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Tor was a robot which attempted to enter Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, built by Trelawneys Robot Army of St. Agro fame. Both it and St. Agro failed to qualify for that series, although St. Agro would eventually compete in Series 6-7.

The team would also fail to qualify for Series 5 with St. Agro and Pendragon, and were not selected for Series 9 with Steel City Agro.


Tor Insides

The insides of Tor

The robot was large in shape, and used a thin lifting arm for a weapon, which can lift 200kg. Its armour consists of kevlar For style, the robot was decorated with insects and wildlife, such as spiders.


Tor squash

The driver of Sir Killalot attacks one of Tor's spiders

Tor attempted to enter Series 4 alongside St. Agro, but both robots ultimately failed to qualify; Tor due to a faulty failsafe. The team had plans to rebuild Tor for Series 6, equipping it with jaws for new weaponry, but instead decided to enter with St. Agro only. The team have also attempted to enter Series 5 and 9 respectively with Pendragon and Steel City Agro without success.

"Thanks to Tremorvah Industries, Jeff for the hydraulics, Sid for the welding, Pete and Chris Kinsey for kicking the project into life, Mark Rivron for making it work at the last minute for the Children In Need Event, most thanks go to Alison for her patience"
— Steve Trevena

Series RecordEdit

Tor 2

Tor with Steve Trevena's son Samuel

Series Tor Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify
Failed to qualify with St. Agro
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify with St. Agro
Failed to qualify with Pendragon
The Sixth Wars Entered with St. Agro
The Seventh Wars Entered with St. Agro
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Not selected with Steel City Agro
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars Edit

Tor stagro wbc eyeofnewt outside

Tor during the Children in Need event

Tor, among other Robot Wars competitors such as Killertron, Wheely Big Cheese, Eye of Newt, St. Agro, Rottweiler 2 and Miss Struts, took part in the 2000 Children in Need event which consisted of tug of war, battles and sumo matches [1]

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