the whole thing out, shafts and all!"
— Stefan Frank as The Revolutionist tears off Propeller-Head's overhead blade

The Revolutionist is suddenly pitted

The Revolutionist hit the pit release button, but this caused it to stop spinning. Propeller-Head was on the pit as it descended, but drove away in time. The Revolutionist was getting its spinner up to speed in an empty CPZ and Propeller-Head closed in, but Dead Metal and Sir Killalot both came in as well, forcing both competitors to escape quickly. As they did, Propeller-Head pushed The Revolutionist into the pit, eliminating the favorite.

"I opened the pit, I thought I'd be able to push him in, I did a little slip-up in the drive and got caught up in the corner, got caught on the wrong side of him. Thought I'd spin up again and maybe whack a couple of holes in him, but just slipped into the pit of oblivion."
— Brian Nave after the battle


The Revolutionist fought alongside Spin Doctor in the International Tag Team competition, representing the United States of America.

"Both of them have spinning discs with teeth on them for weapons."
— Stefan Frank

In the US qualifier, the two fought against loanerbot, Zanzara and Run Away.

The Revolutionist smashes Zanzara

Spin Doctor went out first against Zanzara, both charging at each other and colliding head-on, with parts falling off Zanzara. However, Spin Doctor drove into an arena wall, and its disc stopped spinning, so The Revolutionist came out. Zanzara opened the pit, and reversed towards The Revolutionist. One hit from The Revolutionist sent Zanzara spinning away towards Shunt, who axed it. Zanzara had stopped moving, and The Revolutionist span into it again.

"Look at the power! Poor Zanzara looks immobilised!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist tears into Run Away

Run Away charged out, bumping into The Revolutionist and driving into a CPZ. It reversed out before Shunt could attack, but as it did so, The Revolutionist hit one of the rear wheels. Run Away also stopped moving, and was pushed towards the arena center by Shunt, who axed it. Matilda flipped Zanzara over, and Refbot counted both robots out. The two robots were thrown by the floor flipper and pitted together. The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor were through to the final.

Dave Aizer: "What's it like, when you're competing against all of these robots? What's the strategy?"
Nicholas Nave: "Well, we spin up so if both attack us, we can hit both of them at the same time and they won't hurt us."
— Post-battle interview

Rick turns The Revolutionist over

In the final, the two fought UK team Ming 3 and Rick. Spin Doctor started out against Ming 3, however, its disc was not working, so The Revolutionist was soon tagged out, driving straight at the exposed tire of Ming 3, then hitting the front, causing sparks.

"Spinning at over 1000rpm, you don't want to get in the way of that thing!"
— Stefan Frank

Rick came out, and The Revolutionist retreated to the side of the arena as Rick chased it. However, this was a ruse to allow its spinner to get even faster, and Rick was knocked aside when it caught up. The Revolutionist charged first at Rick, but bounced off, and then into Ming 3, but bounced off again.

"Look at the air off of The Revolutionist!"
— Stefan Frank

Ming 3 grabs The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist had bounced into a CPZ, and Rick quickly darted in, getting underneath The Revolutionist, pinning it in a corner and flipping it over. Ming 3 also came into the CPZ, grabbing The Revolutionist with the crusher, until the House Robots came in. The Revolutionist was immobile, and Sgt. Bash pinched it with his pincers. The Revolutionist was immobile, and Spin Doctor continued fighting, but Ming 3 was grabbed by the wheel by Sir K, who dropped it upside down in the middle of the arena. This attack seemed to immobilise Ming 3. Spin Doctor tried to attack Rick, who spun away, and Spin Doctor's disc got caught underneath the arena grinders. Sir K then grabbed Rick and dumped it out of the arena. As Refbot counted out The Revolutionist, it appeared as though Spin Doctor was the only robot still moving.

"Well, right from the beginning, The Revolutionist had all kinds of speed, but Rick went in there with that flipping arm and put him out of business!"
— Stefan Frank, reviewing the highlights

However, because both Ming 3 and Rick had been unfairly immobilised, the judges chose to judge the battle up until that point.

"The Judges have ruled that Sir K's ejection of the Rick robot was an illegal ejection, they've ruled that. They've also ruled that the amount of damage to these teams, Spin Doctor and Revolutionist was greater than the amount of damage inflicted to [Ming 3 and Rick], so that's why they decided to go in that direction."
— Dave Aizer

The Revolutionist also fought in the Mayhem competition. In the first round, it fought loanerbot, Rigby and Diskotek.

"...we're gonna shred some robots!"
— Nicholas Nave during The Revolutionist's introduction

The Revolutionist leaves a huge gash in Rigby

At the start of the battle, Diskotek went straight for The Revolutionist, but The Revolutionist was up to speed, and hit Diskotek, knocking it aside and it drove away up the arena. Diskotek turned around and rammed Rigby, which was only moving on one wheel. After Diskotek left Rigby, The Revolutionist drove past it, giving it a glancing blow, and Diskotek charged at The Revolutionist. However, on impact, part of Diskotek's wedge came off and the robot rolled to a stop.

