For the robot which attempted to enter the Third Wars, see The Rock (Series 3).

The Rock is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a lightweight class robot with a cone-shaped body. Its weapon is a crushing arm and it is armoured in Kevlar. Its shape and weapon allows the robot to self-right.


Using The RockEdit

The best tactic is to use the crusher to damage opponents, as well as use it to push them around, possibly into a corner patrol zone, the pit, or other arena hazards. Avoid spinning weapons, as the Kevlar armour isn't very strong.

Against The RockEdit

The Rock is a difficult robot to beat, due to its body shape and claw allowing it to self-right. The Rock can be put on its back and become unable to self right if flipped over when the claw is down. The best options are to attack it with spinning or crushing weaponry because its Kevlar armour is susceptible to such attacks, flip it Out of the Arena (which is difficult [again because of the body shape] but not impossible) or get around the back and push it around and into hazards, as its spike is reasonably harmless.

The Rock Stats

The Rock's stats

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