The Trial was a challenge set in the second round of each heat in the first two UK series of Robot Wars. After one robot had been eliminated in The Gauntlet, the five remaining robots would compete in one of eleven different Trial events, which would alternate from week to week. The worst performing robot would be eliminated, leaving four robots to move onto the Arena stage.

Both the Trial and Gauntlet stages were scrapped after Series 2, with the show's format changing to a straight knock-out competition from Series 3 onwards. However, three of the Trial events - Sumo, Pinball and Football - would remain as side competitions until the end of Series 4.

Trial EventsEdit

Event Series
British Bulldog Series 1 (one episode)
Football Series 1 (one episode)
Series 2 (two episodes)
Series 3 (side competition)
Joust Series 2 (two episodes)
King of the Castle Series 2 (two episodes)
Labyrinth Series 1 (one episode)
Pinball Series 2 (two episodes)
Series 3 (side competition)
Series 4 (side competition)
Skittles Series 2 (two episodes)
Snooker Series 1 (one episode)
Stock Car Series 1 (one episode)
Sumo Series 1 (one episode)
Series 2 (two episodes)
Series 4 (side competition)
Tug of War Series 2 (two episodes)

An additional Trial event, British Walldog, alternatively Another Brick in the Wall, was also conceptualised as a 'reserve game' for Series 2, but was ultimately not used. An overhead diagram reveals that this Trial would have involved competitors driving through five walls of breezeblocks to reach the end zone, while at least two House Robots patrolled either side of the arena.[1]


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