"Look at the speed of The Revolutionist, getting up there! As soon as those teeth sink into anything stationary, it's flying! And it looks like Diskotek's having a hard time! Could it have burned its motor out already? It's unbelievable!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist rips off Diskotek's side bar

After Diskotek was counted out, The Revolutionist hit the front of Rigby, knocking it up the arena. It quickly followed this up with hits on the side and back, and Rigby was left with a large hole in the back. Diskotek was placed on the floor flipper by Sir K, and after being thrown it started working again. It charged at The Revolutionist, but The Revolutionist managed to break one of its side bars loose. However, as it did so, both robots went into Dead Metal's CPZ, and Sir K closed in. The Revolutionist managed to get out, but Diskotek had stopped moving again, and after Rigby was counted out, both defeated competitors were put on the Drop Zone by Sir K , where they had tennis balls, golf balls and bowling balls dropped on them.

Dave Aizer: "Why is your robot so good?"
Nicholas Nave: "Well, when it spins, when people try to get it, it won't hurt us, because the shell's made out of steel and the teeth spin real fast."
Dave Aizer: "A great match, a destructive match, robot pieces strewn about all over the arena, that deserves a huge round of applause!"
— Post-battle interview

The Revolutionist went through to the Ultimate Mayhem Final against Propeller-Head and another loanerbot, Vert-I-Go. The team had put ropes on the top of the robot to entangle Propeller-Head's blade.

"We've already seen what he can do, with that tooth spinning action on the whole body of that bot, these guys are also going to be trouble!"
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist runs into Refbot

It started by ramming into Propeller-Head before its opponent got its blade spinning, but Propeller-Head hit The Revolutionist with the blade, and quickly moved away. The Revolutionist started spinning and went after Propeller-Head, but missed its charge and crashed into Refbot, knocking out its power link and leaving it immobile.

"The Revolutionist is sitting still! Something has happened! I don't know if it was contact from Propeller-Head."
— Stefan Frank

The Revolutionist is pitted along with Vert-I-Go

It was counted out, before being picked up by Sir K, who turned it over and dropped it on the floor flipper.

"Wow, this would be an upset! The Revolutionist was such an awesome bot, and there he is, sitting dead as a doorknob, right next to Refbot as he counts him out! Unbelievable! Well, that cord strategy didn't work at all!"
— Stefan Frank as The Revolutionist is counted out

After being thrown, Sgt. Bash reversed it into the pit, whilst Vert-I-Go, which had also broken down after attacks from Propeller-Head, was dropped into the pit by Sir K, leaving Propeller-Head as the winner.

"It was certainly surprising to watch, because just from watching you guys over and over and over again, that was certainly an earlier exit than we're used to."
— Dave Aizer


Season 1
Civil War
Representing the Confederacy, Eliminator
Eliminator vs. Sobek Lost
US Championship
Heat vs. Bot-Ugly, Coffin-Bot, Sobek, Tricerabot, Unibite Won
Semi-Final vs. The Brute Won
Final vs. Panzer Mk 2 Lost
The Second World Championship
Representing USA, Heat
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Series 1
Heat vs. Diotoir (IRE), Flensburger Power (GER), Razer (UK) Eliminated
Season 2
US Championship
Heat Final
Heat D, Round 1 vs. The Gap, Trackzilla Qualified
Heat D, Round 2 vs. Psycho Chicken Won
Heat D, Final vs. Propeller-Head Lost
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team
Representing USA and competing with Spin Doctor, Runner-up
US Qualifier vs. Run Away & Zanzara Won
Final vs. Ming 3 & Rick Lost
Ultimate Mayhem
Mayhem vs. Diskotek, Rigby Won
Ultimate Mayhem vs. Propeller-Head, Vert-I-Go Lost


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 6

Series Record[]

US Series The Revolutionist Series Record
Season 1 Runner-up
Season 2 Heat Final
Entered with Spin Doctor
Nickelodeon Entered
Entered with Spin Doctor


Outside Robot Wars[]

Under its guise as The Revolutionist, it competed at Lazy Toad Robot Conflict by Team Toad in October 2002.

The Revolutionist was entered into Seasons 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 of BattleBots under its original identity, Phrizbee. In Season 3.0, Phrizbee lost to KillerB in its opening battle, but it won five battles over the course of the following two seasons. Its peak performance was in Season 4.0, reaching the Round of 32 by route of defeating Billy-Bot and Deathstar before encountering HexaDecimator. Here, Phrizbee took a commanding lead before being flipped over with less than a minute until the end of the match, eliminating Phrizbee just shy of the Top 16. Curiously, Phrizbee still had to pass through the qualifying rounds in Season 5.0 unlike most returning Round of 32 finishers, allowing it to easily pass through Bermuda Triangle, Knightiknight and Mr. Bonestripper before falling to Center Punch in the Round of 64.

For more information on Team LOGICOM's excursions aside from The Revolutionist and Phrizbee, including their Shrederator series of heavyweights, see the Team LOGICOM article.

Appearances in Merchandise[]


  • The Revolutionist is one of the two returning semi-finalists from Extreme Warriors to make the Heat Final, the only other being Panzer Mk 4.
  • The Revolutionist is one of four Grand Finalists to have an even win/loss ratio, alongside Bodyhammer, Rosie the Riveter and Tyke.



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