Thor AoD


"Thor has a mighty hammer which is ready to crash and bash the opposition into submission. Better watch out, 'cause he's got a thunderous temper!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Thor was a fictional robot from Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It was shaped like a Viking helmet, and was armed with a hammer capable of attacking opponents in front and behind. It also had two horns on top which spun around when the robot moved.


The original design of Thor

Thor was the winning entry in a contest which was run in the Robot Wars Magazine to design a robot for the game. As such, it was treated as though it were a real-life competitor, with custom components, and is unlocked by winning the UK Championship tournament (in the Robot Wars Arena). It appears in-game from the second location onwards, and can be bought for 16,900 credits.


All components are customised, due to it being treated as a real-life robot in the game.

  • Body: Tall domed shape
  • Locomotion: 2 x large inner tyres
  • Power: Unknown
  • Drive: 2 x unknown motors
  • Weapons: Double-sided Spiked Hammer (custom) and Rotating Side Horns
  • Armour: Steel
  • Extras: None


Using Thor

Thor has one of the most destructive weapons in the game. It is extremely difficult to flip over even without the weapon and the armour is difficult to damage. Not only that, it has incredible pushing power. To win, simply attack the opponents. It is best to stay away from particularly destructive weapons, and the driving can be difficult due to Thor's lack of control. It can also be hard to turn sharply. Keep the weapon on the opponent and stay away from the house robots to win, if necessary push opponents but be careful not to slide around the side.

Against Thor

Despite appearing early in the game, it is one of the hardest robots to defeat. Lifting and flipping weapons are almost useless unless you use them to move Thor into the house robots or OotA. Both are hard, as Thor is very quick, agile and due to a minor fault it can use its speed and weapon to prevent it from hitting the floor outside the arena; if Thor manages to enter the arena again it can continue as normal. Even without its spikes, hammer and armour, it is very hard to flip over. With spikes, hammer and armour, it is nigh on impossible to topple over.

If using a weapon, try hit and run tactics. Thor is hard to control, so quick attacks should not result in any damage caused to you. If you are powerful enough, simply resist the hammer and destroy Thor or push it into the obstacles whilst trying to avoid the hammer.

The best arena to defeat Thor in is the North Sea Oil Rig; if you push Thor into the drill hole it cannot escape, and is small enough to fall down through the hole, eliminating it.

Thor stats

Thor's stats

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