"It's a frisky little number this robot - watch out, because the Tiger's in town!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Tiger is a heavyweight competitor robot in the games Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, undertaking very different guises in each appearance.

Arenas of DestructionEdit

In Arenas of Destruction, Tiger is a wedge-shaped robot. Its weapons are an axe and some spikes and it is armoured in salvaged steel. It cannot self-right.


Using TigerEdit

Tiger is a bit sluggish, but has good armour and a fairly powerful weapon in its spring-powered axe, though it is slow to retract. When using Tiger, it's best to focus all the damage on one spot, and when that's fully destroyed, focus on another, and repeat. Avoid flippers if possible, as Tiger cannot self-right.

Against TigerEdit

Tiger has no srimech, so its best to use a flipper when fighting against it. If your robot doesn't have a flipper, use a disc or axe to penetrate its armour. It may take some hits but it gets the job done.

Tiger Stats

Tiger's stats in Arenas of Destruction.

Extreme DestructionEdit

Tiger's appearance in Extreme Destruction is considerably different from that in Arenas of Destruction. Tiger has a triangular-shaped pyramid shape for its chassis, with two wheels. It has two small teddy bears for extras, and has a flamethrower for weaponry, somewhat ironic considering that the robot is armoured in wood, a flammable material in the game.


Using TigerEdit

The flamethrower is quite punishing to most armours, in the event of a melee, it is advisable to let the other robots attack each other, whilst Tiger stands off slightly, firing the flamethrower at the others, whilst not being attacked itself. However, if an opponent specifically attacks the player, Tiger can fire its flamethrower at the robot, whilst retreating at the same time, although Tiger's low power may make retreating difficult. Avoid flippers, as Tiger cannot self-right.

Against TigerEdit

Tiger's 6V power makes it very slow and disadvantaged in the event of a pushing contest, so merely pushing on one of the chassis' faces should allow the player to effortlessly shove Tiger into an arena hazard. This will also make the weak wood armour crumple and come off as well. Of all sides to meet Tiger at, it would be safest to meet it from the rear, due to the flamethrower facing forwards, which can cause considerable damage to the common armour. The 6V power makes Tiger slow to turn, so getting around the back should be fairly easy. Tiger is also flippable at a particular angle, however it is difficult to get under it (due to the small wheels) and to get it to rest in the given position.

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