"The name speaks for itself - here's The Scragger!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

The Scragger is a super heavyweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is almost exactly the same in both games. Its name is based on the word Scragger, a British slang term for a Hangman.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, The Scragger is a low cuboid-shaped robot. Its weapon is a torch cutter and it is armoured in steel. It cannot self-right.


Using The ScraggerEdit

The torch cutter on The Scragger is the deadliest weapon in the game, so use that weapon to deal significant damage to opponents. Even the strongest armour - titanium - will flake off after a few seconds. The Scragger also has fairly good pushing power which can be used to force other robots into House Robots or the pit. Avoid flippers however, as The Scragger cannot self-right.

Against The ScraggerEdit

Be very careful of the torch cutter on the front, as this will do serious damage. However, its sides and back are unprotected from onslaughts, so go for them and strive to damage or flip The Scragger from there, as it cannot self-right.

The Scragger Stats

The Scragger's stats in Arenas of Destruction.

Extreme DestructionEdit

In Extreme Destruction, the only difference from its Arenas of Destruction version is that it runs on a 12 volt drive, rather than a 24 volt one.


Using The ScraggerEdit

Because The Scragger is almost identical to its Arenas of Destruction variant, the same things should apply when fighting with it. Keep the torch cutter facing the robot and deal huge damage. The only problem now is that the armour is far stronger, so if a robot has Kevlar or other strong metals, then go and push while keeping the torch cutter active.

Against The ScraggerEdit

Again, same things apply, so go for the sides or back and deal damage or flip The Scragger over, as it cannot self-right.

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