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Titan is a heavyweight robot, originally built by Team Batter before changing hands to the Steels family, which attempted to enter Series 8 and Series 9 of Robot Wars. It was not selected to compete in either series, despite having considerable success at live events held during the show's hiatus before being sold to the Steels family.


Titan is a silver and black robot with HARDOX armour and armed with an electric spiked axe as its weapon. The axe is capable of inflicting large amounts of damage to other opponents, and also acts as the robot's self-righting mechanism.

Series Record[]

Series Titan Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Not selected
Series 9 Not selected
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Under Team Batter[]

The origin of Titan is embedded in the post-Robot Wars history of Scorpion, which could no longer compete at live events using its spinning disc. As such, it was later rebuilt, and the old disc weapon was replaced with a new double-headed pickaxe weapon, similar to that of Terrorhurtz. This weapon came from Hammertime which became a circular rambot. It was rebuilt and combined with the Team's other Heavyweight, Fortis, in late 2012 to become Titan, which finished 8th in the 2012 UK Heavyweight Championships, and 5th in the 2013 UK Championships.

At the 2013 European Championships while being driven by featherweight roboteer, Jarvis Callister, Titan was named 'Most Aggressive Robot' by judge and Mortis team member Arthur Chilcott.

Under other teams[]

John Bell, Sarah Bell, Sean Bell and Pip Bell became Team Batter. The team owned Dantomkia mk4 which was then sold to Team Hydra. Team Hydra sold it back to John Bell who then renamed it DTK as Michael decided to build a new Dantomkia. Titan was sold to Team Hydra in September 2014, who proved unable to maintain it, but applied for the reboot of Robot Wars with it.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

Under its original ownership of Team Scorpion, Titan enjoyed considerable success at Robot Wars Live Events, with its axe being one of the most powerful and damaging alongside Thor. Titan made its first appearance at the Robot Wars Championship event at Portsmouth, 2013 where it lost the first round after being thrown out the arena by Iron-Awe 5. However, it subsequently reached the final at the Live Event at Guildford, where it lost to Thor.

Titan made a one-off appearance at the Robot Wars World Championship in 2015, held in Colchester, where it fought DTK, Manta and Apex. DTK was thrown out of the arena by Manta, and Apex broke down shortly afterwards, so it appeared as though Titan would qualify for the second round - in spite of this, Manta threw Titan out of the arena, and was eliminated, as Apex had not officially been deemed immobile.